The F-35: Kicking Off Your Long Weekend

Second F-35A Production Jet Arrives at Edwards AFB

That’s right, kick off this long weekend by watching this amazing high-def video of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter ops out of Edwards Air Force Base in Calif.

Enough said.

Click through the jump for the video.

H/t to Gizmodo.

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  1. Awesome pic of Edwards AFB the Lighting 2 in USAF colors looks good.

  2. Yup, best way to start a weekend off. Great video, can't wait till the F-35 is rollin' off the line and into service, hopefully it does.

  3. Marcellus Hambrick | May 25, 2012 at 8:36 pm | Reply

    The F-35 is wayyyyyyyy overrated. Trying to do too much with one plane.

  4. What long weekend? Some of us actually have to work. Nice shots though.

  5. How about we get some high def videos of the F-35C doing an arrested landing? What about some live weapons firing? Or how about some departure from controlled flight spins testing?

    Oh wait… They still can't do those or anything else that's actually useful after a decade and $400 billion. What failure of a weapons platform this jet has turned out to be.

  6. Any F35 fans have links to good news?

    Tail hook validation testing?
    Fuel dump redesign?
    IPP life-cycle improvement?
    Stealth coating no longer burning off from afterburner?
    Helmet mounted queuing system?
    % of code completed in avionics?

  7. funny isn’t it, coping Russian designs……………all what i see is not any new fighter but yak 141. the soviets should be proud of themselves……the mighty dragon is waiting in the to blaze fire(J 20) along T 50………….!!!!!!

  8. Everyone can see through this PR cr*p – can't they? ;)

  9. The only way to save the F-35 program is to:
    1. Stop this Jimmy Carter type procurement policy. 2. Decide on a realistic (ie. much larger) number, 3. use multi-year contracting (like the Navy does with the F-18E/F, and Reagan did with everything), 4. add vectored thrust to make it competitive in ACM, 5.adopt the larger Navy C airframe for the USAF (carries more farther), and accept that the B model was a bad idea and and realize that expensive stealth has little use in a close support AC (an advanced Harrier derivative would be cheaper and far more effective).

  10. How does the JSF aim its cannon without a HUD?

  11. Why can't they just leave the lousy music off the video? I hate rock music

  12. An airplane that does not answer the needs of our Country. Way over budget, way to slow to actually combat enemy aircraft. As the photos of the plane show, it's design is a pig.
    How about we actually acquire a long overlooked FAST, SMALL, SPECIFIC, CHEAP Tactical Fighter that some 75+ countries already have and use; The F-5E/F.
    WHY can't we buy that aircraft with UPDATED avionics and weapons and maybe a very modern small engine, and build enough of them to have around 2,000 aboard for the Air Force to actually DO the job they need to do; which is defend our country? For the cost of one F-35, we can get around 6-7 F-5s. But no, we have to keep pouring money down the proverbial "rat hole" for the F-35. Very Sad indeed.

  13. Not manueverable – wing loading of an F-105, which was regularly shredded by Mig 21s in Nam. Slow. Just an overpriced, over hyped, poorly engineered bomb truck. This is the FTFX/F-111 program all over agin. Trying to do way too many things with one airframe. This pig should be killed.

  14. That's one dam long weekend DT

  15. do you know guys that Japan has chosen the US-made F-35 stealth jet as its next-generation mainstay fighter in a multi-billion dollar deal?

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