Naval Artillery, PLA Style

Check out this wild image posted on China Defense Blog of the PLA’s idea of . . . naval artillery? Pretty crazy, huh?

Can anyone make out what type of missile is being launched in the upper left portion of the picture? Heck, is the image even real?

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  1. That's what you call horde effect right there…….

  2. If its not photoshoped , the firing is amazingly timed all shells are in virtualy same position

  3. dude, that comment is so shortsighted and naive, i'm ashamed we have the same name.

  4. I don't believe that shooting can be timed so good. And projectile in the lower right of the picture is closer to the barrel, yet there's less fire and more smoke. That looks very much photoshoped.

  5. Image Error Level Analysis shows signs of some heavy 'shopping.

  6. Note the Blue flags on the antennas, how could the wind be exactly 180 degrees reversed on adjacent vehicles? — 100% Shopped.

  7. Look at the numbers on the turrets for the 2nd and 3rd guns and compare to the number of the 1st gun. It looks like there are “splotches” where the original number would have been and the new numbers are moved forward on the turrets.

  8. While it would be easy to sequence the trigger in order to fire all at the same time…this is a photo-chop job. Whomever created this probably spent more time editing it than said trigger job would take.

    Cute, but PLAN is a little more advanced than this.

  9. Another vote for a photoshopped image. Both the front and rear tiedown chains on SPA #233 are slack. It seems like one of them should be taut if the gun had actually just been fired.

  10. one war fought to a draw, and one you retreated with your tail between your legs…

    you might want to study a bit of history during your school holidays…

  11. 12.2 cm artillery rocket…? i think. i keep hearing about china's transendent naval dominance…. but, looking at this photo… " we got some time".

  12. Photoshop aside- what would simultaneous firing do to the ship with all that recoil in one pulse? I'd hate to be on that deck.

    Is this photo a threat to Taiwan?

  13. Looks like a Type-90 SPRL (40x 122mm), a Chinese version/copy of the old BM-21.

  14. it may be shopped but the point is this is a very cheap way to add naval bombardment capability to hundreds of this type of ship very cheaply .not bad !!

  15. Couldn't a moderately financed terror group put some old artillery on the deck of a rusty freighter, sail into the harbor of any city, say Los Angeles or Mumbai, and start raining shells on downtown? A couple ma deuces could keep the harbor patrol away until a military response could be mounted. If the attackers weren't suicidal, they could slip away in a Columbian style semi submersible. A frightening low tech, high impact attack.

  16. Obviously Photo shopped. Also how effective would this actually be? The fire control on those artillery pieces would have a hard time accounting for the motions on a ship. I would assume modern naval weapons are plugged into the ship with gryos / heading / speeds etc.

  17. I think they are real. This could be one of their weakest warship although it looks like powerful , I would say two anti ship missiles and 8 tanks over oil tanker. Their bad ass weapon is the Ballistic missile carrier killer.

  18. If we're suggesting this image is photoshopped, how would you do it? Build a mock ship-platform somewhere, do some test firing and then photoshop the ocean in? Or…?

  19. You got it all wrong ,this is a new and novel method of shipping tanks and artillery pieces to Sudan(remember the ship full of tanks and ammo,that was taken over by pirates) at the same time you can blast any would be pirate that comes your way. Ha,ha,ha

  20. Not to mention all the projectiles are the same size… the last one should be about half the size due to the distance. Regardless, I'd put one of our battleships against a fleet of these any day.

  21. It might be heavily edited and it might look goofy as hell, but wait until some rogue gang of muslims/liberals/jihadists see it and decide to try it as a terror tactic on a civilian population.

  22. One of these is stupid.
    Fifty of them is a real problem.
    Especially since the first days of conflict will not allow for us to have command of the sky.
    It is an clever way to take second rate equipment and fit it to a new role….

  23. I bet this ship has 0 defensive systems…

  24. I think that it would be way better to put some field guns/howitzers on the deck. They take less space, are cheaper, and lack of mobility is not a concern :D

  25. Really poor mans DDG-1000

  26. Good Evening Folks,

    I agree that this is a blatant Photoshop. What you have shown here is a commerce raider. One of the most famous be the German Wolf in WW I that roamed the Pacific. Under international law they are classified as Pyrates and when found can be sunk and any surviving crew can be executed.

