Video: China’s Two J-20 Stealth Fighters


Happy Monday. Let’s start this week off with a new video showing China’s two J-20 stealth fighters sitting side by side on the ramp at Chengdu, China.

Click through the jump to see the video of good ole J-20-2001 and J-20-2002.

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  1. What is the real likelihood that we'll be going to war with China? Because I figure that China and the USA depend on each other economically. If we were to go to war, it would be on the Pacific islands, and the mainlands couldn't be touched. Any attempt to subdue the populations of the mainland would be folly, resulting in the most unstable government plagued by insurrections, even if the conquering country only set up a new government, not actually control the country. I, for one, cannot see how either side would benefit, how they could benefit, from a war.

    Sometimes, hype can be tiring.

    On a topic, the J-20 looks sick!

  2. Those are stealth bombers, plain and simple. No way those can be fighters can compete against the F-35 and F-22 for air superiority. Those burner cans are awfully huge too. Perfect for a growling Sidewinder.

  3. bowie soldier | May 14, 2012 at 1:47 pm | Reply

    What do we have to worry about here? It looks far to big to be an air superiority aircraft, hell it even has a door in the side of the jet. We have the f35 ajd the f22 the latter having the capability to outperform what a human can handle. How is a monster like this even going to dogfight?

  4. Why is there a picture of a golden armored japanese anime warrior on the photo?

  5. In 1913, political commentators and such were saying that war with all those modern weapons just was so destructive that the great powers of the day would not choose it. War, one commentator said would never again occur among those powers.

  6. Except no one has the balls to attack a country that has nuclear missiles. Which is why the world needs nukes; and China and Russia and Israel will never give them up. That also means DPRK and Iran know this and are not stupid. They know they would not exists if they did not have them, because the US would have removed their Governments.

    The J20 is pure propaganda, but its primary mission would be long range strike, mainly against US and Japanese naval assets. Of course if it did exists, it would not be effective.

  7. It is interesting that China and Russia are attempting 5th Gen stealth aircraft despite the US not having any. The F22's problems and deficiencies are well known. It is basically not flyable and will not be until the O2 problems are fixed and Block upgrades in 2018. Even after that its utility is limited. The F35 is a test aircraft. and has structural and software issues, as well as cost over runs. and who knows when a production ready version will be ready.

  8. I dont know why the author here is so in love and fascinated with the J-20. This is no new about the plane just more Commie propaganda. While the J-20 may be a leap over the J-11 and J-10 and the hordes of J-7s China has it probably wont get close to our F-22 and F-15s in air to air combat. It seems to look more like a long range interdiction bomber than a pure air superiority fighter.

    While some new news is great come on more of the authors drooling over some pics of the same plane all over again.

  9. How long are they going to play this game of leaking footage from a pretend 'spy' in the bushes, ninjas are Japanese, not Chinese.
    Also, until I see them both doing something in the same shot, I won't believe they have two.

  10. Not a fighter,but a light close support bomber,perfect for the pacific islands.That equipment will never be use on aircraftCarriers and was design to put pressure on Taiwan.
    Now as for conflict between the super powers,,that will never happen in our life time,although I shouldn't be saying (never),, economically they have more to lose than anything else but we can expect muscle flexing on time to time..It's healthy for the contractors and the medias

  11. What is a “figther”?

  12. Just another stealth jet. Nothing special about this one…

  13. That plane is HUGE. I wont comment on the technology as I am not an engineer but knowing how the chinese mimic quality and take massive shortcuts, I wont sell the farm on this aircraft. China cant see our F-15<—which is old as sin and still LETHAL, F/A 18-standard and super hornets, heck, I'll even throw in the F-16. The F-22 oxygen problems have only recently surfaced (to civilians) and prior to, everyone and their grandmother was on their knees for that aircraft. That said, in short,….nothing to worry about here. Even if this hulk of a plane THOUGHT of nearing an American warship, he would be in for a world of hurt.

  14. They're crazy for their cartoon images. They have cars with hello Kitty plastered all over it front to back even. This isn't out of character for them.

    The plane seems to have F15 elements to it from the rear view just the verticles slanted.

  15. That is so lame. They don't even show it fly

  16. This plane is too big to be a fighter it has to be some kind of medium stealth bomber.
    the F22 and F35 are half the length of that plane.

  17. China has every intention of becoming a super power, and her neighbors will pay the price. The big threat to China has almost always been not external, but internal. The kleptocrats in charge in China need foreign enemies to maintain tight control on communication, assembly, etc.

  18. It doesn’t help when contractors or people working on certain projects have their names and email contact info for anyone to look up. He might have certain info on his home computer that can be compromised. The stuff doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest.

  19. I doubt they can keep them flying at this point in time, but if we keep sending our jobs and technology over there it will be a real possibility. Cessna is already having planes produced over there. How many other American companies are sharing our technology by producing products over there?

  20. What a shock, new stuff out of China on the J20 right when there are questions being raised about the F22 and by default the issues with the F35. Funny how that always seems to happen whenever we are arguing over funding and the F22s and F35s. Hmmm, coincidence? Nahhhh.

  21. I would love to see it try to dogfight an F22! Even an F15 or F16 for that point. Western nations also have the best pilots in the world!
    My question is, who is filming this? Because they are clearly hiding in bushes lol!

  22. Once sequestration hits next year and we mothball our aircraft carriers and cancel the F-35,China's J-20s and their future planes will go unmatched. The F-35 probably is no match anyway given its measly presence of 4 internal Air-to-air missiles vs ten for the J-20 and its shorter range and low speed. And lets face it, if China invaded Taiwan and we had to defend it, we would have to borrow the money from China to do it. We are 2 years behind Greece. We need to drastically reduce our federal spending including entitlement spending and entitlement mentality or our future will be dictated by China with its hundreds of millions of smart and industrious citizens, think 10 bucks for a Gallon of gas

  23. Have you seen the size of J-20 its looks to be bigger than an F-22… If I had to guess I would have to day it’s as big as an F-111…. I’m thinking it’s not a fighter but more of an anit ship missile delivery system for air craft carrier’s…. China has this thing with the USA ability to part aircraft carriers off there coast and they can to do much about it. The J-20 would be there answer.

  24. This aircraft is so stealthy – it is called a Figther – just to confuse the enemy.

  25. Why should we worry ? We are on good terms with china, and they dont want war like we dont,like Venuzualla Chaviz,all citizen pay about one dolar a gallon for gas,they pay more to service men cleaning windsheild!!

  26. Know thy enemy.

  27. Exactly like america.Dont we all need enemies.Ask yo military Industrial complex.Otherwise u r out of a job

  28. The J20 is one leg of China's anti access strategy to keep US carriers far away, very far away. It is a long range stealth bomber with secondary fighter capabilities (even a stealth bomber with R77 active radar guided missiles can be a real problem for any fighter to deal with). Its range is unknown but most likely it can reach Guam from mainland China.

    In the next 2 decades, China is the US strategic competitor with a clearly publicly stated goal, to replace the US as the dominant super power. In annals of human history, when an emerging power attempted to or replaced an incumbent super power, there has always been war. Also, the majority of wars came as a result of serious economic and/or political issues at home and abroad….just as it is now globally.

  29. Who cares. I have yet to hear of a fighter jet out running a missle. But I could be wrong

  30. Great. A nine minute preflight and taxi video. The excitement generated was spine tingling. Can't wait for the next one.

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