Video: Syrian Rebels Destroy a Government Fighter Jet

Check out this footage of Syrian rebels using an antitank weapon to destroy a Syrian government fighter jet sitting just outside its hardened aircraft shelter. Yup, it looks like the rebels used an antitank missile to hit what looks like a Mig-23 Flogger (maybe it’s a Mig-29 fulcrum or Mig-25 Foxbat — it sure has a boxy shape and huge engines).

Enjoy the video after the jump, and forgive the camera man’s shaky hands.

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  1. It looked like they missed the target…

  2. David Cenciotti | March 20, 2012 at 10:57 am | Reply

    Here you can find some additional information about the Mig-23MS hit at Abu-Dhahur airbase:

  3. Worst. Cameraman. Ever.

  4. Hit the HAS behind the A/C, likley damaged it …

    Um not the best AB security… Looks like the PTA attacking……

  5. No way that's a Fulcrum or Foxbat. I momentarily doubted between a MiG-23 or a MiG-21 due to the rather high lifted nose, but I think that's because of the bad quality. It has clearly one engine and what appears to be a huge tail-fin. Ergo: a MiG-23.

  6. Are Syrian airbases so spread out or undefended that those guys could be so casual about attacking it? For the first minute, I thought they were getting ready to go fishing. I half expected one of those guys to crack open a beer with them just standing around next to their cars. The situation didn't appear to be remotely dangerous until they ran up on the bunker and a few shots rang out. And I'm not forgiving that cameraman. How hard is it to the damn thing pointed straight? I got dizzy.

  7. Dude holding the camera must have parkinson's or something.

  8. wikipaedia says this: On 7 March 2012, Syrian rebels used a 9K115-2 Metis-M antitank guided missile to destroy a Syrian Air Force MiG-23MS while parked at Abu-Dhahur air base

  9. It looked like they missed, but I'm sure the debris from the bunker that smothered the plane and most likely got into the engines would have made it hard-down for quite a bit.

  10. Metis-M for sure, probably Mig 23, or SU 24 given the single engine and wings. Cameramen flinched after that Metis went off, it has an incredible concussive force once fired. i have known people blow their eardrums out standing next to Metis being fired. 127-130mm rocket, not the most humane thing for the operator to use, typical soviet design.

  11. AT-13 Saxhorn-2 (NATO designation for the Russian 9K115-2 Metis-M Anti-tank)

  12. torn up; many hours of repair needed … good job

  13. Its a MiG-23 and they missed it and hit the aircraft shelter above it. while fragments of the shelter damaged the MiG i doubt its destroyed. Poor marksmanship and tactics by the rebels.

  14. It takes a lot of hell to fight, as a civilian, for freedom. Particularly as untrained. (Not to take away from soldiers – just to make the point of the hell when you ARE trained let alone untrained). Shows how important FREEDOM is!!!! Should be mandatory education in American schools!

  15. Watch the youtube for a bigger video
    Pause it at 0326. To me it is quite clearly a mig23.

  16. Way to waste a kornet. Btw that was a mig23 or a 27.

  17. Are those guys unloading the missiles from the back of a new Porsche Cayenne? They are better financed than I thought!

  18. paperpushermj | March 20, 2012 at 7:03 pm | Reply

    Didn't you see the guy standing behind the missile at launch.

  19. I think they missed

  20. Either they missed or the it did little damage

  21. I found the shot site on Google Earth. It is at:
    35 43' 36.65"N 37 04'40.71"E
    It looks like it was a 2,730 foot range shot or just over a half mile.

  22. and these are the same gents who have sold loads of gear to their Hezbo and Hamas cousins and yet we all root for them and label them friends yeh right.

  23. Hell yes, I root for them and anybody else fighting for their freedom just as we did in our American Revolution. Extremely important we support them. Actually in the long run for OUR survival

  24. Looks like they missed the A/C to me and no it isn't a MIG-25.

  25. Worst camera man EVER. Really take that camera away and kick him in the dick

  26. Meh. It's only a MIG-23.

  27. It is very hard to confuse mig 29 or 25 with a single tale swing wing 23.
    Also they could have hit it with a rock from that distance, or with a mortar right across the hill, without even being seen.

  28. syrian rebels with an anti tank weapon carried around in their, wait for it, porsche 4 wheel drive…are these the wealthiest rebels in the middle east??!!

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  31. Direct hit into the planes most difficult and expensive to repair compartment, the cockpit. Professionally done, special forces type.

  32. I'll join the rest of the choir and say that it looks like the missile/weapon missed its intended target.

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