USN Sending Four More Minesweepers to the Gulf

It’s not quite a surge but the Navy is doubling the number of minesweepers in the Persian Gulf, Stars and Stripes reported today.

Yup, the sea service is sending the Sentry, Pioneer, Devastator and Warrior mine countermeasures boats to the Gulf in order to “do better setting the theater. I wanted to be sure … that we are ready,” Stripes quoted CNO Adm. Jonathan Greenert as saying recently.

Still, he wouldn’t call this a surge of forces, it’s just a deployment, just to be ready.

Speaking of anti-mine ships bound for the Gulf, remember this?

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28 Comments on "USN Sending Four More Minesweepers to the Gulf"

  1. Considering how few MCM boats we have, this means a very large percentage of our anti-mine assets are en route to the Mideast. Hmm…

  2. Every ship can be a mine sweeper once

  3. Three guesses why.

  4. If the Iranians were smart – they would drop a few mines off New York City. It only takes a small boat or disguised freighter.

    But then – the Iranians have never impressed me as smart.

  5. Maybe something going to happen to the stinking Iranians soon so they keep the Straight open for tankers after the Iranian bomb plants go bye bye. LOL

  6. Who is paying for the shipment because I read they are being transported over on a transport ship and not sailing under there own power.

    So is it the USA that again has to pay to protect the world?

  7. More like the world benefits when the USA looks out for its own interests.

  8. If there is a conflict with Iran, what is we need are missile boats, Mack V boats and a lot of inland MLRS. About 300 unit minimum for defense.

  9. Can I just say that two of those ships have names that better befit a battleship. Devastator? Warrior? And you look for mines? Was someone drunk when they named you? It is the navy…

  10. Where are those magic LCS minesweeping modules? If we're already cranking out LCS while we still are unable to pick a class, we might as well drop in those modules and send them along for mineclearing duty.

    Oh wait, "the modules aren't ready yet". And if modules never get ready, what did we buy them for?

  11. Hay, defense tech way are my comments being automatically deleted? I've done nothing wrong.

  12. Gearing up for war with Iran. We settle a old score and the Arabs get their pockets filled with en flatted oil money. So start making bets boys on when Iran decides to launch a nuke or drive over the Iraqi border. Will win the conventional war. But I suggest to all to read Kenneth M. Pollack's Arabs at War, you will be enlightened on Arab military effectiveness.

  13. We may need missile boats, Mack V boats for defense if a conflict with Iran materializes.

  14. Mk V SOC are NSW fast transports. Navy sees RCB as force protection boats. Not many inshore warboats in USN today.

    Cyclone PCs are getting sevreal mods to keep them dragging on for more years (Navy should have replaced them already~)

  15. Get out of the forest and look at a few trees. One is that the President of Iran is just puppet for the wealthy religious leaders. Two, We just think they want to cut off oil to US, but the real goal is to weaken thier neighbors and dominate them. The blame going to bad old non-muslims in America. Three, the general population of many Muslim countries are tired of doing without so thier leaders can play God.

  16. Ahem, use USVs.

  17. So instead of BenObama asking where are the carriers he can ask "where are the LCS's" I thought they would be ideal for this type of situation. Of course none of their modules are ready but arm them with a bunch of 20mm and 50cal weapons and send them into harms way. Worked in the last great war WW2. If the Iranian's want to use there mini speed boats as Kamikaze's OK. The LCS's could function like the DD's and DE's radar pickets stationed around the fleet at Okinawa. Builds character and provides damage control training.

  18. FormerDirtDart | March 19, 2012 at 3:10 pm | Reply

    Begs the question: do your sources know it Navy has at least started process to consider replacements for the Cyclones? And, of course I mean something more substantial than a few people exchanging emails stating that it might be time to look at replacing them.

  19. A quick point: there was, indeed, mine warfare in the Vietnam War. We used it to quite good effect in 1972, mining Haiphong Harbor. It was so effective that the North Vietnamese negotiatiors made it a specific point in the 1973 Peace Treaty for us to sweep our mines from Haiphong Harbor. My ship, USS New Orleans (LPH-11), along with a host of other ships in Task Force 78, spent 56 days in what was optimistically called "the swept portion of the minefield", performing what is now called "mine countermeasures".

  20. with all our technolgy we still have to send in a ship to do this job,why not our satellite looking down to pick them out with infrared,a remote under water device to trip them by sound or vibration there has to be something to do this job to make it safe for our navy…..

  21. I was on the USS Skill, alongside the Agile, Bulwark, Sagacity all good names as well as those above mentioned. That duty is extremely dangerous and it my hope the technology is even better than 1968's. Expello periculum

  22. We built MHC's for mine hunting so where are the MHC's. Did some one in Washington sell them to another country already? Just like Washington to do such a thing.

  23. I was on the old MSO's Conquest, Esteem, and Enhance back in 89 during the Iran/Iraq war, sweeping mines and keeping the shipping lanes open, same mission different times. 20 years from now same mission different class of ship.

  24. USS Warrior Sailor | March 21, 2012 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    I served in The USS Warrior and USS Pioneer ( Will not tell which Crew…) even when they are still stationed in Texas now in San Diego , we crew swap every 6 to 8 months lived on those damn ships which needs to be mothballed due to allot of issues plumbing , mechanical most of the time. we spend alot of Tax Payers $$$ to maintain this ships ( I'ved seen it myself Due to Bleeeep can't tell!!) to show US forces in the gulf . This ships are a drain in the funding resources due to their minimal use and out dated equipments. but again this added ships will show added force and presence in the middle east.

  25. I'd heard about it anecdotally, and the rumor is that MCM has been short end of stick for decades. New MCM ships may be called for, but the navy has assumed for decades that they could bombard from afar while the dolphins and handlers could demine.

  26. I worked on those MCM"s in Texas, they stayed broke alot, italian engines pure junk. and as last time, there will be no fancy sweeping. just ride around , find a floating mine (which is what was put out, not magnetic or smart mines) then either shoot it or small boat over and place demo. charge on it……in other words, any ship can do that. But they can say, Hey, we have our fancy new minesweeps over there. the guy was right about the crews, they will have to rotate out often….

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