Texas Preparing Its Own Riverine Navy

We don’t often write about law enforcement tech here at DT but this is almost paramilitary. The Texas Highway Patrol is getting a small fleet of 36-foot armored speedboats, hell they’re almost riverine patrol boats, each one armed with three M240 7.62 machine guns, a pair of Barrett .50 cal sniper rifles and a bunch of carbines, submachine guns and pistols.

The state recently took delivery of the first of six of the “Shallow Water Interceptors” — powered by three 300-horsepower outboard motors — that are meant to serve protect the state’s waters from Mexican drug cartels. As Jalopnik notes, this is very Texas.

Click through the jump to see more pics of the gunboats.

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65 Comments on "Texas Preparing Its Own Riverine Navy"

  1. Aww Yeaah Texas!!!

    I'm glad of this purchase, as the tag says, You can run….

  2. Don't mess with Texas. Other border states pass laws playing with immigration enforcement; Texas buys gun boats. I rather like being a Texan.

  3. I love Texas. These people get it.

  4. I had less firepower on my humvee in both Iraq AND Afghanistan.

  5. elportonative77 | March 1, 2012 at 3:21 pm |

    As a Californian I sigh in defeat and acceptance….GO TEXAS! Damn that was hard to type. I think a bit of me died with that oh well.

  6. What, no Mk-19?

  7. .50 cal? Might as well slap a cannon on the bow! Awesome. It's good to see the Texas Highway Patrol getting what it needs to do its job.

  8. BorderClaymore | March 1, 2012 at 3:24 pm |

    They need about 100 more. And the should buy a dozen more IR equipped helicopters. More cameras and outposts as well.

    But any who saw the recent YouTube video of the AZ border fence being lift jacked open by the drug mules knows what we are up against. Infuriating.

  9. Taking over from the Coast Guard. Heck for less maintenance and more surplus parts id use M-60s and M-2 machine guns rather than the expensive M-240 that is heavy regulated by the Government. I doubt this plan will fly the USCG will start protesting domestic Law Enforcement getting mixed in there job and have the feds stop it.

  10. Good 4 Texas!

    If it was California they'd tell them to only use non lethal weapons as a last resort.

  11. A. Nonymous | March 1, 2012 at 3:59 pm |

    And on NBC this fall, you can see the new Shallow Water Interceptor in action on episodes of "Walker: Texas Water-Skier"…

  12. Beautiful. Qustion though, why have all the machine guns on one side?

  13. Next step? Super Tucanos for the Texas Naval Aviation arm…..
    Texas, been doing things it's own way from BBQ to law Enforcement since 1836.

  14. These look like Regulators? I could be wrong.

    Go Texas for picking up the tab for border security…since DHS is apparently occupied, and doesn't think border security is "Homeland" security. And hasn't really since it was created in 2001. Though I suppose since the feds are hamstrung by bureaucracy and advocacy, and the state can move a little faster.

    This'll just drive them to New Mexico and Arizona; just like Operation Gatekeeper in California drove "them" to Arizona.

  15. Obama will be not be pleased. If he had issues with the Gov. of AZ.; Rick Perry has reached the top of the White House do not invite list.

  16. You know it would be a lot smarter to figure out why there is a well funded para-military force bringing drugs into Texas.

    This is a typical big government, big hammer, everything looks like a nail solution.

    I'll also echo Kevin's comment. That's almost more firepower than I ever used in my two tours in Iraq. I was a Bradley gunner and 25mm was verboten, so we had just the coax.

  17. Gotta love the Texans.

  18. They probably need to make the M240 into a remote so the operator may have easy access between the boat steering wheel and the M240 joystick while driving the boat .

  19. I just love these patrol boats. And although I thoroughly love the appearance of those three magnificent 300 HP Mercury Verado Outboards, I wonder if an easier approach would have been to have a couple of GMC 572 V8 inboards – each V8 easily capable of 620 to 750 HP in naturally aspirated form. Regardless, I'd just love to hear all of those three Mercury outboards running!

  20. M.L. Texan | March 1, 2012 at 5:57 pm |

    The boats are fine and dandy but we really need a Texas Infantry.

    Oh, and tanks.

  21. Only Texas…

  22. Holy Cow, That thing has more firepower then the LCS
    and I bet it doesn't cost 1.3 billion a copy either

  23. Has anyone else ever seen people blurred out like that before?

  24. Only thing missing Port & Stb Honeywells

  25. DockScience | March 1, 2012 at 7:40 pm |

    It is terribly sad that police must become armies to deal with a problem the federal government is unwilling to address.

    But then again, the original Texas declaration of secession from the union had the federal government lack of securing the border against criminal intrusion as a major reason to leave the union and join the Confederacy.

  26. Mission Creep…..

  27. Boy now I bet we will confiscate another 2% of the drugs being shipped through Texas leaving only 88% of drugs getting through mostly by road under the noses of Feds and Texas state L.E. But heck at least some Troopers can have fun on the water. Buying working dogs with the cash and just patrolling all the Wal-Marts in the state would yield much more loot.

  28. Three rounds and that lump would be dead in the water..

  29. Are there any fun lakes to party at during Spring Break in Texas? If so, maybe not for long…

  30. Dr. Grzlickson | March 1, 2012 at 8:33 pm |

    I trust no Federal money (of which, Texas is a top recipient) is being used.

  31. Stephen Russell | March 1, 2012 at 8:44 pm |

    Need to sell TX those Riverine boats from Act of Valor, with Dillon Gataling gun fwd.
    Now thats TX Firepower, Yes.

