Was the KC-767 Tanker Used Against Gadhafi?


This is interesting. The picture above shows what’s likely an Italian air force Boeing KC-767A tanker that’s apparently flying out of Malta International Airport during Operation Unified Protector, NATO’s effort to oust Col. Moammar Gadhafi from power in Libya.

Malta served as a hub for NATO ops during the Libyan air campaign and David Cenciotti’s blog includes the photo in a montage of the aircraft used to fight Gadhafi.

I haven’t heard anything about the KC-767 being used to support operations against Gadhafi. If it did give gas to jets attacking Libyan targets, this may well have been the Boeing-built tanker’s “combat” debut. You’d think Boeing would have publicized this.

Remember, the U.S. Air Force recently awarded Boeing the $35 billion KC-X contract to build upgraded KC-767s — officially called KC-46As — that will replace hundreds of the service’s ancient KC-135s.

Sound off in the comments if you’ve heard anything about the KC-767 being used in Operation Odyssey Dawn/Unified Protector.

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  1. Cant wait to see what the KC-46A will look like in the end. Not all KC-135s are 50 era though they made them into the 70s and the USAF will keep some into service longer than others.

  2. The International Institute for Strategic Studies' order of battle for OUP lists Italy as contributing one KC-767A and one KC-130J for tanker aircraft

  3. I was in the Air National Guard in the last unit to fly the ancient KC-87 prop tankers (136th TAW). Flew to Germany and back on one. That was 1976. Think they retired them about 1978.

  4. I live in Malta and I'm pretty annoyed that I saw practically every plane illustrated either coming or going *except* the A-10! Gah!

  5. Yeah, we used our KC-767 in Lybia, you can confirm it from the official chronicle of the war submitted to the Parliament (Camera dei Deputati): http://documenti.camera.it/leg16/dossier/Testi/di
    It's been used at least since the first half of May.

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