Ffffound Underground

This is every kid’s dream. Imagine traveling through a local forest and coming across an abandoned military pillbox with an open hatch leading to a massive bunker rife for exploration. You and your buddies drop inside the hatch and discover that this bunker is enormous and build into parts of an abandoned quarry complex as you end up descending a five-story concrete staircase into the underground lair. Now for the best part. Not only are you having a blast pretending to be Indiana Jones exploring a once-secret military bunker, you come across abandoned military equipment! You first come across a rusting pair of German 77-mm cannons from World War I. It gets even better, as you move further throughout the bunker you come across relatively new French military gear that’s in great shape considering that it’s been sitting underground for years. You round a corner and right in front of you sits a six-wheeled French ERC-90 Sagaie armored reconnaissance vehicle, sadly it’s lacking the 90-mm cannon that the vehicle is normally armed with. Next you come across a Panhard VCR armored personnell carrier that’s in nearly perfect condition and finally a old military truck.

Well as the photos above and below show, if you can make your way to France and find this bunker that’s been used on and off since around World War I for everything from military purposes to mushroom farming, you can have this expereience. The only trick is finding the place. S. Marshall at Pridian.net who took these awesome pics in 2008 won’t reveal the facility’s location.

Bunkers full of rusting Cold War and World War II gear are rumored to be all over Europe (heck, the U.S. Army still has massive underground stockpiles of “prepositioned” tanks in Germany, a legacy of the Cold War). Usually, these bunkers are found to be empty and falling apart (like the famous underground Soviet sub base turned museum in Ukraine). This is the real deal; one of the few times we’ve ever seen any evidence to show that sometimes the rumors can be true.

Click through the jump to explore the rest of the bunker without that musty underground smell (and without the thrill of being there yourself).


The ERC-90 armed recon vehicle greets you.

The Panhard VCR armored personnel carrier, both the VCR and the ERC-90 were designed in the 1970s.

One of those German guns from World War I.

The stairway into the bunker.

A close-up view of the APC

The recon vehicle again.

An old French military truck

Inside one small part of the bunker filled with debris left by mushroom farmers.

Inside the APC.

Another scene inside the bunker.

Yet another room.

Remnants of mushroom farming from the 1970s in the ex-quarry part of the bunker.

Explorers pose with the rusting German cannons.

Another shot of the cannons.

Electrical gear inside the bunker

The way out.




  • DGR

    I would have thought France would have long ago done away with such things. Dont they know how dangerous it is to just leave APCs laying around? LOL

    I wish I could find something like that in my local woods………

    • Frank

      You notice that France doesnt leave their white flags laying around,those they use on a regular basis.

      • Andy Hughes

        I know, joining both world wars late is the sign of real men.

  • Riles

    Some people have all the luck.

  • m167a1

    This reminds me of the time the Sasquatch found the cache of strikers left in the woods on the back side of Ft Lewis and took up rampaging as a hobby. Boy the locals got ALL KINDS of bent out f shape about that one…..

  • mpower6428

    another Red Skull plan discover and defeated. figures his latest bunker would be in france.

  • Pat

    To Tommy,
    We have a mission.
    From Pat.

  • kim

    Way, way better than that stupid story going around, about a dozen or more new Spitfires buried in Burma.

  • Randy

    What no white flags dropped on the ground ?!

    • gunslinger6


    • Hotel55

      Bunkers store only UNused equipment now….

    • tiger

      Lay of the French. They have shed more blood in the last century than we care to.

    • SLR

      French military equipment,especially that from WW2,is advertised as “Only dropped once” when sold.

  • Noha307

    It almost makes me cry seeing those German WWI guns in such condition. They belong in a museum.

    • blight_

      American Restoration time?

  • robert groos

    I recall seeing pictures of piles and piles of B29 bombers on an island called Biak, I was told they were being stripped and recycled. It did not pay to fly them back to the States I guess. There were Dutch marines on the site as well as American troops.

