Soviet Tanks As Far As The Eye Can See

Need a tank to fend off the coming zombie apocalypse that everyone else is freaking out about? Make your way to the Kharkov armor repair facility in Ukraine where you can have your pick of hundreds of Soviet-built T-64s, T-72s and T-80 tanks that look like they’ve been abandoned since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Can’t afford the flight to Ukraine? Then click through the jump to check out photos of tanks as far as the eye can see that Pasha Itkin took when he broke into the abandoned-looking facility.


  • Noha307

    Ooo! Gimme, gimme, gimme! I want some!

    • DefenseWatchman

      Where is this site at on Google Maps?

    • Ian

      i want one of those soooo bad

    • ouam-french

      me too,me too i want some for ass kick this fucking al-qaeda

  • orly?

    Good/nice in several different ways, but I’d rather have such weaponry “repurposed.”

  • Boobert

    I take it there’s not much of a scrap metal industry in the former Soviet Union

  • Ltkitty

    Look at all the metal boxes!

  • Richard S.

    look at all of that A-10 food!!!!

    • EJ257

      Now I understand why the USAF wants to get rid of the A-10.

      • This is actually why they need to keep them. They were so scared they let them rot rather than be fed to the beast GAU-8

        • Stratege

          GAU-8 is extremely uneffective against heavy armor. The US army test of the GAU-8 against captured T-62s tanks was a great disappointment.

          • William C.

            Against the T-62 and upwards it’s true that you’re not going to get a kill on a frontal pass, although you may break some important stuff. Yet A-10 pilots have always been trained to attack the rear or sides of MBTs. Even the T-90’s rear and rear sides are vulnerable to 30mm API.

          • anonymous

            A-10 Testing against American M-47 tanks (purged of their original gasoline fuel and filled with diesel).

          • What were they shooting at? A-10s attack from above, where the turret armor is thin. They let the ammo in the tank blow it apart.

    • Stratege

      You should realize that A-10 is food of a mobile SAM systems. Soviet armor had SAM vehicles within a tank units.

    • DFORD


  • Nicky

    I can start an industry of re-purposing of old military equipment for 3rd world or emerging military countries who want a creditable defense.

  • Ron

    I want one, no make it two, **** I take two dozen they will never miss them.

  • coolhand77

    hmmm, I wonder if they can be retasked as a heavy APC like the Israelis did with the old Merkava Mk1s… Just thinkin…might be nice for a post ZPOC recreational vehicle…

  • william

    Are there still reactive armor explosive packages attached to these tanks.
    These are made out of high explosives and are apparently just left lying around for anybody to remove….

    • FormerDirtDart

      Or, it was never really reactive armor, just another Cold War ruse.

    • joe


    • Guest

      How long does that stuff rust out in the abandoned tankyard before it starts getting unstable and blowing up wayward picture-takers?

      • ghostwhowalksnz

        Unlike shells the plates dont include a charge to initiate the exposion

        • S.Evans

          However it would be a PROFOUNDLY bad thing to shoot one with a large caliber weapon while standing near it.

          It’d probably take a .50 BMG to start the reaction in a single plate, but after some aging some explosives get more sensitive. By the time it ages enough even the relatively puny 7.62×39 (about the power of an American 30-30) will set them off, and they might even chain.

    • Send about two thousand to US Coast for sea wall and coral reef base. Keep away from Obama he will arm our Army this scrap_

      • ghostwhowalksnz

        O RLY ?
        Too silly for words- a sea wall??, for the US Army ???

        • Apparently you don’t read too well – Rocky was suggesting use to make artificial reefs and breakwaters – while making the joke that the Obamanation would probably consider using them to arm the US instead of the superior tanks currently in service, from lack of military knowledge.

      • blight_

        Coastal Artillery Corps long gone.

    • No most show bolts where it would mount.

      The older tanks did not the correct steal to use reactive armour plates

    • Grzegorz

      You’d have to have a detonator or hit it with at least 80 mm shell to detonate them.

    • Bronco46

      When was the last time the Russian government worried about it’s people. They feel they can afford to lose a few here and there to detonate left over explosives.

