ISIS Humvee

An experimental Pentagon tool to search the deep web is now being used in the hunt for Islamic militants, an official said.

The research project, known as Memex and developed by the Pentagon’s research and development arm, was discussed this week at the first annual Future of War conference. The event was organized by the New America Foundation, a nonpartisan research organization in Washington, D.C.

Arati Prabhakar, a physicist and director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, said the program has already been used to help police in Dallas trace sex trafficking networks to North Korea by searching the so-called deep web, or websites not crawled by popular search engines such as Google or Bing. [Continue reading…]

Airpower summary for Sept. 18, 2007Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove said Wednesday that the addition of A-10 Thunderbolts to his forces in Europe provided added deterrent as NATO and the U.S. European Command face new threats from Russia.

“It is clear that the capabilities these aircraft bring is needed” in the current environment, Breedlove, the supreme allied  commander of NATO, said of the A-10s at a hearing of  the House Armed Services Committee.

In response to questions from Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., Breedlove singled out the anti-armor role of the A-10, dubbed the Warthog by ground troops, in close air support missions. [Continue reading…]

SDB IIAir Force F-15 Eagle recently destroyed a moving –model T-72 tank during a live-fire test of the Small Diameter Bomb II at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., service leaders said.

“Just this month we had a successful live fire mission. It was an F-15E that targeted a moving T-72 tank surrogate. We’re still analyzing the data to get the details of it but the visual indicated it was a direct hit,” Lt. Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski, military deputy for Air Force acquisition, told Military​.com in an interview.

The test earlier this month was the final live fire mission required for the developmental weapons program to move toward what’s called a “Milestone C” full rate production decision, she added.

Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall is expected to approve full-rate production of the weapon by May of this year — a move which would clear the path for large-scale manufacturing and delivery of the Small Diameter Bomb II, or SDB II, later this year.  [Continue reading…]

Liaoning Chinese New YearLining up 1,400 Chinese sailors and aircrew members on the country’s first aircraft carrier offers a bit of perspective on the carrier’s massive scale.

The sailors and air crew lined up on the ski jump of the Liaoning for a video celebrating the Chinese New Year, the year of the goat. Photos from the video offer the latest shots of the aircraft carrier first published in the U.S. by Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer in Popular Science.

China is using the Liaoning to test its J-15 fighter fleet as it continues to improve the aircraft’s ability to operate off a carrier deck.  [Continue reading…]

Stealth-y patrolThe U.S. Air Force is launching a new air-supremacy effort designed to identify and develop next-generation technologies to maintain America’s air dominance through 2030 at the same time the future of stealth is being questioned.

The service has stood up teams to experiment and conduct technology demonstrations to identify innovations that will guide the service and its platforms into future in which the Air Force expects to face more threats from advanced militaries like China or North Korea, Lt. Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski, military deputy for Air Force acquisition, told Military​.com.

“We are going to be facing adversaries that are as modern as we are if not more so. This provides us the opportunity to leverage the entire world market of technology development through our collaborative activity with our allies,” she said.

The effort, which includes work with the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Pentagon’s research arm, DARPA, is looking at a wide range of future applications including hypersonics, stealth, advanced sensors, cyber technologies, drones, space systems and directed energy weapons, Pawlikowski said. [Continue reading…]