Libyan Rebels’ DIY Weapons Factory, Robots and All

Take a look at this video by Al Jazeera TV showing the Libyan rebels increasingly sophisticated ability to jerry-rig weapons. We see everything from machine guns scavenged from Gadhafi’s fighter planes mounted on pickup trucks to remotely fired guns slaved to targeting cameras. The wildest invention is a machine gun mounted on a remotely controlled power-wheels-style kids truck at the 55-second mark.

Thanks to tipster Patrick Casey for pointing this out.

10 Comments on "Libyan Rebels’ DIY Weapons Factory, Robots and All"

  1. Impressive given the situation, creativity put to good use, I say.

  2. Your son's old power wheels hummer painted black = $0

    7.62 belt fed machine gun from Gaddafi's armory = $0

    Some scavenged remote control parts = $0

    The volunteer who runs next to this contraption to keep the belt feeding properly = Priceless

  3. The rebels are concocting these contraptions and NATO's dropping concrete ordinance. I understand the reasoning behind this, but it seems like role reversal.

  4. When I was a kid and I wanted to get up to a little mischief , my brother and I used to take a CB radio to the local park where every Sunday model makers with their remote controlled planes and boats would gather to proudly play with the fruits of moths of solitary work , that was before we turned up with a CB and keyed out everything within range and watched the destruction and confused expressions .
    Now imagine that robot thingy with a gun on it the moment it leaves rebel lines and enters a battlefield where everyone is using radios , it will go FUC#*%ng crazy , the rebels have already provided us with many moments of hilarity caught on film but i have a felling the best is still to come .

    And did anyone see the clip of the rebel with a AK firing over a sand bank yesterday , wow just wow

  5. Stephen N Russell | June 14, 2011 at 8:51 pm | Reply

    Looks like A Team lives. Awesome, jury rig devices, Unique in Modern Combat??

  6. Does the rocket motor of an aerial rocket burn out while it's still in the launch tube? Because if it doesn't, they're going to have to add some kind of shield to that improvised RPG.

  7. Impressive weapon for rebel defense against would be surrender -leader khaddafy.

  8. these weapons look very lethel/deadly and its the best weapon building i ever seen.

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