The Avenger Gets a Serious Upgrade

Check out this video of Boeing’s pitch for an updated Avenger air defense system that’s video pro, Glenn Anderson, shot during the Association of the U.S. Army’s big convention in DC back in October. 

The original Humvee-mounted Avenger first entered service in the 1980s and was armed with eight Stinger surface to air missiles. As you can see, the engineers at Boeing decided to have a little fun in designing an Avenger on steroids. They put it on an Oshkosh M-ATV and equipped it with everything from a Bushmaster chain gun and various missiles to a laser.

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  1. Hope this M-ATV Avenger isn't as top-heavy as the Humvee Avenger was…

  2. That would be some fun S*** to roll with, a lot more fire power to put down pretty quickly on little ole haji. Plus you don't have to take the beating you normally get in a turret of an MRAP! I guess I haven't seen if they have put crow systems on any MRAPs, love the crow system too though!

  3. Seems pretty useful. I think that is the Bushmaster 25x59mm chain gun however which uses the same ammunition planned for the XM307. Not much of an anti-air capability on that.

  4. looks intersting. might be a "putting all your eggs in one basket" type invention, but nevertheless, thats some serious firepower.

  5. They should sell toy versions of these too: they look perfect for my son.

  6. Finally we have something more expensive to shoot down that pesky insurgent air-force, oh wait…

  7. A 20mm Gatling gun, or 30mm chain gun, and some TOW2 is pretty much all you need for this thing. Also a good psychological weapon like a M1. I prefer that over the 12.7mm and 40mm armaments of the ASV.

  8. Turning ADA into gun trucks is old hat. Look at the Duster..

    Look to the Russians who have SPAAGs which have decent cannon and anti air missiles. A successor to SGT York might be next?

  9. Seems like they are designing this to have uses in both today's and tommorows conflict. In somewhere like Iraq, you would load this up with rockets and a chain gun to give a convoy some real firepower. While otherwise you could just load up four AIM-9X Sidewinders and use it as a modern version of the Chaparral.

  10. Good Morning Folks,

    Oh what the heck, buy a few dozen, they can’t cost that much, oh I forgot this is Boeing, although they haven’t any targets to engage they would be cool at county fairs and to drive up to High Schools for recruiting.

    Did anybody else notice the conspicuous absence of the F-22 this past week in the SKorean war games?

    I guess the F-22 is just to gash darn expensive to get anywhere near someone who might have a SAM, although it is doubtful with NKorea. The Navy’s F/A-18’s would have protected them.


    Byron Skinner

  11. Tribulation time | December 3, 2010 at 3:45 pm | Reply

    Well adds a shrapnel armor, a cammo for building areas, command vehicle w/t passive (EO or others) fire directors, optic fiber net, a security infantry platoon, pair vehicles (one bigger gun and other one bigger missill) place in second line of edifices (inside the city) hide them ( for wait) inside commercial locals and you get most like a fortress in current warfare. US not need it that fashion (Iran, Syria, The Big NK, maybe) but more punch for protect M1/M2 columns in march Yes!!. Stingers & 50 cal it isnt a threat anymore. Wake Up Neo!! Convential warfare occurs yet…..Follow Red Rabbit.

  12. Good Afternoon Folks,

    Hi Cappy. It is rather odd that the F-22 made a photo op with the GWBG earlier this year during war games in the Sea of Japan.

    I doubt if the Alaska crash was a factor blight. These war games are planned months if not years in advance. If anything one wold assume that the USAF would be anxious to show the F-22 skeptics that the accident had no effect of readiness of the F-22.


    Byron Skinner

  13. Considering todays threat (insurgents) a quad .50 on back of a LMTV might be just as effective and more useful.

  14. Great, now install it on navy fast boats, ships, jeeps, mtvs, tracks , tanks right away. Chikons and Noks have this since 1960's.

  15. Just attach the APKWS II/DAGR and slip it into the Stinger Pod!
    Just attach the APKWS II/DAGR and slip it into the Stinger Pod!
    Just attach the APKWS II/DAGR and slip it into the Stinger Pod!

    Yahoo! An alternative to ADATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I have to say that seeing a businessman in a suit playing around with missiles and chainguns is a little bit disgusting. War is a serious and ugly affair where people get killed, and these someone gets it in their head to try making it look as pretty as possible?

  17. im so happy i left ada for the infantry. the avenger was a maintenance nightmare. hopefully they do a better job with it this time. maybe this time they will make it so you can fire the machine gun without locking on so you can engage ground troops effectively rather than just locking on.

    for all of you bashing that we dont need this capability…shut up. i would rather have and not need than to need and not have.

  18. Bryon skinner, should not be allowed to post on your site. I know this comment won't make it on the thread but really mods, he ruins the flow of the room with his crappy grammer. more people will be looking at your site through gizmodo so do a better job of choosing who makes it on the front.

  19. If those missiles could shoot down incoming artillery or missiles, then it would be doubly cool.

    It looks badass though.

