Syrian Rebels’ DIY Armored Trucks

How do Syrian rebels shuttle around their cities when government snipers are quick to fire on anything that moves? They simply hop in the beast shown above, ride through a hail of government bullets and take out said snipers.

The photo above shows a Suzuki pickup that’s been converted into a gasoline-powered turtle armed with a DSHK machine gun.  Apparently, the Turtle (we’re giving it that nickname, right here, right now, even though the rebels call it the T-HOMS75) carries a driver, a gunner and an asissistant and can hit speeds of up to 49 mph while protecting its occupants from light and medium caliber bullets.

Speaking of Syrian rebels, click here to see their latest flamethrower and click through the jump to watch a video of them using a different armed Suzuki pickup to shoot at a government Mi-8 helicopter.


Via The Aviationist.

29 Comments on "Syrian Rebels’ DIY Armored Trucks"

  1. Trying to guess the weight based on the sag of suspension and tires, but coming up short.

  2. I wish i had this for my commute.

  3. Not like they're going to hit anything with that.

    What happened to the ZU-23-2 the Libyan Rebels had? They would be perfect for the job. It seemed like they had more of those in Libya than they did pickup trucks!

    Or better yet, just acquire some of these: [] (Hella freaking scary that you can find these just laying around, too!)

  4. Wow who would have thought the rebels would build something with the ability to take out. An Abrams…lol

  5. For a second I thought it was made out of legos.

  6. McPosterdoor | May 31, 2012 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    I think 'sand crawler' would be more appropriate.

  7. Defense Tech really needs to stop stealing from David "The Aviationist" Cenciottis blog.

  8. Clearly a waste of hard-earned rebel taxpayer money on an over-priced, high-tech boondoggle that undoubtedly came in way over budget and schedule.

  9. If things collapse in to a mad max scenario, these guys will be way ahead of us and will probably already rule Barter Town.

  10. The front looks more like the staircase they have on the corners of the WWE rings. This is awsome though, it reminds me of the door bell powered rocket launchers in Libya.

  11. Article says Suzuki, Video clearly a Toyota.

  12. It's interesting the FSyA hasn't appealed to full unit defections bringing with them their AFVs and logistical vehicles. Instead, they seem to remain a ragtag bunch forced to such desperate measures as these.

  13. rick the dck. | June 1, 2012 at 12:47 am | Reply

    Talking about shooting fish in a barrel or in this case a well placed grenade inside.

  14. Thats what? 1/8" steel and what looks like black diamond plate? Not going to stop a whole lot.

  15. Not exactly a pickup with that double wheel at the back.

  16. This is even more laughable than the Libyan Mad Max trucks with helicopter rocket pods welded on back. These guys dont know what there doing.

  17. Everyone seems to be yelling "Allahu akbar" in the audio…

    Must be those secular freedom guys from Google.

  18. It seems that they did not learn anything from Bosnia, put rubber on it, enjoy.

  19. Not bad for people with probably no military training or know-how. Most of these guys were students or bakers before joining the free army, so I've got to hand it to them for being problem solvers. Makes me love my Toyota more every time I see these videos as well!

  20. Necessity is still the mother of invention.

  21. Another “A-Team project?” Col. Smith & Face man are in Syria?

  22. Red wunz go fasta!

  23. We should steer clear of the whole morass… The rebels want to install an islamist regime with Sha'ria law that is about as far away from western style democracy as you can get. What is there to lose from letting the Syrians kill themselves off in civil war? Absolutely nothing. What do we gain from aiding the Syrian rebels? Nothing but increased misery for Syrian Christians and other minority groups at the hands of the winning islamists…

  24. what happens when the tires get shot out-they don't look like "run flats" to me

  25. that looks cool

  26. They need to paint it dayglo orange with a bullseye on it,They are going to meet Allah faster with thin armor as an that.

  27. Cortamos las galletas con cortadores en forma de hombrecillo de mujer con falda.
    Una vez sacadas del horno, las dejamos que templen 10 minutos en las bandejas y despues
    las ponemos en una reja metálica a fin de que acaben de enfriar por completo.

  28. The photo above shows a Suzuki pickup that’s been converted into a gasoline-powered turtle armed with a DSHK machine gun.

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