Syrian Army Using World’s Biggest Mortar Against Own People

So the Syrian government,  has been unable to break the back of a populist uprising using snipers, RPGs, tanks and aircraft has turned to lobbing massive 240 mm mortars into the city of Homs, killing dozens. This sounds like an old fashioned leave no one alive siege. In case there were any doubts, this shows that the Syrian dictatorship of Bashar al Assad is at war with his own people.

Syrian troops are firing Soviet-made M240 breech loading mortars into the city. These fire the largest mortar rounds in the world, according to the Christian Science Monitor. To put things in perspective, the 240 mm mortar rounds are  roughly five-feet long. The Soviets used them in Afghanistan and the Russian army used the weapons to bombard the city of Grozny during its wars in Chechnya. So while they were designed to hit enemy bunkers from long ranges, they’ve also been used to bludgeon civilian population centers.

The mortars can either be towed or carried aboard the purpose made tracked vehicle called the Tulip. Nice huh?

Click through the jump to see a video of the Tulip in action.

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  1. Eventually he is going to kill enough people that he wont have anybody to rule.

    i hope turkey invades Syria and chop this coward balls

  2. Interesting "bell" ring sound these make when firing.

  3. That'll show those terrorists and armed gangs.

  4. I love the sabot tied on with string in the video, good ole dependable Russian technology right there.

  5. A mortar round is caseless, with a comparatively small amount of self-contained propellant expended directly against the base-plate, and thus it acts more like a rocket than a two-part artillery shell. This keeps tube pressure much lower, allowing much lighter tube construction, and hence greater portability.

    The down side is that you get less range, and insufficient projectile velocity for effective direct fire. The striking power is mainly the explosive in the bomb.

  6. In this situation, how do you differentiate between Mortar and Artillery Shell? Just curious?

  7. Sometimes I wish I lived in Soviet Russia so all my military systems & inventions I designed as a kid would actually materialize.

    But with my childhood behind me, I just don't see how this is better than having smaller mortars and equal/bigger artillery. Ammo transportation/loading seems like a pain.
    I guess it's only practical for what Syria is using it for – urban civilians/uprisings. I guess that's why russia sent it to syria.

  8. Tell me they don't have a Willie Pete round for that monster! That would be serious hell in an urban environment.

  9. So Um….. don't you think he would eventually use gas which is one of the reasons we went into Iraq. So I THINK we eventually have to go in and stop them.

  10. Where is the Syrian Air Force, don't they still have something left that can fly?

  11. In WW2, Soviet propaganda made a point of saying, "Every second German soldier has an Iron Cross, but every second Soviet soldier has a mortar!". Good point, considering that in modern times artillery has killed more infantry than any other weapon.
    Did I hear it right in that video, the commentator called Chechens "bandits"?

  12. Once you read Inside the Soviet Army, you develop a grim appreciation for Soviet artillery doctrine. And as someone else said, big guns never tire…

    For perspective, the American military used to have (203mm?) 8" artillery pieces (the M110) for heavy artillery. And as an aside, it used be the family of M108 (105mm), M109 (155mm), M110 (203mm).

  13. Since this whole uprising is supported by AL Qaeda and is lead by the Islamic Brotherhood I prefer to see this uprising go away. Al Assad is a creep and dictator but isn't a Islamist like the groups wanting to kill him and take over.

    Mortar system is cool but looks dated. However as mobile light artillery looks cool.

  14. Yeah it kind of puts those silly "best rifle" flame wars into perspective. I wonder what was the last war where firearms produced the most casualties?

  15. Those who cheer for the freedom fighters of Bumrootistan ought to take pause, and reflect on the fact that revolutions are often precipitated by foreign policy failures. Russia had been all but defeated in WWI. French ambitions had been checked by the British at every turn. Failures on the international front may not be main reason, but when it's at least one of the reasons, the new government may be a revanchist one. After all, the first thing the French did after the Revolution was declare war on Britain. The new Egyption government is far more hostile to Israel than Mubarak ever was.

  16. Sorry Carl not all the rebels are Islamist. BUT the moments leader are hard line Islamist. Case in Egypt and Libya which now Taliban like governments are forming. and in Syria Al Qaeda has approved and aids the rebels sorry but the Arab spring isn't bringing democracy more theocracy.

  17. Credit due to Obama for what again? Destabilizing the middle east? We have a bogus "R2P" "kinetic action" in Lybia but when the conditions are much worse in Syria, we balk. Talk about leadership.

    Does the "R2P" doctrine only apply to African states? Why? Why did Valerie Jarrett push Obama so hard for the war in Lybia? Why are the democrat war-mongers now silent on Lybia when their hypocracy has been fully exposed?

    "Give Obama credit"… please… people like you are a freaking joke. swallowing it whole and regurgitating it whole.

  18. I love the Arab Spring: the violent, extremist, unemployed, distraught, archaic, hopeless young men of the middle east are turning their hatred they learned so well from their masters, to their masters themselves. Was there ever a question the middle east was going to implode? The only question was "when?". When you cultivate terror and extremism and hatred internally and project those things out on to an external boogey-man (US, Israel, etc) eventually things boil over at home when people realize the boogey-man invented rock and roll and facebook and they like to watch the boogey man's movies and watch his porn.

    The world is too small now for these dictators to blame some far off land for their people's state as they are living in 8 mansions and have golden cars. Hadji can get on google and see freedom all across the world and contrast it with his failed hard-socialist state.

    In the words of our POTUS' spirtual mentor "Syria's chickens have come home to roost."

  19. You know, maybe we should intervene after all. Not an all-out campaign of regime change, just something to take out Assad's heavy weapons, just to limit civilian casualties in the meantime while the international community decides what to do with Assad. Then again, Libya started out as this and ended up being regime change anyway….

  20. Assad supports womens rights to get married and then on a whim, divorce and get huge money from her husband. We do not want that. Better is three pieces of silver as said in Shariah Law.

  21. O Regime está caindo. Armas nenhuma conseguirão parar o ímpeto da revolução. Viva os Mártires, Viva o FSA.

  22. A Rússia pagará caro pelo seu apoio a um Louco no Poder. A Rússia e a China passarão para a história como os grandes defensores de assassinos de inocentes.

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