Aim High (Or Were they Smokin’ Something?)

The tunes…the hair…the exciting C-5 Galaxy C-141 Starlifter …

Why wouldn’t you just sign up after watching this?

Great video posted by DoD Buzz commenter Daniel Russ at

Have a great weekend.

— Christian

18 Comments on "Aim High (Or Were they Smokin’ Something?)"

  1. Join the Air Force and you too can see the world through rose-colored glasses!

  2. That was a C-141 Starlifter, not a C-5. Just fyi. ;)
    For pics of the C-141

  3. The Rose is Aging on the Film Stock.

  4. oh if you think this is crazy then check out the new recruiting commercial the AF has put out…they’re claiming their Airmen are more physically fit than their Army and Marine counterparts!

  5. it still beats the armys PC minority only, well pay for college and never mind being a warrior bit of today. just saying notice army commercials today never mention the martial aspect only paying for college.

  6. I loved the old 141. That was a great plane to jump: no twists like the 130, no midair collisions like the C-17. Just sucked you right out and blew you away.
    Now that I think about it, that language may arouse some rather odd images. But we’ll let it stand – this is the internet, after all.

  7. Looked like a recruiting commercial for United States Air Lines….not a hint of anything to do with combat. Air Force recruiting must’ve been a real _____ back then….

  8. Thats vintage? 70’s era for sure.The air farce has more interesting birds than that hum drum flying truck.

  9. not really sure how i’d feel about being deployed to Mars

  10. Sweet! That was craptastic! Join the Air Force….and listen to bad musak?

  11. defensor fortissimo | October 18, 2009 at 3:29 am | Reply

    Well i think there is something we can all take from this article, that the m16 is useless that we need to replace them all with AK-47s and that the brass who keeps these weapons around need to have their genitals crucified and deep fat fried in scalding oil.
    Yes i am joking. Yes i realize that has nothing to do with the article. Sadly so many around here aren’t joking and they are willing to post things at least as asinine…

  12. I love that E-2s’ femfro (:23 secs). That’s the magic stuff.

  13. I SAW A FRO! wtf haha

  14. Was there ever a generation less capable or prepared (both emotionally and logistically) for major combat operations?
    Looks like half these people were taking ludes during the shoot for the commercial.

  15. I believe one answer is:
    Those opiated Thai sticks out of Clark.
    We all figured that’s why they have spinning lights and sirens in their PX to tell them to get to work.
    I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

  16. @gruntdoc
    Yup, they do really try to play down the whole martial aspects of Army life as that is the tends to leave you bleeding to death in some weird country part. Just like any company, they try to downplay the nastier aspects of the job. Think “Private Benjamin” and the way she viewed the ads.
    Yes, I have seen the AF ads and yes they do make the AF look more fit than the others. Sure, you can make the claim against the Navy but surely not the Marine Corps. It’s the exact opposite of what the Army is trying to do. They are tyring to make the AF look sexy and action oriented.

  17. smokemifyougotem | October 19, 2009 at 7:23 am | Reply

    Yepp. Classic ’70s AF all right. I remember pressing the (hair) envelop by wearing my sideburns down to the bottom of my ear lobes. HaHa.

  18. Craptastic indeed. This one ranks up there with the “Air Force Reserve Goes Disco” marketing brochure I picked up at an airshow in the late 70’s. It came complete with a record of their (laughably awful) “hit single” that you could listen to, provided you had a penny to tape to the thin vinyl sheet to weigh it down on your turntable. Much like disco itself, this marketing campaign disappeared almost as quickly as it began.

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