Rebel Tech: Four Wheelers and Rockets

Happy weekend everybody. Check out these pics of what appears to be the latest in Libyan rebel weaponeering; a four-wheel ATV chassis with four rocket launchers mounted on top. At first glance, I was hoping this was a remotely controlled weapon system like these, but after looking at the image closely, I can’t see anything that looks like a power plant for the chassis. However, the last picture in the collection shows what might be a remote launching device for the rocket quad. Let’s hope they’ve put an engine on it since the pictures were taken.

While this may not be a shining example of engineering, it’s a small example of the passion and dedication a lot of these rebels are putting into fighting against a despised ruler. This video showing a rebel re-powdering ancient rifle ammunition with powder taken from kids cap guns is another small example of the rebels’ determination.



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  1. This sounds like psypher's comment in the "Afghan IED" thread.

    "…meaning they got MLRS from a certain country :-)"

    To the right of picture one looks like a nose cone, which might suggest Soviet helicopter rocket pods are a source of their rockets? Then again, those nose cone rockets seem smaller than the one he's holding in his hand; which looks like a S-5 rocket:

  2. Could be the S-5 rocket:

    However, I think the S-5s were all launched in those rocket pod arrangements, and not individually as presented here.

  3. The Libyans sure do love tinkering in their garages.

    I imagine that the world’s next greatest can’t-do-without invention is probably sat in some Libyan guy’s shed right this minute. I don’t know what it is, but I want one.

  4. Theres actually 5 tubes too ;)

  5. Forrest Cantrell | July 10, 2011 at 11:12 pm | Reply

    I love these guys.

  6. welli dont know about you but it looks like there is 5 not 4 tubes and wow they really know how to get the most use out of there old parts its like Mcgyver as a group

  7. Why put an engine on it? Gas is in very short supply for the rebels, so an engine could be just another dead weight.

  8. Regarding the field expedient rifle cartridge reloading video. That makes using a single stage press here at home look totally efficient and safe. Glad I have a 1970's era powder scale and measure.

  9. The fellow in the vid appears to be re=priming Carcano ammo….use what ya got I guess

  10. Not really new weve been playing with such weapons for decades. BUT the problems are clear they are way to valnerable to rifle fire.

  11. While it's a fairly nifty thing… it just shows that even a guy who has kids toys lying about can do with a few tools. A bit scary and shows that not much goes a long way with people who have determination (both to aide our causes and not).

    I wish him luck that the rockets don't hang-fire in the tubes!!! That thing would go mental.

  12. Interesting photos from the Libyan rebels weapon lab / day care center.

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