China’s Minesweeping Drones

Amid all the recent talk about the need for U.S. Navy minesweepers in the Persian Gulf in case Iran attempts to close the straight of Hormuz with sea mines, I noticed an interesting fact about China’s minesweeping plans. They involve drones. Not sleek, purpose-built, sea-going drones, but vessels originally designed to carry people that have been quickly converted to be remotely operated from an anti-mining mothership.

These pics show what China Defense Blog claims are Chinese navy minesweeping drones based on the Type 529 patrol craft. If you look closely you can see what appears to be orange, remotely controlled submersibles mounted on the sterns of the boats.  The vessels may be controlled by the 818 Kunshan minesweeping ship that’s shown docked with the small patrol vessels below.

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  1. The German navy has used trios of mine-breaking drones for decades; the Troika system.

  2. Hmm… clever.

  3. Are you sure the orange things are ROVs? They could just be old fashioned mechanical sweeps, or towed noise-makers

  4. I wonder how else a military could save money by re-purposing older ships.

  5. Well if they made a mistake and miss a mine which hits the boat well no problems they're all drones. LOL

  6. Well played comrades, challenge accepted

  7. Just reinstate all retired p boats and minesweepers and refurbish it.

  8. The Chinese have it right..

    Instead of investing millions into designing a new system. Reuse old equipment destined for the graveyard.

    Saves money, and puts people to work.

  9. Good Evening Folks,

    This must be a joke, right. The Chinese are this dumb, this looks like something that an "American Think Tank" would think up.

    All one of those sneaky Americans have to do is put counters on our mines and wait for the tender to pass over, Ka-Booom.

    Then with out controllers you have all these radio controlled boats running around. now that would be funny.

    Byron Skinner

  10. got to give credit for the damn Chinese, if it was the USA, we would have spent 5 time what they spent and it will only be a little better.

  11. forgive my ignorance but isn't this similar in idea to something we the british have, carried on the minesweeper 'mothership'?
    the last line of the linked articles suggests following its use in libya other navies are buying it, presumably nato.

  12. Now Xi shake hands with Barrack perhaps they (China) will sell their ships and boats for a penny's on the dollar to us…(kidding)

  13. I bet they won't be dumb enough to make ther drones hackable, unlike a certain other failing nation…

  14. We probably need a universal remote.

  15. Why not a static generator to scramble the signal n the way to the drones? Beam it in their direction. An old Ford ignition coil would be a good place to build on.
    I’m sure a sacrambler could be easily be built if not done already. Just mix their signal up.

  16. I wonder whose mines the Chinese expect to clear? Surely not the non existent US sub launched mobile mines that might otherwise threaten their harbors!

  17. shave down some of the some times decades long procurment process the navy uses and use some of the mothballed fleet for some thing productive for once

  18. With a billion people who needs drones?

  19. Digging through the ether, apparently we had a drone mothership for our Firebees. I wonder why we don't have field motherships anymore…

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