P-8 Launches Torpedo for the First Time

Check out this picture of the U.S. Navy’s P-8 subhunter launching a torpedo for the very first time. As you can see, the Mk 54 test torpedo was launched on Oct. 13 from the 737-based jet’s weapons bay (notice how the bay doors are open in the photo).

The test drop happened at about 500-feet above the water and was the first in a series of P-8 weapons tests meant to evaluate safe separation from the aircraft, delivery accuracy and weapon integration, according to NAVAIR.

It should be noted, that in addition to launching sonobouys and scanning the sea-surface with its APY-10 radar, the P-8 can also carry Harpoon anti-ship missiles and maybe even air-to-air missiles. (Its predecessor, the P-3 has carried, and used, Harpoon missiles, maverick air-to-ground missiles and Sidewinder air-to-air missiles.)

Click here to read about Boeing’s pitch to make a modified P-8 into a giant, manned version of a hunter killer UAV.

14 Comments on "P-8 Launches Torpedo for the First Time"

  1. Are there at least sensors in that obscenely large vertical stabilizer?

  2. Whats the tail dragging? See it?

  3. Really wish they had not deleted the MAD.

  4. Nice big stabilizer back there- How about an EA-6b size reciever football and some Transmitters inside, a forty foot canoe radome would be easy to do!

  5. Is Boeing gonna get this one right for once?

    He, he, he….

    How about a few for the Army to stuff more OFF THE SHELF Senors in?

    And NOT give up to the Air Force….

  6. That IS a BIG Darn Vertical Stabilizer, eh?

    You guys saying that Dog can fight it's way outta trouble air to air?

  7. Navy. What carrier does it fly off of?

  8. Looks like things are coming along on this project. Its a darn shame this wasn't in service 15 year ago though. I believe the Navy is going to be increasingly in need of the capability this plane represents going forward. Long legs, persistent loiter time, and top of the line sensors.

  9. Sub-hunting. Not all that glamorous, but damned important.

  10. Ever taught of accurate multiple anti ship/boats/ sub missile torpedoes against enemy missile boats for the country's self defense?

  11. How did we sell a P-8 to India, a customer, and not even have done torpedo trials on it yet?

    Shouldn't P-8 torpedo trials have been done like four years ago?

  12. Channeling my inner roland: Next up is seaplanes. New PBY-1?

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