  • TMB

    Wonder if it would be cost effective to drag them to a US Army or Air Force range. It’s not like they were ever going to be anything else in life.

    • ghostwhowalksnz

      There are plenty of old US armour for this.

      What you need is the modern stuff with its reactive armour and anti optical equipment and run it around the training ranges

    • ScottishGent

      I don’t think we need to worry about doing that. I know we brought plenty of gear back from Desert Storm and I bet they did after Iraqi Freedom too.

  • Lance

    What a waste. Awesome to see so many cool tanks though.

    • Taege

      Yes, agree with you, what a waste, when they could be re-=doing somthing with these tanks and weaponary.

  • majr0d

    Remember, you can’t spell “rust” without “RUS”!

    • icedrake

      can’t spell it without “US” either, I’m told. But then, you can’t spell “Russia” without “US.” Any other brilliant linguistic observations?

      • majr0d

        I must have hit a nerve comrade. Have a shot of vodka and chill.

  • Jeff C

    My guess is,

    • Cman N E

  • 4FingerOfBouron

    No snakes around that place. Nope, none!

  • Chuck

    Couldn’t find this on Google Earth. Anyone have grids for this place?

    • JackBlack

      Try this:
      Харьковский бронетанковый ремонтный завод, ГП
      ул.Котлова 222
      61139 г.Харьков

    • HalP

      It’s off of Kotlova St. (east side), Kharkiv, Kharkivs’ka, Ukraine. In between the Lopan river and the rail tracks, and just south of some body of water that the river runs through.

      Kotlava St. is a north/south road but there is a 275meter stretch that goes east-west before turning south again. Tanks are exactly on the east end of the horizontal part of the road.
      Unfortunately you can’t zoom in very close, but there are a few pictures around.

      Latitude 50° 1’18.27″N
      Longitude 36°11’27.28″E

    • Russ

      222, Kotlova St., Kharkiv, GSP-139, 61139 ukraine

    • J.Bowe

      Had to be near the RR line due to the weight of the tanks. Lat 50.022538 degrees, Long 36.191991 degrees

  • Dan

    GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY1 JUST THINK WHAT A FULL SQUADRON (or Two) could do if they straffed this place! nAll kidding aside, I’ll take two dozen and a couple of BMPs! No fries.

  • Musson

    Any machine guns or live ammunition scattered about?

    • Dan

      Well, Id say probably not, I got out of it that its a repair center. Thatd be sick if there was though =]

      • blight_

        If the tanks were placed here by the Ukranian government, likely the Ukranians stripped the tanks of their weapons and munitions beforehand.

  • Jayson

    I have my letter to Santa revised now. I like a blue one and for my darling girl, a pink one with a hanging planter to hang at the end of the barrel. For mine, flashy strobe lights and LEDs and under glow. It’d fit in the fancy car scene with the Civics and Acuras.

  • Tad

    “Young man, there’s a lot of ruin in a nation.”

  • Jeff C

    Take that back… Found a landing strip an old aircraft facility. Maybe in the area of, Maybe there is exif data on the images.

  • SJE

    Any former mechanics out there able to comment on how well these could be revived to working order, or at least enough to be repurposed? Perhaps replace the engines with some newer diesel truck engines.

    • TMB

      What kind of truck are you talking about? These things weigh dozens of tons each.

    • Technoweapon

      Former? We’re not all retired old farts of men on this site, you know. Lol

      Wouldn’t take much. Probably the most work going into the power train. Those engines will need a lot of machining and new parts. Electronics would need replacement. Bearings, oils, nuts, bolts, etc.

      It’d make for one hell of a cool project for one of us gearheads. Probably cost at least $50,000.

    • DB Cooper

      Because the soviets made everything so sloppy many of those older tanks could be restarted and driven with a few days work. Replace all of the rubber and change the oil. Charge the compressed air tank (they start with air presser) and turn the engine over. I’ve seen it done.

    • Alby

      numb nut a truck engine wouldn’t come close to pushing one

  • Pedro

    Thank the far-sighted combination of threat and diplomacy of Reagan, Bush(HW), Thatcher and Shultz for saving us the trouble and expense of taking that lot out of service “the other way”. There is no cheaper way of disabling 5000 tanks!