    Im sure its pretty good at shooting down helicopers and airplanes. The chain gun looks fun and those rocket pods on the side look like they are serious business.

    Now if only we could get the cost below 40 trillion per unit.

  20. This system looks like an answer searching for a problem to solve.

  21. Wish we could see some field tests. As for Skinner, I'm not too worried about SE
    Asia, as far as China/Japan go. Just blowing smoke. Japan's a major military ally of ours. Neither us nor China want to exchange fire with each other. We're economic rivals, and true, our reelationship is shaky, but no one would gain over a grudge war. And no one is humiliating anyone. An open invitation to observe the game isn't rubbing someones nose in anything. It's transparency; a sign of openess and cooperation with an important ally.

  22. Good Evening Folks,

    When ever Boeing takes it personal and send out the “paid posters” on me I know there is something more the what appears, in this case a whole lot more then is being shown.

    When I first saw this post I didn’t even bother with it, just another toy advertisement for those with active imaginations, then I saw the connection with the LCS and I posted. Then the personal attacks came and I got a couple of private posts suggesting I look up a Boeing Project called “Boeing Truck Mounted Laser Program” and BAMB it all fell in place.

    Here’s the deal folks, Boeing has invested anywhere from $50-$60 million of it’s own funds, like in real money, into development of the Truck Mounted tactical Laser. Forget about the missiles or the 25mm gun, they are only there to appeal to the simpletons.

    This program is far from ready for any testing or manufacturing, the estimated cost to get this system which nobody in the Pentagon asked for ready for production is estimated by Boeing to be $100 Billion. Thats a lot of cash.

    Any Admiral or General who speaks out for this program is committing career suicide.

    This is a pure power play by Boeing to get tax payers money for something that was not asked for, something not needed, ask yourself when was the last time an Avenger engaged a hostile aircraft in a combat zone, this is the text book example of what is WRONG with procurement and acquisition at the Department of Defense.

    Boeing speculated on this, and they lost. That how the system works, it not up to the taxpayers to cover their bad bets. To the new members of Congress, this is out in the light of day now, don’t let Boeing sneak this into some project to cover their bad bet. Make Boeing eat it investment as any other company would have to do.

    Thanks to Joe for his kind words. You just exposed $100 billion dollars in needless procurements. You get my vote for the Tea Party Medal.


    Byron Skinner

  23. Been reading about the Korean War where the Duster was used to great effect against infantry.

    Might be good to have a few- we shouldn't ignore AAA when we might need it against China etc-

    In the meantime hosing down insurgents might be useful.

    Oh- I don't like the infra red seeking- why don't we like laser guidance like the Swedes?

  24. Hopefully they add more launch pads on the turret ,say 8-16 launch pads for the long and short range missiles. We can also use/ install these turrets on fast-small long range-speed boats, ships, tanks, trucks, jeeps and on the ground. These equipment will defend and support our troops in times of conflict or war.

  25. Good Morning Folks,

    Folks about any missiles on this “Avenger”. On this truck you will have all the electronics, gas bottles and generators to run a Laser. Do any of you really believe that missiles would be launched for the bed of that truck?

    The missiles and the M-307 is just decorations to excited the imagination of manboys.

    This is nothing more then a show vehicle to promote the Laser which Boeing has lad only limited success on. This can be called FCS II. Get a small contract for what ever this is and milk it for a generation and then have nothing but canceled checks to Boeing Stock Holders show for it. II recall that the $200 billion FCS started out as a $35 million design contract to Boeing and SAIC or a family of IFV’s.


    Byron Skinner

  26. Good Morning Folks,

    To Jody and the others who E-Mailed me on this. The Avenger is a tactical air defense system that can be found in the TO&E (table of organization and equipment) of BCT’s (Brigade Combat Teams) and higher.

    To the best of my knowledge because of absolute US air dominance, the Avenger doesn’t deploy to the war zones. Any problems that might arise in this are are covered by the patriot, which is a theater level weapon system or the so call MANPAD which the US version is the Stinger and I’ve been told that in battalion HQ’s and above there are MOS qualified Stinger Teams. The Stinger in the US system I believe is treated like any other disposable munition.

    I’m sure other poster will point out any errors in the above “factual statement” so I won’t bother explaining any more..

    Most of the Avengers I have seen of late have been on DHS duty, mostly during city wide DS WMD drills. This would lead to the assumption that many of, if not most Avenger Units are in the National Guard and not the active military.

    On the Avenger maintenance problems, I have no first hand knowledge but perhaps the poster who mentioned this will explain more about what he/she ware discussing.

    In general the Avenger is a system that currently fills the roll tactical air defense, if needed, and I can’t recall seeing any reason for an upgrade and the addition of a uber-expensive laser that will take decades to become operational.

    All of you know the current budget problems better the I do, and frankly this project although which may have huge long term economy wide benefits just can’t be financed through the DoD budget.


    Byron Skinner

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