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Awesome Video: DDG-1000 Coming Together (updated)

by John Reed on April 5, 2012

Want to see something cool? Watch the video below. As a tipster wrote us, “Your pic of Zumwalt being built is nice, but I have better.” We couldn’t agree more. The video below shows one of the USS Zuwalt’s massive hull sections leaving the Ultra Hall at Bath Iron Works in Maine and being fitted to several other pieces of the hull. The video gives you a great sense of just how big the 600-foot long Zumwalt class destroyers are. Remember, they’ll be the largest big gun ships to serve in the Navy since the retirement of the Iowa class battleships in the 1990s. At 1,400 tons, this ultra unit of the hull is the largest hull section ever moved at the shipyard.  These are going to be really cool to see in operations.

Click through the jump to watch.

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