DHS’ Sea Scanning Radar-Equipped MQ-9

I was wandering around the U.S. aircraft corral at the Paris Air Show today when I noticed this MQ-9 ‘Guardian’ in Department of Homeland Security colors equipped with a crazy looking Raytheon SeaVue multimode maritime search radar pod attached to the bottom. Here’s U.S. Coast Guard Captain James Sommers explaining the aircraft’s mission.

4 Comments on "DHS’ Sea Scanning Radar-Equipped MQ-9"

  1. Stephen N Russell | June 21, 2011 at 8:13 pm | Reply

    spot drug subs, other subs near US, pickup boats for drugs?? pirates?

  2. This is only one aspect of the counter drug fight…..let's put equal amounts of tax dollars in drug prevention within the US. With all the new toys we have, what is the payoff??

  3. Never mind showing it off – – – – PUT IT TO USE, NOW !!!!!

  4. On display in Paris! Give me a break. This was a business trip. The US has the greatest lineup of hi-tech toys…. "drones" in history. And, with world economies on the brink of insolvency, reducing military costs while maintaining security is only a few "drones away. The hi-tech "drone" industry and other associated military/industrial high tech toys may grow to rival the dot.com economic growth engine. Border security
    "drone" in Paris my ass. Paris was about $$$$$$.

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