China Unveils New Armored Vehicle Family

Speaking of China’s military modernization, it looks like the PLA is unveiling a whole new family of armored  fighting vehicle in its efforts to rapidly modernize its military.

According to the folks at China Defense Blog, the new armored vehicles may be intended to replace the old Type 89 and 86 AFVs. It sounds like no one is quite sure if this is a brand new vehicle or a heavily upgraded Type 89.

The pictures posted on CDB show a traditional armored personnel carrier variant along with an engineering, command post, recon and 120 mm mortar (pictured above) variants.

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  1. What's with the wavy snake pattern above the road wheels? Looks purely aesthetic. Looks like they figured out not to paint the road wheels white.

  2. Stephen Russell | June 8, 2011 at 8:28 pm | Reply

    Looks Russian design I assume, Not copying our Stryker vehicles any.

  3. I like the low profile. I wonder how long it will take the troops to unfold themselves after egress?

  4. note the waterline markings, though they might just be there for testing

  5. It does not looks like copied Soviet/Russian design

  6. Mock them all you like but at least the Chinese are capable of producing a new armoured vehicel, cough cough Marine EFV…

  7. The gun variant, as noted, is probably a high–calibre mortar. 120mm mortars are nice fire support at company level – the Warsaw Pact used to love explosives delivery gear – big calibre mortars issued in large numbers, and grenade machine guns issued as squad fire support rather than NATO-style SAWS.

  8. Is there any other way? If there is a mature, proven design existing, what kind of crazy/stupid people will NOT copy that and instead waste time and resource just come up with something "original"?

  9. They look more like a upgrade to a Type 86 than a replacement.

  10. TribulationTime | June 9, 2011 at 3:15 pm | Reply

    I read years back German Nazis build Panther try to make a better T-34. I suppouse it´s more cheap try to make better a vehicle mature design. Other side, Anyone have good to say about it?. And other hand, strategies and tactics make usefull a crap of steel. In the end indeed a M1A1 can be hard hit by "blue fire" incident where a Bradley dissable it, firing in the engine compartiment ( I can be wrong, just I remenber a news about that) with the 25 mm. Luckly crew not was injured, but in logic of others countrys Why I need a survival crew if I don´t have their tank?. Can be other way of thinking.

  11. Not much armor plating on it, I came to this conclusion by the way they have two of these APC on a semi flat bed…. I could be wrong, but ever seen two Bradley's on a single trailer? These things must be kind of light…?

  12. the v.c won the war in viet -nam because the chinnise help them .i never thrust them anyway.

  13. For the second image, it looks like a ACAV turret mounted on top of that vehicle.

  14. looks ancient and out of date. just imagine one of those pitted against a puma or bradley, bye bye

  15. never underestimated your enemies. always be alert. they're always improving and upgrading. the armored vehicles are part of the modernization of the china's military.

  16. The chinese armour vehicle better than stryker.

  17. The chinese armored vehicle better than stryker.

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