Video: F-35C’s First Formation Flight

Here’s som mid-week video of the very first formation flight involving the F-35C carrier variant of the Joint Strike Fighter.

It shows a pair of F-35Cs, dubbed CF-1 and CF-2, taking off, flying and landing together last week at NAS Patuxent River in Maryland.  Click through the jump for the video.

14 Comments on "Video: F-35C’s First Formation Flight"

  1. it looks kind of fat

  2. Honestly that looks much cooler than any other jets formation.

  3. Looks almost as good as a pair of F-4s!

  4. it looks kind of phat

  5. The U.S. Navy should't buy the F-35C when they could get 3.5 Super Hornets for the same price:

  6. Nice pics and video, but can it trap on a consistent basis yet?

  7. I am still waiting on the the location of the tail hook and seeing the F-35 withstand some carrier landings by using the tailhook. I won’t be impressed until I see some carrier landings and its able to withstand those.

  8. They're circling looking for a carrier they can actually land on since we don't own one that they can.

  9. You know, the more articles I see posted about the F-35, the more hateful comments I see about the airplane about how it looks 'ugly' or 'fat'. The A-10 is ugly, but people like it. The A-6 was ugly, but it was effective and people liked it.
    The military doesn't care if you like the way it looks, as long as it gets the job done and can serve for 20-30 years.
    Just my two cents.
    Probably get downvoted for this.

  10. Fighters are ruling up de sky !!!!!

  11. Well two down and how many to go and how long to get them and how much will be the cost over runs?

  12. Whoopee. Not the future of air power. Creates jobs, and thats about it.

  13. Our aircraft are not designed to look pretty .

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