China’s Mystery Missile Launcher

What are those mysterious Chinese mobile ballistic missile launchers that were spotted online last week? At first I thought they mght be carrying the DF-31/31A ICBMs to their launch sites that the Federation of American Scientists just discovered. But the trucks shown in these pictures don’t match older images of the DF-31 mobile launchers that appear to be much larger than the truck shown above.

(Click here to see just how massive the DF-31/31A mobile launchers are)

This comes just after China revealed that it will increase military spending by more than 11-percent this year, a slight decrease from last year’s 12-percent hike. Still might be misleading since many claim that China’s military spends twice as much as it publicly claims to.

So, anyone know what type of missile these trucks are carrying?  Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Maybe a DF-41 on a new TEL?

  2. Do people get thrown in jail for taking pictures like these in china?

  3. FormerDirtDart | March 5, 2012 at 5:03 pm | Reply


  4. For the TEL: Maybe this MAZ?

    Looks like a 12×12 or a 14×12, so it's definitely bigger than some of the typical Soviet missiles. It might be in the Topol (not Topol-M) class?

  5. Are you sure it's not inflatable? ha

  6. CN-P.O.S. 4027?

  7. Just looking at the launcher classifies the weapon as a tactical or strategic missile, a ICBM would be bigger i think. In the end whatever that thing is it has to carry a wallop.

  8. What are the doors? It looks like the "missile" has door flaps that are opened all along the side of it. Are these NASCAR roof flaps? Is this even a missile or perhaps a pontoon bridge?

  9. Don't kid yourselves. There's almost no way China will not promote itself into a MAD relationship with US.

  10. Looks like a TEL MAZ that's been enlarged.

  11. My research was telling me that, China military intended to use this ( China's DF-31A) against our (US) defenses ABM/ ICBM arsenal site in Alaska.

  12. Does the US have anything like this? Or anything resembling a mobile ICBM carrier?

  13. It's the Chinese version of the Oscar Meyer weiner mobile on it's way to the paint hangar.

  14. Missile canister what this mystery TEL carries has a smaller diameter than the DF-31 canister. It’s said that Chinese could MIRV their missiles if they wanted to do so, but they have chosen not to do that. If that’s true then something like DF-41 with 10 MIRV’s would be overkill for them, but something like MGM-134A Midgetman would make more sense…

    It could be also a new ASAT missile or improved DF-21 with more range.

  15. I wonder what it would cost to design a new launch vehicle that contained one or two VLS cells to launch standard missiles from trucks. Though I suppose it conflicts with ATACMS/MLRS territory, which uses the packs from the M270..

  16. pfft, neither would persue the attack of the other. It would be economic suicide for both sides.

  17. We probably need to place a number of missile shield in Alaska. We could nay already been warned and targeted by China and Russia w/o knowing it.

  18. We probably need to place a number of missile shield in Alaska. We may be targeted by China and Russia w/o knowing it.

  19. Any nuclear weapons mass exchanges would kill everyone on earth anyways from the

    radiation fall out. Where I live’ I would be gone in a flash, it,s a already targeted area.

    Fort Drum

  20. Kurt Montandon | March 6, 2012 at 12:13 pm | Reply

    To which the only possible response is: [citation needed]

  21. China is rapidly increasing its nuclear arsenal. Think 10000 plus warheads in a 3000 mile long secret tunnel system. The US at the same time is decreasing its nuclear arsenal. It needs to push for a strategic treaty with China and verification of China's nuclear arsenal or the US needs to increase its own arsenal.

  22. ICBM is my guess

  23. tribulationtime | March 6, 2012 at 2:08 pm | Reply

    Weapons of Mass Destruction. We must bomb China and hit with flip-flops the pics of president, chinese one.

  24. At least Obama has openly declared his desire to completely eradicate the US nuclear arsenal. Does everyone feel safer now?

  25. AShBM anyone?

  26. It has no use for china should we not let it get inspected by UN considering we got rid of ours in a treaty??

  27. We cannot afford another war,even the drug war is costing to much,but then on the other hand it creates jobs in jail system,court houses,bail,transportation ,would it not have been better to have destroyed the popies in afgan?we wouldnt have the war now in mexico.And aouth america can take care of it selfas long as the big two dont sell weapoms to start wars..

  28. Until we bring God back into our national lives and remove the elitist politicians that exist today we will all be speaking Chinese in a matter of time. The Chinese think in terms of centuries whereas our leaders cannot see past the next election. We also need to pass Amendment 28 to the Constitution as soon as possible. That will remove the elitism status of politicians but also reduce the bulging, growing deficit to guess who? Yes, China! Too bad most Americans are spoiled rotten idiots and cannot see what is coming. Are you one?

  29. or it could all be a ruse to keep people guessing what it is. The soviets used to build fake weapons systems and parade them in public to drive the western intel agencies crazy trying to figure out what they were.

  30. Chinese Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile?

  31. agree. I'm equally surprised.

    perhaps they haven't bothered to follow comments

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