Video: Second F-35B Flies off USS Wasp

First F-35B landing at sea

I hope you guys are gearing up for a long weekend. To kick off Friday afternoon, enjoy this video of the second F-35B Joint Strike Fighter to take-off and land from the USS Wasp.

The video below shows F-35 test jet BF-4, the first B- model to be equipped with mission systems, making landings aboard the amphibious assault ship yesterday. F-35 BF-2 (shown above) made history aboard the Wasp on Monday when it performed the F-35’s very first take-offs and landings on a ship.

Click through the jump for the video and turn the sound down to get rid of the cheesy music.

  • JSHJr

    Gotta have cheesey muzac! It’s a rule!

    Sempri Fi!

  • racoon1

    It may be expensive, but it’s a really cool jet! And you could almost base it on a barge.

    • Nadnerbus

      A multi billion dollar barge with stealth bilge bays, AESA radars and special thermal deck plating.

  • tribulationtime

    Nice. Do we know something new about shape-bird drone?

  • This sends a positive message from our stand point to friend and foe alike.

  • Kski

    Looks really nice sitten and landen on one of those assault ships, but i still stick to the idea of a super harrier program.

  • xpoqx

    ‘m glad to see the public educational system has failed my peers and it is apperently acceptable to troll this website like youtube…

    Start moderating the commentary…


    I can’t wait for when film of a F-35B making a vertical landing isn’t news anymore because we need the F-35B in the US arsenal.