  • Stephen Russell

    Put this on the Map, Big time.
    Clear out caverns, host B&B topside.
    Or have some hotel unit Underground after clearing out mushrooms alone
    Test for explosives with French Army EOD Team.
    Awesome, Radical.

    Income sources for:
    TV & Movie Prod
    B&B Inn?
    Gun Range?
    All from 1 bunker alone. Wild.

    • doc Young

      you could make a mint out of a B&B using the bunker and setting up a “Slide for Life” for about two hundred metersat about 15degree drop in the quarry area. I can’t imagine why the French Govm’t left all those neat toys in there, they could put them on E-Bay and make some serious bank!!!!!

  • Rob

    I wonder if possible to re-use the bunkers. Next development trend, redeveloping those massive spaces.

    Hard to believe French Military abandoned all those vehicles down there. The Panhard VCR looks like oversize Battletrax toy…

  • Rohan

    It says – I am the terminator !!!

  • guess

    So do the armored vehicles belong to the finders now?

  • William C.

    So the French Army just lost track of an APC and reconnaissance vehicle? How did somebody explain that to their boss?

  • you’d be surprised what gets lost when you have to run your ass out of a bunker in the middle of a war.

  • Hotel55
  • I bet this happened everywhere, but when I was stationed at Baumholder in Germany there was the urban legend about a secret bunker complex below the base. It was full of weapons and other cool stuff but it was so well rigged with booby traps and explosives that the Engineers and EOD couldn’t remove them. They blocked up the entrances and hoped nothing would explode. Hearing this story was all part of the hazing new arrivals received.

  • Warrant Diver

    The navy base at Toulon, France, had a complex on the northwest corner (I believe) of the base very similiar to what is pictured…I never penetrated far enough to find anything quite like that. I found it first in 1989 when I went on a run through several miles of woods, and the trail opened into a clearing with large fortifications and open gates leading down into underground tunnels. I returned in 2002 and it was all still there, all unguarded, but many of the gates were now closed…I think this may be in Toulon.

  • mac browm

    Legends never die. On the island of Shemya Alaska. legend still lives that guns and jeeps were buried in a cave when they thought the Japs were going to invade. Item are still found in burn pits. I found a dog tag.

    • PMI

      There may be more truth to those lengends than people credit. Let’s not forget that upwards of 20 new in the box British Spitfires are being recovered in Burma as we speak.

  • Matt Holzmann

    There were secret bunker complexes all over Germany at one time on both sides of the East/West border. I imagine some of them are still reasonably intact. The possibility of war between the Soviet Bloc and West had all sorts of weird stuff going on.

    But knowing the Germans, it has probably all been cataloged and recycled according to the Green initiatives.

  • Twidget at Large

    Fort Worden now a state park just out side of Port Townsend in Washington has some old coastal artillery bunkers that are open to exploring, bring a flash light :D

  • tropic lightning

    Hawaii has some great tunnels, pill boxes, bunkers, and Kunia Gate. One tunnel goes all the way through the mountain. Most infantry and engineers know whats where. Navy Magazines as well.

    • blight_

      SF has some tunnels in the hills around the entrance to the bay. I wouldn’t be surprised if LA or SD had coastal defense infrastructure that was forgotten.

  • It says “Exit” instead of “Sortir”? That’s puzzling.

  • All of Europe is riddled with hollowed out mountains…you couldn’t build anything in Switzerland unless you also built a bunker able to surive a nuke for everyone who might be using that building.

  • Hickelbilly

    If Only I had one of those that would work on the net.

  • Davidw

    The truck is a US made 2 1/2 Ton truck.

  • ant

    Alot of stuff like this around. i know of a property way up nth that has Spifires buried and Kitty hawks etc in Hangers. Its still a Govt facility and god knows wats there after the war and for emergency stores.

  • Poltergeist

    Why are the Tyres on the Vehicles fully inflated, Surely if they have been abandoned for so long they would be Flat as pancakes !

    • blight_

      Agreed. Suggesting that these vehicles are probably in caretaker storage and not rusting away abandoned?

  • john

    i believe these are plants for tourists