    But did we learn any lessons ??

  • Billy

    Repair yard? More like junk yard.

  • Richard OBrien

    2014: M1A3 prototype will be completed. She’ll carry a lighter cannon capable of 20 MJ energy equivalent (with electric ignition), laser guided shells, fiber optic cables, nanotech armor layers, a more reliable engine, and an active defense system.

    • PoliticalObserver

      Sound beautiful,makes a great tank even greater!

    • to heck with lighter armor, the m1 has great armor on it, why screw that up, maybe I like my m1 heavy. it was born to be heavy and get heavier, when you really need a tank you need a heavy one.

      • Rob Hiles

        With the only other nation capable of really putting up a fight with the western powers being China, and their dependance on commerce with the U.S., well, the thought is to put out equipment that can be airlifted into place faster than what is now available. And , just because the armor is lighter, doesn’t necessarily mean it is not as strong. With new composite technologies, and a more fuel efficient power plant, the new tanks will have extended range of operations and less time needing re-supply. Hopefully this does not translate into more maintenance down time.

  • kski


  • paperpushermj


  • RON


  • HalP

    Sweet find. Here’s a link to a pic that’s posted on google earth just 250 meters nw of the tanks.

  • stephen russell

    Reuses for:
    Movie, TV props
    To Rent: select locales with US made engines, trannys alone
    Museum pieces IE have some near USS Iowa BB in So CA
    Mock War Games.

    & US Mex border patrol

    Problem to arm guns for Border defense.

    & add rubber treads & mirrors for home drives??

    Use hybrid, biofuel diesel engines.

    & reuse plant for a Musuem alone.


  • Mark Pyruz

    That actually resembles a scene from ’05 in Kuwait, but there it was a huge junkyard of American support vehicles and AFVs, knocked out or in the midst of repair from OIF insurgency. According to my cousin (USA E-8 ret.) it was a bewildering sight to behold.

  • rocketcrab

    Unbelievable. When a country collapses, everyone goes home. What a testement to a failed system.

    • JackBlack

      Minuteman missile bases.

  • Rajarata

    This is what won the cold war ! make ’em spend all their precious Rubles ! What a waste !

  • Mitchell

    Is it possible to purchase one of the beauty’s?

    • Riceball

      Beauty’s what?

  • casey

    this is awesome … i want one…. btw bok?

  • peter3110

    I’m surprised they are not in the T72BA rebuild programme, instead of just being left to decay.

  • TonyC

    Now Al Queda knows where to get parts!

    • ghostwhowalksnz

      Al Qaeda has tanks ?
      What planet are you on

  • daj29152

    I want one!!!!

  • Musson

    Isaiah 2:4 “They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks…”

    Or, they may just leave them to rust.

  • Mike

    They are here because they ran out of African and Middle East dictators to sell them to. Better to die here than being a flaming hulk with human guts splattered inside.

    • ghostwhowalksnz

      Thats where some are going, except they are now US frenemies. Look it up

  • Donald

    Hey add a three point hitch and send me two. My what a great plow, hay rake even.

  • gunnergoz

    They weren’t designed to last to begin with and they don’t hold up when they are left out to rot. They had tens of thousands in warehouses and finally just drove most of them outdoors. I’ve seen photos of divisions’ worth of logistical vehicles lined up in forest roads, just rusting away.
    This is mostly the result of the downsizing of the former Soviet military. In addition, Ukraine inherited an incredible amount of former Soviet military hardware that it had no use for and did not wish to sell, so the stuff is just slowly rusting and polluting the environment with spilled oils and other fluids. Their former military bases are an ecological disaster.

  • Edward

    Need to buy– for a client– 155mm ammunition for M109´s.
    It must be type HE ER BB only. Any one knows who manufactures this type ammunition , other than South African who are already committed .

  • Bob


    • JackBlack

      Sasy a guy who saw it on the pictures ONLY.

