Pics of the Day: Look Who’s Headed to Sea Again

Happy Friday afternoon. It appears that China’s aircraft carrier, the ex-Soviet Varyag is heading out to open seas once again. Still no word on when she’ll have aircraft operating off her flight deck while she’s underway.

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  1. What's even the point of operating this piece of garbage if you aren't going to work on flight ops…

  2. $5 bucks says that their will be half a dozen submarines that will be following behind it. Getting Hull photo shots and even pictures of the carrier in operations. I would not be surprise of Japan or the US sends Subs to follow the Carrier

  3. I dont know why the hype is over this floating target. The carrier is old made in the 80s and isn't Chinese its Soviet with a new Chinese paint job. Biggest thing it lacks plane for it right now so its doesn't have any operational capability a carrier needs planes. Overall nice picks thought.

  4. The hype isn't, or at least shouldn't be, about this carrier. The hype is more about the long game in which China uses this carrier to develop a fine albeit untested (by conflict) carrier ops capability to apply to its first generation of domestically developed and produced carriers. Those won't be second-hand trash heaps. Granted, they probably won't be up to our standards, but they'll be nothing to scoff at.

  5. Wonder if it's a political show to do with the Philippin stand off going on?

  6. You don't need planes on a ship you are using as a target. Maybe this is all about fine tuning the sensor systems that will guide their DF21 Ballistic Missiles. They might even perform a demonstration to make a point…

  7. This is their Langley, CV-1, a learning tool.

  8. Do not underestimate an enemy.

  9. thats cosmo, he's chinese.

  10. The only reason for this carrier is to 'wave their flag' in someones backyard. It's just a very big target, just like our carriers, and in my mind, much like the battle ships of the 1940's

  11. 50 cents bridgade | April 20, 2012 at 10:55 pm | Reply

    Yeah, a fine missile target for Chinese DF21 Anti Carrier Missile. The last I read, US Admiral is pissing their pants. Do the US have anything? I guess not. Their only proven military hardware are only used against 3rd world countries. The last time the American fought they got their nose bloodied by the Chinese in the Korean War, the Vietnamese in the Vietnam War, the Al Queda in the Iraq War, the Somalian in Somalia and the Taliban in the Afghanistan War. Even against these 3rd world countries, they are running scare back to the US. Good job Americans, you have just proven that all trillions spend can't even beat the Taliban. Anyhow, Uncle Sam thanks you from the bottom of his heart for the yearly 45% tax rate donation. As for me, I paid 10% tax rate and is enjoying every cent of my hard earned income for my benefits. Can't say much for those dumb US tax payer.

  12. China can sink a US carrier buying an F-14 to Iran and painting it as one of the USN. Then, the F-14 can approach the carrier and attack by surprise. Is the same tactic used by Will Smith and the USAF in Independence Day.

  13. Slightly depressing how many view this only from a force projection POV when this new carrier capability delivers excellent training for the Chinese air force and navy in how to practice anti-carrier operations. Now they got a real ship out at sea with weapon systems to train against. Ideal for a Taiwan scenario.

  14. Doesn't matter. They won't be able to breath the air in another few years. Look at all the smog!!!

  15. Here Am I.

  16. Never underestimate the Chinese, they are now in learning stage of how to operate a carrier and maybe in a few years(u should know the Chinese often come in quantities) they will operates 20 carriers. With their economy they can afford it and isn’t their marine salary cost just 1/10 of USA marines? If USA operates 10 Carriers, why can’t the Chinese operates 20?

  17. Never underestimate the Chinese, they are now in learning stage of how to operate a carrier and maybe in a few years(u should know the Chinese often come in quantities) they will operates 20 carriers. With their economy they can afford it and isn’t their marine salary cost just 10% of USA marines? If USA operates 10 Carriers, why can’t the Chinese operates 20?

  18. It is a floating target. They are most likely using their carrier to test and calibrate their new anti-carrier missile system…

  19. The British, with their ships of the line, scoffed at the upstart American navy when USS Constitution and other frigates were launched. Change happens. Think what the Chinese can field in 10 or 20 years with their manufacturing prowess, their 3:1 advantage in engineering graduates, and their ability to accomplish great feats on shoestring budgets.

  20. America, for all it's superior military might, does not have the political leadership to be the worlds foremost power.


    its going out to play with the ruskies

  22. The US manages to make more enemies than friends and with a friend like the US, who needs enemies?

  23. there certainly is a lot of smoke being blown by folks that do not know they're ass from they're elbow!

  24. Sure is smoggy there. The ship is not very impressive. YAWN!!!

  25. AAAAHHHH SOOOOO the china machine is trying, they are still very far behind American firepower that's for sure but it's always good to keep an eye out on them.What will be the game chnger will be our new rail guns and catapults to launch our jets.Our rail guns will be able to fire much much futher then anything before and the catapults are about to be put into the newest carriers we are building.It will take china a long time to catch up.But like many say never underestimate the enemy oh so true.

  26. Yeah, a little Saber rattling. Tensions in the South China sea recently and with joint military exercises with the US and the Philippines, China just wants to show that it has a big toy.

  27. China needs time to build up a carrier force, and the ability to successfully operate it.
    Carrier ops are no easy feat.
    That's why the PRC bought and refurbished the Varyag. Likely, they recognize, as the Soviets once did,, the real threat of US Navy Carrier Action Groups (CAGs).
    The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), yup, that mouthful is apparently the proper translation, probably wants a carrier force of their own.
    I'm sure the Varyag has already been reverse engineered, and the PLAN will probably get sister ships in time.

  28. We can't underestimate the Chinese, but really, they are decades away from a large, competent carrier fleet. In those decades we'll still be outspending them 7 to 1. Not to mention, their economy is cooling off and is dependent on Western trade.

    The Chinese may develop effective anti-carrier defense that can keep US fleets away from their shores, but I don't think anyone is afraid of a Chinese carrier fleet in the foreseeable future.

  29. I cannot wait until some island nation sinks China’s aircraft carrie rwith a silk worm missile China sold them 30 years ago.

  30. This is just like when the US had the old Langley. We learn't how to operate a carrier with the Langley so when Lexington and Saratoga came along we new about basic operations already.
    In China's case there is allot to learn but they will learn it fast. They have been sending personnel to train on Brazil' s Carrier where they will learn about operating the carrier itself. Lots to do. Got to learn about flight deck wind speeds and keeping the ship trimmed and balanced for easier landings plus airtrafic control ect. Allot of stuff.
    Plus Brazil's carrier has catapults. So they will learn about the steam catapult but I'm sure they will want to skip right to the meglev catapult that will be installed on the Ford. They have the first operational meglev train in Shanghai.
    Plus they steal.

  31. Was stationed on a carrier in the US Navy. Please if you dont know what your talking about refrain from comments.
    This Chinese carrier is not a fleet carrier but a training one. I'm sure the first generation carrier for China will be quite diffrent possibly with catapults.
    There is no way to take an Iran f-14 and sneak up on a US carrier like Will Smith in Independence day. In every plane you have what is call a IFF signature that is picked up by a radar on the ship. Anything with out this signature that does not answer protocal is dead meat.
    It's good to have carriers. Aircraft range is over 700 miles more than antiship missles, if the fleets where to meet in open sea like WW1. plus being able to hit airbases in land to destroy enemy strike ability and sink their ships in port before sailing.

  32. Dordrecht1618 | July 25, 2012 at 11:07 am | Reply

    Was wondering what happened to the Friday Pic series? Surely there is more picworthy things that would last beyond April 2012!

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