Technology already has pushed medical and emergency responder training well beyond the days of mock wounds and static mannequins.

New software designed for Army medical training allows personnel to see in real-time the effect of their treatments on the bodies of virtual patients and high-tech mannequins.

Combat Medic, developed for the service by Applied Research Associates, places trainees in a 3-D collaborative world where they learn to treat the three injuries most associated with preventable battlefield deaths — hemorrhage, blocked airways and collapsed lungs. [Continue reading…]


Air Force Space Command’s evolving mission to protect U.S. military and spy satellites was recently featured in a “60 Minutes” report.

The Aug. 3 segment gave an interesting look at the command based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, as well as its subordinate units and its leaders, including Gen. John Hyten, whom we covered earlier this year at the annual Space Symposium.

Besides cool footage of the laser firing at the Starfire Optical Range in Albuquerque, New Mexico (the laser helps a telescope better track adversary satellites), the segment was noteworthy for its discussion of the possible coming war in space — and America’s limited ability to thwart attacks against its most prized spacecraft in geosynchronous orbit. [Continue reading…]

For the first time ever, the 163rd Reconnaissance Wing flies the MQ‐9 Reaper in the airspace over the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, Calif., July 30, 2014. Searchers are looking for a missing teacher last seen July 17 riding a motorcycle in the El Dorado National Forest. (Photo by Senior Airman Michael Quiboloy)

The MQ-9 Reaper drone made by General Atomics has flown the first-ever domestic search-and-rescue mission in California, officials said.

At the request of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office and Gov. Jerry Brown’s Office of Emergency Services, the California Air National Guard on Wednesday launched the unmanned aerial vehicle to help search for a missing motorcyclist, according to a press release.

“This is the first time such a vehicle has been used by the National Guard to aid a search-and-rescue effort,” the release stated.
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F-35 training

The U.S. Marine Corps’ next-generation fighter jet will initially rely on a workaround to merge targeting data from multiple aircraft, a general said.

Lt. Gen. Jon Davis, the service’s deputy commandant for aviation, on Monday discussed the issue during a conference call with reporters. He oversaw the recent operational readiness inspection of 10 F-35B jump-jet versions of the Lockheed Martin Corp.-built plane.  [Continue reading…]

Suspected Russian submarine discovered off the coast of Sweden.A 66-foot submarine with reported Russian script on the side was discovered by a private company off the coast of Sweden.

Discovered by the company, Ocean X, Swedish authorities are investigating video recorded by Ocean X to determine the submarine’s origin. It’s unclear how long the submarine has been there and old it is.

A diver for Ocean X, Stefan Hogeborn, told Reuter the hull remains “intact” and the hatches remain “closed.” [Continue reading…]