Pic of the Day: F-35 Refueling at Night

That awesome picture shows the first ever nighttime air-to-air refueling performed by the F-35 Joint Strike Figther.

The image shows F-35A AF-4 flying just behind a KC-135 Stratotanker in the skies around Edwards Air Force Base, California during a three hour flight to qualify the JSF to tank from the KC-135 at night.

  • Pat

    Not to hate but how exciting really is this?

  • dimeck

    It’s still not a good looking aircraft. It looks like an ugly boxer.

    • DOrville

      It could be worse, we could be stuck with the derp-faced Boeing model.

    • Praetorian

      IMHO, as far as looks go, from the top or the bottom the F-35 looks cool. From the side it looks a little fat. I felt that the A-7 & A-6 where not good looking aircraft as well, but they did get the job done, and I eventually grew to like both aircrafts aesthetics.

      • Michael

        I agree with that statement, however I like the look of the A-6. When I was growing up I didn’t like the F-16 because I thought the intake was similar to that of the A-7, but with an elongated, pointier nose…like it made the front of the aircraft look like a fish with a big open mouth. But I eventually came around on the F-16.

        I also disliked the X-32, but after building a 1/72 scale model of one and having it sit on my shelves for long enough, I’ve grown to appreciate similar to the A-7.

        I agree the F-35 looks sleek from some angles, and fat and ugly from other angles. What are you gonna do now. It’s too big to fail…or redesign. Good or bad, we’re pretty much stuck with it.

    • SgtDurty

      No one ever said instruments of war are meant to look pretty. As long as it gets the job done, aesthetics shouldn’t matter. Look at the A-10 Warthog… ugly & lethal… that bird had the Soviets quaking when I served at RAF Bentwaters.

  • Ryan

    im still not sold on these but cool picture.

  • blight_

    What’s with the green laser? And is that another JSF coming up behind?

    • EODChief

      Green= Starboard (rightside) and Red= Port (left side) which is on ALL planes and ships/boats so at a distance you can tell if its coming or going and for rules of the road (sea or air).

  • john moore

    ? is it safer to have a pod out the front nose like f-18 or fuel up over back of the cockpit like some others do please and tx?

    I was wondering if some air forces will have to retrain and how hard that would be changing the air to air refiling method?

    • PMI

      Probe & drogue (the probe being the part that juts out from the nose of the aircraft) is used by just about everyone except for the USAF.

      The flying boom primarily exists because it can offload fuel faster to larger platforms (ie bombers).

  • Lance

    Nice colors, cool pic.

  • Twilight.

  • kim

    Should’ve been headlined ‘Pic of The Night’.

  • duuude

    Does it have fake Chinese parts? Just askin’.

    • archangel

      no way, but it probably has melt-resistant thermal plasic.
      also, lots of tech for the cockpit probably has like capacitors and resistors made in china.

  • bdelich

    My son is the boom operator!
    Proud Air Force Mom

  • anantoniusbauwens

    I think it must be exciting to be refueling our airforce,and dangeruios at same time,its a real nice picture ,hope to see more..