Video: Sukhoi PAK FA Stealth Fighter Aerobatics

Happy Friday. Hope it’s not as hot where you are as it is here in Washington. How about some stealth jet porn to start the weekend. A tipster forwarded this clip showing Russia’s premiere stealth fighter, the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA performing some decent aerobatics. The jet shown is likely the first of two test jets that have been built; the first one being used for aerodynamic testing while the second is reportedly being used to test out the aircraft’s mission systems. Enjoy!

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  1. elportonative77 | June 10, 2011 at 11:37 am | Reply

    61 degrees here in SoCal. Chilling.

  2. Seems strange they are doing low level acrobatic testing of brand new aircraft over populated areas? just me?

  3. That looked like a split s

  4. okay if I lived in Russia, and no matter how crappy or depressing my life was, if I looked out the window of my shitty Russian apartment and saw that, I would be so FUCK YEAH MOTHERLAND WWOOOOOO

  5. It seems strange that the flight envelope of the PAK T-50 is three times ahead of the eternal development F-35. No wonder Russia and India are confident that it will outperform the F-35 in every way. Good nigh US air superiority.

  6. usa all the way | June 10, 2011 at 3:09 pm | Reply

    superrapter have u heard of the f22 and the f35 was ment to replace the a10 and f18 witch are manly made for ground targets.the f22 was made to replace the f16 and f15 bolth manly made for air

  7. So are ALL of Russia's fighter pilots capable of flying for aerobatic teams?

  8. Can does anyone know whether this plane is really stealthy or just more typical Russian BS?

  9. Brian wrote
    "Can does anyone know whether this plane is really stealthy or just more typical Russian BS?"

    Well, it has
    – 4 internal weapon bays
    – stealthy profile
    – small vertical tails (adopted for small frontal RCS)
    – airframe that was designed and built with a large portion of radar-absorbent composite materials used in its parts (~25% total, ~70% aircraft surface, the numbers are pretty similar to F-22)

    – there're no any publicly available information about its radar-absorbent paint/coating (prototypes lacks)
    – there're no any information about radar blocker design (prototypes lacks). Yes, T-50 does not have 100%-curved S-shaped intake ducts unlike F-22.
    – too many question about future (final production) engine

  10. Just because their aircraft were produced faster doesnt make them superior to the F22 and F35. If anything, the longer production time and testing and what not is a benefitial factor for americas stealth fighters. Its frustrating with the budget constraints and performance issues, however im confident that the longer it takes for them to roll out of the factory, the safer and better the aircraft will be!!

  11. well, the typical russian analog ejection system has a higher survival rate than their western digital counterparts

  12. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Pak-FA is a non-story.

  13. Looks like the PAK-FA is ahead of the F-35 program. There are no videos of the F-35 doing a similar aerobatic routine, because we know when they tried the actuators locked up at 4G.

    No problem another 2 year delay replace the electrical system.

  14. I do hope some of you are aware of the over-exaggerations Ivan puts on his tech, it's almost as bad as the pentagon. Remember the waves the T-80 and BMP-1 sent throughout the Pentagon and NATO? We all know those were death traps, not to mention their gross "over-sizing" played up by all 3 players.

  15. The best way to be always prepared is to never underestimate your opponent. It doesn't matter if there has been a history of technological flops in the Russian arsenal, don't let that take your guard down. Always fight a fight, like it's a fight.

  16. Russian ejector seats are true marvels and outpreform any western counterpart by a wide margin in also unique are helicopter ejection seats

    'In total, more than 12,000 K-36 ejection seats have been produced to date and no less than 97% of the airmen who have used them in an emergency have been able to continue their flying careers-the highest percentage in the aviation world'

    It is interesting to note that most recently, a program is also underway in the United States to study the effectiveness of Russian egress systems, the exceptional capabilities of which were most dramatically demonstrated to the whole world by an almost miraculous pilot recovery at the Paris Air Show several years ago, when the Russian pilot's MiG-29 aircraft was literally within a few dozen feet of impacting the ground in a semi-inverted, extremely disadvantageous attitude. Of note are the many advanced features of the Russian seats, and their exceptionally favourable recovery rates, which have been until recently all but ignored by Western egress systems researchers. Much work remains to be done on this but there is even talk of the possibility of integrating Russian seats into American aircraft–something that would have been inconceivable pre 1989.''

  17. Nothing can or will be able to touch the f-22 for years to come. period. end of story. shame gates cancelled it. hopefully new president will reinstate the program. as for the f-35….remember the f-111 program of mcnamara fame? no way the pak engines are stealthy – fully visible for radar to bounce of of them. wonder why you never see pics of the rear of an f-22???

  18. It looks like an emergency landing with engine lost traininig…

  19. John Washniwsky | August 11, 2011 at 7:47 pm | Reply

    Even the most retardet in the US already know that F-22 is a real shit! I am a pilot! Yes, a shit! The propaganda made it for making money and to manipulate the Americans. F-22 cannot participate anywhere, because it is not even a stealthy fighter. It is like many years ago. The US made F-15, than the Russian Su-27. After that US were depressed for 30 years and they had to lie tha the had created 5th generation aircraft. No! Now, the situation is similar. The Russians will have this really beautiful fighter in 2-3 years and will dominate for the next 30 years. … I know that is nasty and you are to proud to aknowidge that but it is a fact! Sorry! The Americans are good but it is very easy for their polititians to manipulate them…

  20. HAHAHA junk f35 cannot fly in bad weather and they found cracks in turbine blades, whathefuck air superiority……all of thef are GROUNDED!!!! shame for USAF!!

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