Ride Along with The Army’s Golden Knights

DT’s video exper Glenn Anderson got the jealousy inducing opportunity to do a ride along with the Army’s Black Golden Knights (apologies for that one guys, I must have had college football on the brain) parachute demo team during last weekend’s air show at Joint Base Andrews in the Washington, DC, suburds. The above video shows the results. Unfortunatley they didn’t give him his own chute to jump with. I say he should have tried this anyway.

  • Jeff Stevens

    Um…Golden Knights perhaps? My uncle was SGM Gary Mohler, maybe the longest-serving Golden Knight http://www.goldenknightsaa.com/roster/detail.asp?…. I’m protective.

  • Adam

    Black Knight = medieval Villain
    Golden Knight = Army Parachute Demo Team.

  • Rob

    Both partially correct.

    Golden Knights: Black Demo Team and Gold Demo Team.

  • Joe

    Do away with these “Specialized Units” and turn that job over to Reserve and NG units. Frees up a ton of Assests and man power in the active forces to be put back into the Mean Machines rotational deployment groups, and allows the Local Reserve and NG’s provide “The Show” for that potential Warrior. Besides, the Reserves and NG’s should already be trained up to that capability.
    I know I’ll get the Bronks cheer on this…but, times have changed.

  • Randy

    jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft. And they do it well – Hooha.

  • Andrew G.

    The Black Knights is the mascot of West Point / USMA. There’s a jump team there as well.

    The Golden Knights are the Army’s ‘official’ jump team.

  • martha simpson

    Golden knights sounds exciting but they are paid and paid for, so please let them work. ask the general and kernel if all is well there.

  • Carl

    The Golden Knights might be a good marketing pitch by the Army but they do not represent what true military parachuting is all about. The fact that they are jumping in pretty black jumpsuits on a bright sunny day with no equipment and obviously not going into combat upon landing is so far from reality that its funny.

    Any potential Army recruit that wants to make Airborne operations one of his or her job skills, should be shown videos of some of the combat jumps by the 82nd or 173d Airborne units or of the Yuma Az. HALO school. At least they will know a little about what they volunteered for beforehand.