Libyan Rebels Mount APC Gun Turret on Pickup

Ok, this is wild. Libyan rebels have taken their Mad Max technical pickup trucks to a new level. The video above shows rebels firing what appears to be the turret-mounted 2A28 Grom gun of a Soviet-designed BMP-1 armored personnel carrier from the back of a pickup. Yes, the entire gun turret has been mounted on crude metal supports in the bed of the truck. Note the office swivel chair that has replaced the original gunner’s seat. Also watch the guy standing next to the truck reach inside the turret to fire the gun. Classic.

The 2A28 Grom is a 73mm, smoothbore, semi-auto gun that fires the same RPG-style ammunition used in the Soviet-built SPG-9 recoilless gun. While its rounds can pierce armor up to 11 inches thick, it’s not very accurate. It’s max effective range is about 700 meters. However, its got only a 70-percent chance of hitting a target at a range of 500 meters. That goes down to a 50-percent hit rate at 800 meters when the gun is firing from a still position with no wind. I’m not even sure what the unstabilized gun’s accuracy is when it’s fired from a moving vehicle.

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  1. just like an old chinese saying: "if you face an exhausted(poor) situation, change(adapt); if you change(adapt), you will move on; if you don't change(adapt), you were doomed".

  2. Priceless!

    They won't hit squat of course, but it's a real morale booster!

  3. I'm assuming it's now manually loaded, as I can't see any sign of the autoloader gear below it.

    On a related note, the rocket-boosted ammunition must make sitting in the driving seat a little hairy if the gun fires forwards

  4. i would not want to fire that thing because i don't know how strong turret support is.
    one shot and it might break and come off the truck, ha ha

  5. ******. Perhaps the problem of lack of accuracy can be lessened by using the gun in urban combat (close range) and against large targets (buildings, makeshift bunkers, etc) instead of anti tank in the desert…

  6. Anyone notice how much they sound like Al Qaeda?

  7. Looks like it's probably steel, not wood.

  8. Hey, if it is mounted on a Toyota it is the most reliable war fighting machine in the world.
    Who cares if the enemy has actual tanks. Just wait until they break down after fifty miles of travel…..
    All that crap is Russian made. the only thing more maintenance demanding is an Abrams.
    In our case we fix them as fast as they break.
    Not so much in the Arab world….

  9. This news is slightly old, I think the first video of these things in action came out around a month ago. Still really cool though.

  10. Callof Davrodu | June 14, 2011 at 9:09 am | Reply

    Of course you never hear western democratic troops praying…

  11. I just like how they chanted Allah Ahkba a couple dozen times before they actually fired the thing, almost as if to build up the courage of the "volunteer" who got to fire that first shot. It's like they were saying, "Come on Achmed, you can do it. There's only a slight chance that it will blow up in your face with the first one. Be brave, we've got your back."

  12. I don't have anything else to say to that but LOL

  13. Nominal capability, but you have to hand it to these guys for resourcefulness.

    When you grow up with nothing, you quickly learn to use everything…

  14. I mean the chanting not the concept, silence is golden :) Mind you the famous river crossing scene in "A Bridge too Far" Robert Redford repeats "Hail Mary full of Grace" although it appeared to be a much more perilous situation.

  15. someone has read the Ork codex

  16. Good stuff that ! when you have nothing , anything is better then nothing! Good moral booster and kicks up some dust!

  17. the article mentions accuracy problems of this gun.
    the news reports and videos i've seen (past and present)
    showed all manner of rockets. etc being fired off and nothing mentioned or
    shown on the clips about 'aim'.
    i suspect it's fire when ready!
    still… give me a bunch of these inventively mounted
    73mm, smoothbore, semi-auto guns firing RPGs
    to keep the bad guys heads down.
    and don't run out of ammo.
    that's a hint to the Libyan desert rats.
    and one to the Afghan USA dudes.


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