New Images of China’s J-15 Carrier-Based Fighter

Here you have it, close up pictures of what’s apparently China’s J-15 carrier-borne fighter sporting PLAN colors emerged over the weekend, emerged in China’s state-owned Global Post newspaper over the weekend. It’s essentially a Chinese version of Russia’s Su-33 naval fighter that is designed to fly off the same type of carrier China will soon field.

It’s been reported for a while that China is working on building its own carrier-based fighter but some thought that the plane wouldn’t be ready to fly off a ship in time to participate in the sea trials of the ex-Soviet carrier Varyag, now known as the Shi Lang, later this year. Instead, they expected the PLAN to fly Russian-made Su-33s, a derivative of Sukhoi’s Su-27 design. We’ll see if this changes that. Keep in mind that we don’t know how far along the J-15 is in flight testing and whether it will be ready to operate off a carrier before the end of this year. Although, it’s reported that the jet first flew in 2009. That’s plenty of time to get a relatively proven design ready for carrier ops.

The shot above shows the J-15’s twin-wheeled nose landing gear meant for carrier ops. The plane also has a larger wing area than land-based versions of the Su-27 and is reported to be equipped with Chinese avionics, sensors and weapons.

Meanwhile, the Global Post says Chinese aviation officials are denying that the PLAN or the PLAAF are flight testing a short/vertical take-off and landing fighter in the hinterlands of Inner Mongolia. This came after weeks of chatter about such a jet entering flight testing emerged. The Chinese jump jet was rumored to be based on the Su-33 as well, something that’s a bit hard to believe given the size of the Su-33. Yes, it can already take off without a catapult from an aircraft carrier equipped with a ski jump, but serious VTOL capability for that design seems like a stretch.

Thanks to China Defense Blog for posting the article and pics.

In this shot, you can see what may be the vertical stabilizer of a second J-15 in the background.

Here’s another good shot.

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  1. Looks like the Russia SU-27

  2. Undoubtedly based off the J-11, which is a Su-27 in most regards.

  3. I see how they got these fighter so fast already the Russian Navy is replaceing all there Su-33s with MiG-29Ks so the left over technology and aircraft cand be sold to the Chinese anyway.

    The Su-33 has a inferior radar and weapons load than the land based Su-27s anyway and Since China only has 1 carrier that's not even there design I wouldn't worry right now anyway.

  4. china copys all there stuff from the usa and russia they need to grow a sack and bild something thats there disine all stolen tech but old technoligy. they probaly cant make an engian because they havent found the blueprints or anything of an engine yet they are just thefs

  5. Copying really isn't a bad strategy when someone else has something better than what you have.

  6. Look at those flaps! Did they get them off a C-17? Holy cow! It might be an optical illusion but in that last pic it looks like they've got damn-near 80 degrees of flaps hanging off the trailing edge, and multiple different layers.

  7. not stealth and probly old tech that they stole from america in the 70s did it even fly and how come we have no actual foodage of a new chinese plane flying

  8. i wonder if they tried to builed a engine or buy another one of russia

  9. I aamm treed to spell for mine fist thyme avar. Where is Oblat whine I need to fist hime

  10. It's never big enough, haw, haw!

    But seriously, the Su-33 was always the only plane on the russian Admiral Kusnezov-Class carriers (except for a period of time, where they used to have another 5 Su-25 trainers on board), between 12 and 24 of them, supported by 16 to 24 Ka-27 Copters.
    The best solution regarding the as you say pretty big main (and sole) aircraft and the not sooo big carrier. Well, the purpose may vary now, but such a carrier is hardly comparable to the US super carriers, and maybe even doesn't have to be. Because its concept is quite similar to the european carriers.
    Anyhow, I could imagine the chinese to assign a similar equally mixed wing to their carrier.

  11. And, speaking of the Tomcat: The F-14's were absolutely indespensable and worth its disadvantages. The US Navy unfortunately won't have such a superb air superiority fighter for the next three decades.

