A Chinese Version of Rover?

This photo of what appears to be a PLA er, Chinese Army version of a Joint Terminal Attack Controller — you know, the guy who calls in and coordinates airstrikes when his small unit is in close combat with the enemy. Anyone know what that device he’s holding is? It looks like it might be a Chinese version of our ROVER targeting system.

ROVER famously provides ground troops with real time images from the sensors and targeting pods on aircraft overheard — allowing for much better situational awareness and coordination between grunts and their air support.

Who knows how well the Chinese system works or how good China is at close air support. Still, its just another sign that the U.S. military doesn’t have a lock down on the advanced ISR and comms gear that is fast becoming the hallmark of 21st century weapons technology.

Sound off in the comments if you have any ideas as to what the system is.

Image via Alert5.

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  1. He's playing angry birds on a ruggedized 3DS…

  2. Maybe we should just buy a camoflauged cover for our Apple IPAD. Then all we have to do is download the correct set of APPS and we will be invincible.


  3. Chinese Checkers?

  4. The only thing that would make me trust the chinese is if this planet was invaded by aliens and we all banded together but then even then I think I would have a hard time.

    You can say thats me being biased but isn't the truth that my opinion has been formed by the media at large and china's negative image?

  5. God damn it, China! Why can't you get creative and make something original instead of stealing everybody's stuff!

  6. At a point in our history we were the "China" to the British empire and Europe. We very quickly went from copying to innovating when we started becoming an economic powerhouse.

    I think it unlikely, however, that if China gets into a dominant position, they will end up being close allies to their erstwhile intellectual benefactors as we have the Brits and EU.

    10 years of fighting rock chuckers, training our future enemies industrial base (China) and political/economic mismanagement have left us in a bad place.

  7. SO China copied a NATO ROVER. Not really BIG news they copy everything.

  8. Like anything made in China for their own, it’ll fall apart and disentigrate long. Store it’ll be a major threat. Be more worried on the safety of our satellites we are so reliant on.

  9. They have every intention to spread their influence and power to support their national interests, no anger from me about that, but we should recognize this need they have as all powerful nations have, power projection, and plan to counter and defeat it (if necessary).

    Powerful nations have very few friends, some partners when mutually beneficial and quite a number of enemies…plan accordingly.

  10. Good Evening folks,

    From the two rather crude antennas the stylus on a screen says this is something 1980 ish. I have doubts that the soldier in the picture is doing anything other then posing.

    On off the shelf $200.00 PDA or an i phone 4s is for more advanced technology this this "box".

    Byron Skinner

  11. Not sure why you struck out PLA, but maybe you were thinking of People's Liberation Army Ground Force, which is what most people think of as the army in terms of the PLA.

  12. What I love most about this picture – straw camo on top of the helmet – true to the traditions!

  13. Good Afternoon Folks,

    A point maybe being made in that cross out of the PLA. The PLA may no longer be China's largest ground formation. A force called "The People's Armed Police" has been growing since 200 while the PLA has been reduced in size.

    Outside of China wonks, not much has been said about the PAP but it has grown from an estimated 500,000 in 2000 of mostly aging PLA veterans and young men unfit for the PLA and appeared to be little more then a Chinese version of the American Legion.

    Now it is perhaps to a size of over 2.5 million in 2011, has new training centers, appear in news reports of civil unrest (PAP's favorite weapons appears to be the Type-079 SMG and the Type-081.1 rifle.). The PAP has also take over the PRC Coast Guard, Oceanic and Oceanographic Surveys. activities.

    The Horizon Class "research" vessel seems to be currently the only ocean going ship that China is producing on a regular production schedule. This vessel is said to be crewed by the PAP.

    As for the soldier holding the boom box since the picture isn't dared and the PLA has no set camouflage pattern it would be hard to date the picture and say what that soldier is doing.

    Byron Skinner

  14. China copied NATO Rover and doing better with own idea.

  15. I believe the "Rover" in the pic is a duplicate of the one "Cartman" had in the begining of the "Human Centi-pod" episode of South Park.

  16. Dudu do Brasil | July 12, 2012 at 8:47 am | Reply

    Preocupante, isso.

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