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Milblogging​.com Joins the Ranks

by murdoc on January 18, 2006

If you’ve followed the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan much at all, you’ve come across milblogs — online diaries from troops on the front lines. There’s no better way to get a sense of what life is like over there for the soldier, airman, sailor, or marine.
thunder6.jpgBut the joy of reading milblogs comes with a fairly substantial catch. The sites often pop up suddenly, disappear just as quickly, and feature new entries only when their authors can get around to it — which isn’t always regular in a warzone. All of which makes finding a good milblog pretty tough.
So I was psyched when Spc. Jean Paul Borda launched Milblogging​.com. The site has a gi-mungous list of milblogs, sorted by military branch and country where the authors are stationed. Site visitors also vote for their favorite blogs, which makes finding the good ones a matter of a couple of clicks.
JP, who chronicled his own tour of duty in Afghanistan, clearly knows what he’s doing. And, for his good work he’s been given shout-outs by MSNBC, Newsweek, Army Times, The Washington Post, NPR, BBC radio, and others.
Now here’s the best part, for me: JP and I are now cousins. Well, sorta. At least in that Internet way. That’s because Chris Michel and the rest of the patriarchs at Military​.com made the wise choice of bringing Milblogging​.com into the family.
Chris calls it a chance to “supercharge soldier-journalism.” And he’s dead-on. But there’s more to it than that: With traditional journalists being targeted in Iraq and elsewhere, there’s a huge void in war reporting — a void which maybe only milbloggers can fill.
Now, hopefully, the Pentagon will let them do it. The higher-ups have been getting increasingly skittish about letting their troops speak to the world without a filter. Guys I know on duty in Iraq now have stopped blogging, due to warnings about violating operational security. They still send their stories by e-mail, of course, and the content isn’t hush-hush in the slightest. Let’s hope that guys like JP can convince them to start sharing their views of the battlefield with the rest of us, once again.

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