  12. a carrier to the chinese is what a battleship was to england in the 1930's just a fly the flag exercise the chinese and any other nation without the abilty to have a navy like the u.s will develop large anti-ship missles and use the carrier to show 3rd world nations they have "power".
    A dozen or more anti-ship missles heading for a super carrier and even if only a few hit that carrier is out of the game

  13. I could be wrong but America was used to having big aircraft on the carrier. The
    A-5 Vigilante was bigger than the Tomcat. Not to mention, the A-5 was the best looking aircraft for her time. Also, since the Su-33 has to be launched with a ski jump and not a catapult it will have to carry less fuel to get in the air.

  14. Regardless copy or not, China is going to be a big country that doesn't allow any west country billy. Given this point, the Chinese govt doing a good job

  15. Interesting though, the USA are clearly worried about China overtaking them in the global superpower stakes. The weird part is that China are still manufacturing everything that the west buys. They haven't really started on automobiles yet but more companies are looking at China for a manufacturing base and components have been made in China for a long while. Military spending in China is on the up and the USA surely can't keep it's spending on military at it's current level.

  16. Come on they are just now getting on board .Please you think the US is just sitting still.Go ahead and underestimate, we still are way out in front.We are decades ahead in every way, other than our three year olds knowing algebra.While they were educating their three year olds we were building an improving our weapons.They lack in quality ,training ,we are way ahead in teh game of war how many wars have they fought. Heck the Japanese used to kick their tails all the time.

  17. i wouldn’t want to fly a chinese jet,considering the quality of the goods they sell in america.complete crap,plus you can blindfold those chinese with dental floss,they
    will fly about as good as they drive.

  18. Remember those days, the Yanks and the Japs productions' were once called craps too. Think before you speak. Idiots!

  19. Come on! Look at the Su-27 and Su-33? Do they look very much difference?

  20. To those Stupid Mother Fucker (Yankees and Indies black shit). Better kneel down and salute to the Chinese because what the US did, the Chinese can do better than you. Just relying to foreign scientists doesn't mean you are advance and smart; you idiot yanks. The foreigners' just pitying you yanks and willing to feed you., especially from the Jews. And to the Indian even worsen than fourth world countries (underdeveloped), could be consider as beggar nations. Should I say exactly the same as the Africa nations. Apparently, China successes could causes those limps jealousy and frustration. Just admit it! No worries, I won't look you down or discriminate you, assholes.

  21. Yes, F-14 is 17 meters short then.

  22. Yeah yeah, ignorant lot. Every body copies! The great US and Russian arsenal were created by German scientists. The average russian is too pissed of their heads to know history (let alone spell it) while the average Amero cant talk and sing properly so they created "rap".

    Stick to your vodka and hot dogs

  23. The refurbished Chinese aircraft carrier might look like a pile of junk but it will soon be capable of launching 35 long range aircraft each carrying two nuclear armed missiles. Stationing it 500 miles off the Western coast of the US will make it a respected weapon. Its aircraft will deal a devastating blow to any nation that attacks this floating pile of junk.

  24. The Chinese people are intelligent given the right environment, they are to able to succeed what they set out to achieve. There is nothing wrong to copy in order to succeed. The American did not have the rocket technology of its own.It was the German g scientists from the Nazi who helped the American to develop the rocket technology after the 2nd world war.

  25. well china might have done it by hook or crook but tey have done it what i feel is those who are indian s are showering words anti china that itself shows ho helpless they are chinese produce 1 st quality and 3 rate quality products so thats there tactic and there education is in there mother tongue like chinese cantonese or mandarin tats y they have exceled and no one dint stop india not to do reverse engineering secretly if india does its good or else always suffer helplessly

  26. If it wasn't for the yank's you would all be speaking German or Japanese, and the US has a jet with a laser that can shoot down any thing at light speed so the US is not worried about china, any WW3 would be fought in the middle east as a pissing contest for the supper powers to show who is the best. Look at Iraq they had an invincible anti-air defense line and guess how long it took the US to have air superiority, 72 hrs

  27. awesome machine, looks sharp like a Mig Fighter

  28. The Flanker was designed to counter the F-14 and F-15. The F-22A was designed to dominate any Flanker variant. The Super Hornet was designed to………..? The U.S. Navy would've been better served by evolving the F-14D, seeing how the ATF program wasn't really geared for Naval Aviation.

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