      • ghostwhowalksnz

        The Russians invented the reactive armour plus the latest ones have anti-optical defenses. Forget trying to paint them with your laser

        Anyway have you seen the Air force bone yard in Arizona

  • Planodude

    The days of taking 40 ton tanks into battle is rapidly diminishing in today’s focus on special ops rather than conventional warfare. First off, tanks are expensive to build, crew, maintain and store. Then, they must be transported to the battle scene and constantly concealed and serviced while there; truly maddening logistics problems. Lastly, they are just too vulnerable to modern weapons technology. There are presently more efficient and effective methods of providing mobile massed firepower.

    • Riceball

      “There are presently more efficient and effective methods of providing mobile massed firepower.”

      Such as?

      • Thomas L. Nielsen

        And also, please don’t forget that, beyond mobility and firepower, there is a third element to the tank: Protection.

        The tank has been pronounced dead on a number of occasions in the past, and guess who’s still around in numbers….

        Regards & all,

        Thomas L. Nielsen

  • DB Cooper

    Hard to believe but Many of those T-72/62/55/54’s would still start up and run with a few hours of work.

    Hard to believe the left the reactive armour on some of them.

  • anthony

    Ill have my ship load up 100 or so then sail to India to have them melted down to have them blocks picked up for china so they can make cars that will sell..

  • Pappa51

    I am really not into tanks but a sight like this makes one want to grab 5 or 6 of these and go kick up some mud and knock down an empty house. The whole sight is mind boggling. Kind of reminds me of Davis Monthan AFB in AZ.
    Cheers Everyone

  • tiger

    This is as bad as the Submarine dumps. Why can’t they properly scrap things? Instead they just dump war materials any old place without any care about eviromental conditions. God, I hate those guys. To bad I never got the chance to take them on….

    • blight_

      Conversely, people argue that environmental laws are bad for the American military and hold it back.

      In any case, what probably happened was that some Soviet Guards units were withdrawn from the Ukranian SSR; and they elected to abandon older equipment rather than ship it home. That said, the Ukranians did inherit some Blackjacks, which were traded back a few years ago for debt relief, if I recall correctly…

  • Andrei

    It is a 115 tank repair plant in Kharkiv. It is active and working.

    • ghostwhowalksnz

      At last someone who knows something that makes sense

  • Richard

    Russian Junk, I was on the border in ’73 during Nixxxxons DEFCON-3. We would have wasted beau-coup Soviet tanks(targets).

    • ghostwhowalksnz

      The panzers made the same mistake

      • Andrew

        When they reached Moscow and were stopped by the Winter?

  • Mitch

    Is this place abdoaned or dose someone own the warehouse where the tank’s are kept? I seriously want to buy one of those tank’s.

  • Maria Eleonora

    just sell it to indonesia :D

  • Snake Oil Baron

    I wonder if enough will be buried by humus before the rust turns them to powder so that they might end up encased in sedimentary rock for future archaeologists to find.

  • Davo

    looks a bit like the yank aircraft graveyard in Tuscon Arizona exept it would weigh a lot more theres a few ships that could be made out of that lot

  • Michael

    I was a GI in W. Germany in the early 60’s, at the height of the Cold War at two chopper bases, one NE of Frankfurt (Hanau) and later near Stuttgart. I was in flight operations and the constant fear was a Soviet/E. German attack through the Fulda Gap by masses of tanks, troops and artillery…WWIII, of course. JFK made it clear in Sept. ’61 that any attempt to grab all of Berlin meant all out war. A yr. later, the Cuban Missile Crisis was another event that Khrushchev and his generals understood. These photos are incredible as for what the Russian Bear has abandoned.

    • ghostwhowalksnz

      JFK just did a deal- remove the missiles from Cuba and US will remove missiles from Turkey. Compromise worked a treat.
      Of course it was kept a secret that a deal was done until the tapes were released. ( Nixon was only the LAST President who recorded his meetings.

  • Matt Holzmann

    Those aren’t tanks, they’re the new Dnepr armored tractor prototypes. Especially useful in plowing potato fields after spring rains in places like southern Lebanon and Bagram.

  • Andy

    I’m only surprised at how many here appear to think that only the soviets created such waste. And surely you must all realise that this is not even close to a measurable percentage of how much the Americans and Soviets paid for and then abandoned during and after the cold war. I would hazard a guess that the USA paid more because of it’s capitalist system. I’m not saying it’s bad, no one knows if this sort of waste is bad or not, people have to get rich and others have to work, the expenditure stimulated the world’s economies for many years and there was no WW3 in the 20th century. I’m just saying don’t accuse the soviets of being suckers, the US played along the whole time and US taxpayers have paid for plenty of this same sort of thing. No one won in the cold war apart from the suppliers.

