More Vehicle Digital Camouflage

Via Defense Industry Daily I learned that China’s PLA is not the first to paint their vehicles with digital camouflage. Apparently the Jordanians might be the trendsetters, applying “fractal” camo to their vehicles back in 2006 (follow the DID link for a larger image). Honestly though, compared to the Chinese, the Jordanian camo pattern is pretty weak stuff.

— Greg

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  1. All camo is technically 'digital', hence the need for 'fractal' and 'pixel'.

  2. stephen russell | March 11, 2010 at 3:52 am | Reply

    Yes & Chinese are using spies for more data on digital camo.
    Next Air Force units & Naval units?

  3. Also, the Jordanians have a less diverse territory to hide in, so, their cammo doesn't have to be all that extensive. Look how other Arab states, the US and Israel cammo our vehicles — paint them tan and that's it. In the 80's when I deployed on the 1st Bright Star with the 82nd Abn, we had a really neat cammo with tan, peach and yes, purple.

  4. Check out back issues of Armor magazine from the late '70's/early '80's. Look for 'dual-tex'. Our M60A3's in Bamberg (2 ACR) were decked out in a low budget version of same in '84/'85.

  5. Jsallison is on to something. I hate to break it to you all but the US had "digital" camo tanks in Berlin over 25 years ago.

  6. And didnt the Brits come up with this during the second world war for use on naval ships?

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