    I doubt is that the message that the PRC intends to show to the world. Pictures like this are a kick and fun to look at but really are counter productive with fostering good relations with the PRC. I’m sure the people of China took offensive at this pejorative image of there military.

    I’m not quite sure why a site like DT who wants to have a reputation as a good honest source of information to policy makers would put up such an insult.

    Byron Skinner

  27. Fake for sure. They love to show off their photoshoping skills. They should teach BP a thing or two.

  28. This is a crazy idea. They’ll probably be mounting 105mm howitzers on cargo planes next!

  29. I doubt they could fire accurately in a moderate sea state, or moving for that matter.

  30. Parts of the image may be photo-shopped but consider that each tank has a separate camouflage pattern, some top and rear access hatches are open, others closed, spent shell casings indicate they each had fired a different number of rounds (trying to get the shots just right?).

    As to the shells being the same size across distance, the images are blurred and not the same length. Also, any artilleryman or gunners mate will tell you that the type and size of round and the type and amount of propellant used will affect muzzle velocity and how it would register on film.

    As to the flags flapping in different directions, having sailed on a number of ships I can attest to wind patterns of ships being very fickle especially where it flows around superstructures, gun mounts or other objects projecting from a deck or hull.

    I have seen numerous photos and films of US forces in amphibious landings of World War II conducting similar firings (tanks, artillery pieces, rocket launchers, mortars) from the decks of medium and large size landing craft and landing ships as they approached beach heads.

  31. Good Morning Folks,

    To Brian Black. Are you trying to say or suggest that the Chinese are trying to build AC-130’s “Gunships” ?

    I know the AC-130 doesn’t sport a 105mm Howitzer, but the (US M-60 tank) 105mm Cannon is close enough for me. Rumor has it that the next version may have the (M1A2 Abrams tank) 120mm Cannon on it, to compliment the GAU-12 25mm Gatling Gun, and the Bushmaster III 35mm Cannon, that is conditional on if some recoil problems can be solved.


    Byron Skinner

  32. Good Evening Folks,

    Hi Fellow Vet. Gun number 121 seems to get around a lot and be very popular. It appears to be in another picture story today about another country.

    My son brought up another point. How heavy are those SP Howitzers. and how strong is that deck plate that appears to be a tanker or other bulk carrier?

    If the ship is an oil tanker how smart is it to fire a missile off the deck?

    Byron Skinner

  33. I wonder if this is the kind of thing you put on a Q-ship. On paper it might have utility on opening day when nobody's on the lookout for this kind of thing, but after that…?

  34. China is at least 60 YEARS behind US Marines. Such use of artillery pieces on ships was used during WW2 in the Pacific area.

  35. The Chinese LCS? :D

    …… still better than ours! :(

  36. As soon as I looked at it I thought of the movie Red-Dawn. could you imagine a bunch of cargo ships off shore of San Francisco bombarding the beachhead for the assault troops in fishing boats, or even worse a surprise attack on Taiwan

  37. i like the idea of adding easily repairable-replaceable and highly mobile
    tracked heavy guns to otherwise low level naval ships.
    sort of solves the what do we fight a close in conflict with doesn't it?
    especially before the air cover or surface protection arrives.

    i'd suggest this concept is more appropriate for a shore defense
    or convoy defense strategy. (also defense of supply ships making
    a move on Taiwan) and makes EVERY ship a dangerous ship.
    if i was the Cpt. i'd rather have the big guns on my side than weenie
    small stuff if a fast boat came over the horizon at my area.
    you always want greater range in which to confront and fight.

    the images DO look faked.
    that doesn't deduct from what is an ingenious arming plan.

  38. another comment…
    suppose the ship was part of a supply and assault convoy?
    with the proper off loading system or ramps, these
    mobile tracked guns would be really a help on land
    once the vessel arrived at a dock.
    they could amphib to shore if they are water tight rated.
    again, i like the concept of getting more firepower on
    the ships and again on the shore.

  39. Totally photo shopped if the guns were going to have a blast it would be closer to the barrel.

  40. saving money by putting artillery piece on ships.harpoon missile mounted fast craft is expensive..

  41. Uhmmmm…. all the smoke looks exactly the same and has a telltale 3D rendered look. FAKE

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