    • majr0d

      Don’t see bunches of Americans emigrating to Russia.

  • P.C. Liberal

    China just found their new tank fleet.

  • AAA

    Of course they are rusty, they have been exposed to weather for last few decades. How smart one have to be to realize that simple fact. Thats why everyone thinks american are stupid.

    • majr0d

      Cute answer.

      The only rusty tanks we have are on the range serving as targets.

      Oh yeah, it’s a wonder how us stupid Americans got to the moon first. If pride could substitute for brains, you’d have won the cold war.

      • ghostwhowalksnz

        Current Russian tanks have anti-optical devices in production, what does US army have ??? zilch.

        Then there was the supersonic torpedoes

        • majr0d

          “Anti-optical” devices? Lasers that blind people? Technological marvels for sure. Well if you can’t kill the enemy might try and blind them. We just prefer to put holes in enemy armor.

          Let me know when you get an aircraft carrier.

        • UAVgeek

          Post the paper that explains how this “anti optical” coating works eh? Because any surface will reflect light energy, and turning a coating for one wavelength makes it less effective in other wavelengths. It doesn’t pass the physics sniff test.

          • ghostwhowalksnz

            Its not a coating, its an electronic device used against lasers, etc.

          • Andrew

            It’s Shtora-1, its been in production since the early 90s, and it doesn’t work against Javelins or millimeter-wave radar guided Hellfires.

            Or against a M829A3 DE APFSDS.

            I’ve literally seen you mention it 6 times in this comment thread alone, and the fact of the matter is if there was actually any concern about it in a conflict with Russia that will not happen in the next 25 years we would spend money to get around it.

            It’s called an arms race, and it hasn’t really been necessary since 1990.

  • MadMarine

    Holy Ssssscrap!!

  • Jack

    I spent days on a ridge overlooking Fulda waiting for those chaps to come visiting. No way could we have stopped them but it would have been fun for a day or two.

  • Nanjing03

    Wow, talk about a sudden and catastrophic failure of the national infrastructure. Those tanks — for the most part — are still basically sound in design minus current upgrades, but they were improperly stored for long term storage. Everything at this facility probably came to a sudden stop when the Soviet Union imploded in 1989. The size and age of those trees growing in and around the tank yard might give some indication of when site management ceased. Some enterprising Russian business ought to buy up the site with all of its tracked assets and go into business selling factory refurbished Soviet-era tanks and spare parts to the countries in Africa, and Asia that still use them. Middle Eastern countries are opting for newly built export versions of the M1A2, refurbished M-60A3s, and upgraded M113A3s.

  • Cardinal

    Wheeeew !!! As a former mechanic , and now a part timer , if the ” muscovites “, are willing to pay a lucrative green bucks , am willing to undergone an overtime to kingdom come to fix these pieces of sheets and locate some descendants of the desert fox ” Erwin Rommel “, and reconquer the middle east for the west .

  • Харьков

    Y’all miss the point. This makes for the best deep underground bunker cover anyone could think of. What for? You name it. Command PC. Biowarfare lab. Nuke silos. Nice comfy 6 star yet unofficial palace prison. A combo of all the above. Just need to keep a few tanks up in shape (yeah, PLUS explosives) to guard the ground. Lots of fun one day when they start piling them tanks up. Gonna need some real bunkerbuster ammo to go through this. Honeycomb structure and all.

    Oh yeah and what about that fake refurbishing activity of a few tanks a month, into whatever drives on chains, in one part of the plant to keep curious onlookers at bay. For construction workers, fire squads, or africano/arabico/wtf madman dictators who need to impress their neighbours with gazillion of retrofitted tanks. Hey, because we’re 21st century doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy last century’s arm race!
    BTW, if you REALLY BADLY need the exact GPS location , go there in gmaps : Харьков, Харьковская область, Украина. That’s conveniently close to the E40 highway, two rivers and a major train station. Yeah the nearest airtrip is a couple of miles away. Enjoy the trip! When you’re done in Khirkov,, follow to our own US yard with lots of nice planes… same idea, different toys!

