Video: APC Crushes Illegally Parked Cars

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy this video of the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania who is sick of rich people parking their fancy cars illegally in his streets. The mayor’s solution; use a Soviet-designed BTR-60 armored personnel carrier to crush an offending Mercedes.


13 Comments on "Video: APC Crushes Illegally Parked Cars"

  1. Can we import this guy for mayor of Washington, DC?

    Too bad he cannot run for President. I like his can-do, f-you attitude.

  2. Officially my favorite politician ever

  3. The owner of the crushed car seemed to take it like man, here in the US the owner would
    sue to city for millions and as a result the city would have to close 3 schools and lay off 50 police officers

  4. Wow, that was F-U-N! Now do the phantom and the italia, please!

  5. Best advertisement for his bid for re-election ever.

    They probably had a deal. The Mercedes looked older, if they did that to the Lambo Merc, That would be much more entertaining from the owners reaction.

  6. It's a hoax. It really is an add for a Swedish radio show.

    Fact checking can be a good thing at times.

  7. I think it is a staged event. If you look at the BTR mount the mercedes, it does so gently, like it is climbing a ramp. And if you look for the ramp in the shot afterwards the camera deftly dodges showing the back of the merc. Heck, the mayor can barely control his electric bike, he probably hadn't seen one before the filming started. Lithuania has a rule of law, and violating a bike path ordinance probably won't get your car crushed…
    I don't think it will, anyway…
    beautiful city, great people, decent food, good beer, well worth a visit!

  8. Staged or not, who doesn't like watching armor roll over cars?

  9. I could see Chris Christie pulling something like this in NJ

  10. Would have liked waaay more to see him drive over the Rolls-Rouyce and that Ferrari, or Lamborghini! Just a publicity stunt…

  11. Turns out that he is one of the repients of the Ig Noble Prize given out for 2011.

  12. I had a colleague in the 111th MI group back in the late 60's/early 70's. He was a civilian employee veteran of the 82nd airborne who could absolutely NOT STAND people parking on spaces reserved for us. He was swearing that if a federal task force was ever mobilized to contain civil disruptions in Birmingham, AL, he would commandeer a tank and systematically flatten every civilian car intruding into out parking spaces. He had a stand offer: I'll pay you a nickel for every pushup you can do; and you'll pay me a quarter for every pushup I do over 100. Nobody ever took him up up on it.

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