Video: Flying Fish Attack Riverines.’s video man Glenn Anderson embedded with some U.S. Navy riverine forces during some training runs earlier this summer at Fort Knox, Ky. What he didn’t expect was to come under attack during these runs. Luckily, he lived to publish the video below. Enjoy.

  • brian

    Those dam asian carp are a menace. As soon as they hear something they don’t like they attack it as you can see above. They now have these riverboats that traverse the Mississippi that generate load noise underwater to aggravate them, then the fish fly up to get caught in the nets. You would think it would help out, but these asian carps have hit critical mass, about i Billion + of them that there is not much anyone can do about them.

    • CSZ

      Not an attack – just scared and trying to escape. This is a typical swarm behavior.

      Not much anyone can do? How about getting them on the menu? These carps taste good in stew with soy source, brown sugar and vinegar.

  • Lance

    The Red Chinese master plan have there carps destroy the “Evil American Navy”!!!

  • John Moore

    It’s the one thing you Americans are doing that us CDN’s up here are getting super pissed off about..

    You wont invest in a better barrier, Heck it was down and we weren’t even told. And they have already got into the Great lakes.

    It will destroy our lakes and all our kick ass fishing we have up here.

    We have wild runs of everything on the CA side I tell ya we like our bros & sis to the south but this is crap crap crap!!!

    P.S they just out as a predatory response to the sound of the motor.

  • Falcon

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones and family members of the service members affected by this attack.

  • Prodozul

    Quick send in an A-10

  • jsallison

    Are they edible? Only thing to do with invasive species, figure out how to eat it.

  • Stan

    This is a part of a multi-pronged Chinese plan to bring the US down.

    Yes, carp is certainly edible though not valued in the US. A bunch of companies are making good money exporting it to where else, China.

  • Hunter78

    When Obama sold our utmost secrets to the Chinese, he was paid off in carp.

    • blight

      Which secrets?

      If it’s okay to sell TOW missile tech to Iran, then…

  • mozan

    The Detroit News says the Asian Carp in the Chicago River are still being denied access to the Great Lake System by one electrical barrier. Seeing one of those carp flop on and off a riverine patrol craft is a joke, but how about seeing one of those 60 lb fish fly out of the water and hit your kid in the head?

  • Eric

    The carp aren’t jumping to attack anything, they are jumping in fear. It’s a fairly normal reaction for fish since most underwater predators can’t see above the surface very well and a fish that jumps into the air disappears from the predator’s view.

    Oddly, though, these carp in China don’t jump like this. It seems the original few carp in America (genetic studies show the whole population comes from just a few individuals) were the world’s most cowardly fish and so now we have a population of fish that fling themselves into the air in terror at the sound of outboard motors.

  • Mastro

    I remember reading a US submariner memoir that when they used to run on the surface (most of the time for WWII diesels) they used to have a bunch of flying fish on the deck every day. Good addition to their diet.

    He had to take a Japanese seaplane-carrying sub back to Pearl- it was so high the fish couldn’t make it.

  • tiger

    Illegal alien fish. Deport them back to China……