Video: A Chinese Stealth Fighter Roll

Check out this video of China’s J-20 stealth fighter performing a half roll. This is the first time I’ve seen a video of the massive jet do any kind of aerobatics. While you’re at it, watch the clip below of the Russian Su-35’s aerobatic demo for the 2011 MAKS air show in Moscow. The only jet I’ve seen do anything close to this is our (grounded) F-22 Raptor.

  • elportonative77

    So if you see a Sukhoi don’t engage in a dogfight?

  • B RAD

    Good rolls and stuff, too bad its not WW2 anymore. Would be funny to see a AIM120 fly in from standoff distance and pop that birdy while its sitting in the air!

    • reader

      AIM120 operational history does not suggest that it would be able to hit something as maneuverable reliably.

      More likely, its going to bring down random Black Hawks nearby :/

  • BOB

    I don’t get it… that roll didn’t look too special to me. I’m not an expert, by far… but I’ve been to enough airshows that I’ve seen MANY crafts do the same maneuver, unless there is something I’m missing.

  • jakemono

    Amazing. F-22 can’t touch that plane’s all aspect thrust vectoring. Of limited value tactically, but super amazing to watch the big Sukhoi appear to defy gravity/physics

  • Tim

    How is that “all aspect thrust vectoring” help the plane remain “invisible” to radar?

    Also, all that agility won’t help it dance its way out of an AIM120 dead-lock when it can’t even see an F-22.

    • Hale

      Since when was the Su-35 meant to be a stealth fighter?

  • Lance

    Looks like the T-50 is far more maneuverable than the crappy J-20 despite being less stealthy. I think the T-50 will do well in sales while China’s junk will languish in China only. The Russian always built good planes I look forward to the Mikoyan 5th generation fighter there planning to support the T-50 in Russian service.

  • Chuck

    I have no idea what she said but Id like to watch her some more….

    Back in 73 while stationed at PAX River I watched a F-18 do a similar maneuver in front
    of the tower. Back and forth about 300′ off the ground using only 300′ of taxiway for about
    20 minuets. Mesmerizing.

  • Kevin

    Russia plans to produce 1000. How many F-22’s do we have? And now the production is cancelled. I’m hoping we have some super-secret unmanned fighter in the wings that we know nothing about.

    • Tim

      Russia has been announcing several times it would produce a new fleet of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier too… But wait, they still have a problem running the other old one.

    • jhm

      how many su30s do they got? a handful…

    • jhm

      In January 2011, Russian Air Force planned to receive 50 Su-35s by 2015.

  • brianckramer

    Russia is full of shit. They can’t afford 1000 of anything.

    • Hale

      Doesn’t matter what Russia can afford, it matters what India (and perhaps S. Korea and other nations) can afford to buy.

      • Tim

        India is not going to buy the 250 as it wanted either. Adding up to the few dozens Russia can afford, they would be lucky to get 200 planes produced.

      • Praetorian

        Of course, I dont know for sure, but I think the South Koreans are using the PAK FA as a way to get the Americans to come down on thier price. We already have won the FX fighter program phase 1 & 2, which is now the 60 F-15K’s. And phase 3 the F-15SE is going up against the Eurofighter,F-35 lightning, and the PAK FA. I think, with the parts base you will already have with the F-15K’s, and the familiarity with pilots, it should be a win with the F-15SE.

      • STemplar

        So two countries we routinely train with might buy T50s, a plane potentially used by one of our adversaries, and thereby give us the chance to train against it and inspect and that’s bad because……………….??

        • blight

          Good point, but I think a lot of people here on DefTech are more interested in the defense industry business angle than potential adversary training.

          It’s almost like we’re industry cheerleaders and we have options on LockMart…but some of us don’t?

  • Black Owl

    The problem with the American aircraft industry is that we don’t make planes that are actually practical for combat. We’ve over designed the F-22 and F-35 to the point that they are so complex it is nearly impossible to produce either of them without bankrupting the country. The PAK-FA and the J-20 (granted both planes are still pretty young) appear that they are simple enough to mass produce cheaply, mostly because the Russians have never been big on making things super complex and the Chinese are still buying or stealing a majority of their aircraft technology from the Russians. I think the PAK-FA will make a lot of sales since it still has high end technology (although the AESA radar made for it has yet to be shown in a successful test). The J-20 is a piece of crap now, but that could change depending on how it is developed.

  • Are you people all homosexuals… forget about the damn Sukhoi, how hot was that Russian newsreader ?

    • pounce

      I agree. She really is a babe.

      • blight

        She has a pleasant face, but I don’t know about words like “babe” or “hot”, both of which are thrown around far too often.

    • Tim

      You mean that chubby guy explaining the show?…

      Just kidding! :)

  • Hale

    Thanks Kevin. You get a medal.

    Well Chuck? Musta misplaced a decade or something.

  • blight

    One would have to go back to well before the LWF competition to P-530, and just after LWF for the P-600, which turns into F-17.

    The other possibility is confusing a F-5 with a F-18, as both are Northrop products of common design lineage; but…?

  • RYW2

    The arrogance on here is astounding to me. The f-22 is’nt invulnerable to enemy counter measures, just harder to detect. If a e-18 g can detect a f-22 and shoot it down so can a su-35 or pak-50. Never underestimate your enemy.

    • Guest

      same goes for overrating the enemy. like the US has permanent tendency to overrate russian planes.

      • CSZ

        Just to get more funding from congress.

        • jhm

          but hey, look at teh combat records :)

          we thought the mig 25 would be awesome… NOT!!!
          we thought the mig 29 woudl equal the f16 in dogfighting and f15 in bvr combat… NOT!!!

          I know its all about the pilots but hey its fun to point bloopers

  • Chuck

    Well I was there till August of 75. Maybe it was a YF-17 it was awhile ago. I know
    it was not a harrier they were as common as flies. But the point was this pilot
    could fly!!!
    I was aircrew on P-3 for a few years.

  • David

    Not sure who wrote the article, but the new Sukhoi only builds on the crazy maneuverability of the original Su-27 (in comparison the F-22 is not nearly as maneuverable).

    “Also, all that agility won’t help it dance its way out of an AIM120 dead-lock when it can’t even see an F-22.”

    Are you familiar with the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II? How did that “beyond visual range” thing work out?

  • Sage

    To JHM:
    True …Desert Storm was a fish-in-a-barrel kind of thing. Just remember though that it is one thing for American F-15s and F-16s to shoot down monkey-model Soviet era Fulcrums flown by nigh-incompetent Iraqi pilots without any situational awareness; and a TOTALLY other thing to do the same against a competent adversary. When Eagles and Vipers do the same over Chinese airspace call me up …until then it is just as relevant as Ethiopian Flankers (flown by Russian mercenaries) shooting down Eritrean Fulcrums (flown by Ukranian mercenaries). A college basketball team beating the sisters-of-mercy 4th grade girls team is really nothing to brag about.

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