  32. steve henry | March 1, 2012 at 10:34 pm |

    I normally would not support a law enforcement (DPS) having access to military weapons, like the M-240 and other automatic weapons. I believe they are fast becoming a paramilitary force, which is disturbing and unconstitutional. However, the president is NOT doing his job in adequately funding border security so It has come to this. We must secure the border one way or another, but giving state police more power and military weapons is not good. The role of law enforcement is to enforce laws and serve its citizens, not patrol borders with machine guns!

  33. Well this gun boat will not stop us because we have plenty of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to pay for intel from you gringos

  34. Bring it out to the river and watch it get blow up

  35. I need to move to Texas, Florida f’n sucks

  36. I think Texas was doing the right thing. Threats are real from drug cartels, terrorist, Iran, rogue, socialist and communist countries . The navy, marines, coast guards should not be alone on protecting our sea, lake, river boundaries and territories.

  37. How ever Texas should coordinate their task with the navy. marines, coast guards, land patrol rangers and airforce. From my research drug trafficker use speed boats, submarines, planes and ships to ship their cargo's.

  38. As if firepower would stop Drugs getting into the US. These things would serve Texas well if the Gulf Cartel would call all of its sicarios and launch a frontal assault. This is so not gonna happen folks, sorry. The whole War on Drugs is as failed as the prohibition, get over it and legalize!

  39. I see that it's also illegaly parked in a fire lane, but those nice machine guns authorize that infraction. ;-)

  40. The militarization of law enforcement is a mistake. The cost of equipment acquisition is only part of the $$$ story. You have to staff these craft. You have to maintain these craft. You have to fuel these craft. You have to store these craft. Etc… If indeed drug cartel seized money did purchase or offset the cost of these craft, then where else could those funds have better been applied in the toolbox of TX DPS? Officers conducting very dangerous felony stops along Texas' highways may have an opinion as to where else this money could have been spent. Next, these craft cannot engage Mexican drug cartels on the Rio Grande. Border Patrol must cease pursuit when people reach the water. They cannot fire on persons or craft on the water or on the Mexican bank. These boats are "cool"…their armament possibly excessive, but also "cool"…maybe several deployments and defense work both govt and private between 2002-2011 have left me jaded…or just tired of the nonsense, but I wish Texas would get more excited about education, health care, workplace safety, etc etc etc than it does about guns and combat kit. BTW…I'm a Texan living in Texas. A green to blue to govt gray veteran who put on the private def hat.

  41. 4FingersOfBourbon | March 2, 2012 at 11:41 am |

    They should get issued javelins…

  42. 900 hp of Mercury power, gotta like that.

  43. Texas, should commercialized that boat probably with additional more weapons like anti-ship missile and sell that to poor Philippines Navy to guard its coastal territories without breaking its back.

  44. Am sure I will get flamed, but it has to be said:

    This is wrong.

    But the root cause is that it is needed by the Texas police.
    The Feds should be doing this job.

    Go far enough back and the US Cavalry used to patrol the borders. Local cops were for local matters.

    We need to get back to these standards. This is a work around solution.
    The more we do it, the more the Feds can ignore their responsibilities.

    Let's fix the real problem.

  45. Hell yeah Don't ya Mess With TEXAS NOW !!!

  46. Don't mess with Texas

  47. I think each state should have a armed Mark V speed boat say 1000 each for defense and to police each state against drugs,crimes, terrorist gangs, facing threats from rogue, socialist and communist countries.

  48. I think you need to mount a 7.62mm minigun just for that little something extra and a towable tree mulcher to get rid of the bodies so we dont infuriate the liberal left and most of the politicians in america!

  49. Toys for cowboys.

    All we need now is a riverine drug cartel navy, and break out the popcorn.

  50. If you look there are three per side for a total or six. The writer needs to watch what he says.

  51. Now you know why they say don't mess with Texas–we'll blow your ass away! Are there alligators in the Rio Grande? Seems like that would be a "green" and very natural disposal system for what ever is leftover. Leftovers?

  52. Pubic Enemy #1 | March 4, 2012 at 8:15 pm |

    We need some of them things here in Kentucky, to help keep those goons from Ohio on their side of the river.

  53. Why spend the money on fast boats to begin with? Why not reactivate the old USS Texas (BB35) which is sitting at the San Jacinto Battlegrounds park? With ten 14-inch/45 caliber guns; six 5-inch/51 caliber guns; ten 3-inch/50 caliber guns; ten 40mm quad-mounted guns; forty-four 20mm guns, those puny drug cartel boats would be blown out of the water, and if you wanna make the Texans real mad, those ten 14 inch guns would level anything over 12,000 yards….

  54. Go Texas! Drive them Okies into the sea!

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  56. That's a great start. Now, if the other 56 states, including my home state of Maryland, could do the same thing…

  57. What is not reported around the country is that the Mexican army is being used to help run drugs across the border in Texas. The national media does not and maybe will not report this. There have been shoot outs on the border between sherif deputys and smugglers. What shows up to help the smugglers a Mexican military APC. I say if the FEDS will not do their job its time for the states to take over and show them how its done.

  58. Screw funding for schools!

  59. CommentatorandPoet | May 2, 2012 at 5:13 pm |

    "I Love Texas" She has no rival as a great state in our union.

  60. NBC Nightly news talked bout these boats tonight. they are only 3 plus months behind

  61. Ya gotta love it!!! Texas get's it and responds to Obama closing border patrol stations = LOL http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/07/10/closur

  62. Be happy to work as a deckhand, had some experience in the late 60's and early 70's

  63. The Texas Navy will prevail in spite of Obama and his crybaby rules…As a retires weapons specialist, I might have to volunteer my services…

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