DoD’s 30-Year Aviation Plan

Here you have it, the Pentagon’s annual 30-year aviation plan.

Click through the jump to read all about how the Defense Department plans on buying two new VC-25 presidential transports (Air Force One) by the end of this decade, kicking off an effort to replace the ancient T-38 Talon around 2018, new bombers and a fleet of more than 600 UAVs by 2022. Most interestingly, the plan lists an effort to develop a 6th-generation fighter, dubbed F-X, to replace the Air Force’s F-22 Raptors and another 6th-gen jet called F/A-XX that’s slated to replace the Navy’s F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. (H/t to Marcus for pointing this out.)

All in all the document shows that the Pentagon’s aviation fleet will grow slightly from 14,340 aircraft today to 14,415 by 2022, with aviation spending totaling about $770 billion during that time.

DoD Aviation Plan

Via Bloomberg.

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  1. OoooO…More tax payer money given wasted…..

  2. Awesome pic… is sooo cool. Can anyone please help me in getting knowing who is the engineer of this plane design !!!

    Please Please Please !!!

  3. So, they are working on developing a 6th gen aircraft. Isn't that kind of like selling us 2013 model cars in 2012?

  4. Well they'd better start work on a cheaper F35 replacement- now that it looks like that will cost $200 million each plus insane maintenance costs.

  5. Wait a second, F/A-XX? Wasn't that the F-35 supposed to supplant the F/A-18s?

  6. Looks like Boeing stole the fake plane from the movie STEALTH LOL. Over all just a design studies can be done there is NO money to replace the F-22s and F-15s with another new plane which may or may not be a step ahead. The USAF is getting ahead of itself thinking somehow that budgets cuts will be overturn and the Sequestration will be prevented. I dont see either happening and so I think General Schwartz will have a rude awaking this coming January. Over good ideas yes. But the fiscal situation makes this impossible.

  7. Ok finished reading it and so I have this comment, "your photo was the most exciting part."

  8. why are the intake nozzles on every other aircraft (including stealthy) on the bottom or sides, but on top here?
    i know that isn't an optimal place for it on a fighter, but why?

  9. If we have this tech and money already why not roll it in for mass production.

  10. What is 6th gen? What attributes seperate a 6th generation fighter from a 5th?

  11. F-X is intended to replace the F-15s that were not replaced by F-22s, these F-15s will now be upgraded to serve to about 2025.

  12. Manned flight is endangered species. Unmanned planes are cheaper because pilots (including training, healthcare, etc) adds to cost plane. I'm all for manned flight, its sounds like its major struggle in halls of Congress. Anyways, costs developing them seems to kill the design before it actually gets produced. I'll be amazed that Air Force still thinks a F-35 like fighter can replace the A-10 after all those years of the Thunderbolt II proving itself over the years.

  13. I wouldn't say "6th-generation fighter, dubbed F-X, to replace the Air Force’s F-22 Raptors", I would say ""6th-generation fighter, dubbed F-X, to replace the Air Force’s, Navy and Marines F-35"

  14. From reading this, it is clear that The Fighter Mafia is still in control – the projected balances of airframes to tasks do not seem to reflect 'practicality'. Maybe its time for the USAF to be re-integrated with the Army. The C-27's should be given to the Army ('cause the Army likes them and the AF does not), and the transport fleet should probably not be reduced given the Pacific leaning strategy put forward (meaning – more capacity is better than less). And of course they're still trying to kill the A-10, despite its overwhelming success and the fear it imposes on the enemy.

  15. Tribulationtime | April 13, 2012 at 2:46 pm | Reply

    I glance quickly but Navy will be operating F/A-18 and AV-8B to 2030!!! 60 years main design of aircraft!!!. Sorry I dont belive that decepcion tactics sure.

  16. Seriously. The B-2's big, but it's no 747. You think it can power a laser capable of downing an ICBM? And Imagine that huge swivel mount focusing lens sticking out the top! You'd utterly destroy the stealth of a billion dollar bomber. Brilliance.

  17. Isn't 6th gen. scram jets

  18. Silly money making millions for arms manufacturers, as ever, the only real winners in warfare.

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