Tomahawk TestThe Navy and Raytheon recently flight tested software upgrades to the Tomahawk missile with two sea-launched test-firings near China Lake, Calif., designed to shoot the weapon up to high altitudes and assess the weapon’s improved maneuverability.

The first test took place from a nuclear submarine — the USS Hampton. The submarine fired a Tomahawk Block IV from its vertical capsule launch system.

“The missile flew a pre-planned mission until a strike controller located at a maritime command center directed the Tomahawk to a new target. The missile successfully demonstrated enhanced flex retargeting before striking the updated target at the China Lake weapons range,” a Raytheon statement said. [Continue reading…]

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Raptors refuelThe F-22 Raptor executed its first combat mission since its introduction into the U.S. Air Force fleet as it took part in the first night of bombing of Islamic State militants in Syria.

Air Force Tech Sgt. Russ Scalf offers readers an up close view of the F-22’s trip to Syria with photos of it taxing to the runway, taking off, and refueling with a KC-10 Extender en route to Syria.

F22-Syria2 An F-22A Raptor taxis out to the runway ahead of the airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State targets.

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GBAD graphic II

The Office of Naval Research is testing a solid-state, vehicle-mounted laser weapon designed to incinerate a range of air and ground targets such as enemy drones, rockets and even IEDs, service officials told Military​.com.

“Air defense covers rockets, artillery, mortars, UAVs, vehicles and IEDs – anything you can kill with a laser. This program is focused on going after the UAV threat. As we move into the future that broader threat set is fair game,” said Lee Mastroianni, program manager for the so-called Ground-Based Air Defense Directed Energy On-the-Move Program, or GBAD,

Using volumetric radar, command and control systems and a laser kill platform, the GBAD is a small, compact mobile weapons system designed to integrate onto a HMMWV or Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, said Mastroianni.
The GBAD is being prepared for a 10-kilowatt laser weapon demonstration in February of next year, Mastroianni explained.

Upcoming demonstrations are likely to be held at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, Va., China Lake, Calif., or White Sands Missile Range, N.M.

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The Marine Corps is building a new wheeled amphibious assault vehicle that can swim through waves and perform a wide range of combat functions on land, service officials said Sept. 24 at the Modern Day Marine symposium, Quantico, Va.

The Corps is poised to intensify an ongoing competition to select several vendors to begin building its new Amphibious Combat Vehicle, or ACV 1.1, Corps officials said. [Continue reading…]

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The Marine Corps is testing a tethered unmanned vehicle designed to follow human movement, carry supplies and perform a wide range of possible missions for forces on-the-move, industry officials said Sept. 24 at the Corps’ Modern Day Marine symposium, Quantico, Va.

General Dynamics Land Systems has developed the Multi-Utility Tactical Transport, or MUTT – a 54-inch wide, five-foot long, 750-pound four-wheeled amphibious unmanned vehicle engineered to help dismounted infantry units. [Continue reading…]

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