    • Andrew

      So your telling me that 20-30 tanks are better bunker protection then 200-300m feet of granite monutain?

      Quick, someone call the Iranians!

  • Petrus

    Would like to place an order for a few of these beauties… how much for shipping and handling?

  • Can we make “Red Storm Rising” now?

    • Parker Jones

      Can we please please please.

  • Guest

    Reactive Tiles have explosives in them. Wonder what security is sitting around these to prevent theft for repurposing.
    Should sell to the Chinse for scrap metal, then we wouldn’t loose all our old antique cars in the USA…

    • Stratege

      Bullshit. Explosives were removed from the ERA tiles.

  • PolitcalObserver

    Just remember there is a void between perception and reaility There might be a facility not on the books where all the new T90’sare lined up and ready to go. Read a book “Deception” by Edward Jay Epstein, published by Simon and Schuster.

    It makes for good reading.

  • tailor13

    You can find them here:… :) But I think, someone wrote it 13 weeks before :)

  • Stephen Jones

    This thread need a bit of humour

    Two soviet teddy bears in a hot water cylinder cupboard, which one is in the army
    That’s easy, The One on the Tank

  • Tom

    Stupid Russians..Why didn’t they just sell these tanks for half price or even less to other countries?? A few bucks is better than a landfill of rotting steel..

    Dumb question = they can reuse the steel and composite armor, right?

  • stealthchobham

    Here is the factory: Stalin Tractor Factory in Chelyabinsk , nicknamed Tankograd (“Tank City”) near karkhov/karkhiv city in ukrainia. You see all the discraded tank on google earth at this location: 50° 1’26.12″N 36°11’25.85″E.

  • Jeremy

    I wonder how much it would cost to buy…. It would be a fun engineering project: plus bragging rights.

  • alex

    I need a plane ticket to Russia and 12 cargo freighters please

  • maddog101

    well get a couple of C-5s in there and get us some new targets. The ones I’ve been blowing up have enough holes in them.

  • wfgross

    I estimated around 425 tanks. How many tank did the USSR have in inventory?

  • Lagomorph

    We could finally make Red Storm Rising.

  • Hmm

    ooooooh alot of neat toys for me to play with!! :DD

  • shaq

    Im in heaven

  • ash

    right where do i pay for one of them?

  • j b

    222, Kotlova St. Kharkiv ukraine

  • I wish I could just grab a couple of them and bring them home for restoring. they all look so sorry for themselves

  • dervish

    I think it’s at 50 01 19.8 N, 36 11 31.23 E

  • Mike

    I am in Ukraine and I can tell you that these will sit here and rust into the ground. No one cares about them. They can be boughtbut no one wants them. The cost and paperwork to ship one is not worth their time and effort. I am now thinking about going to take a look myself. I am an American living in Odessa Ukraine. They can be repaired/restored and parts are available. They made thousands of these and many many parts. They are spread all over the world mostly in third world countries. Never underestimate Russian design. These Tanks are very well built. It is a shame and only due to the collapse of the USSR and how it collapsed that these War horses are rotting now.

  • Ike sanglay

    55,000 tanks ?

  • Alex

    It’s in Ukraine not in Russia….so much happiness in various comment’s because of rusty Soviet era tanks, it’s ugly habit to be happy because of somebody else problems…but God Bless America. like always, trough all Atrocity’s, war crimes and others civilized , political correct stuff.. God wouldn’t left alone such hypocrites like is average American NEO(nazi)CON,
    And if Russia is Crazy Ivan…than America is Mean Monkey on the back of whole world.

  • John J. Miller

    How could I buy one and shipped into the USA ocourse with cannon and machine guns deacivated? What would be the cost. I heard while in the Marne corps anyone over 5’6″ was not wanted to fit in the tanks. I am 5’8″ I should fit one easy still.

  • Rich Wargo

    The facility is at 50°01’20.74″ N 36°11’30.42″ E

  • AngryVietnamVet

    Oh I’d like to use one on I-95 Miami during Friday afternoon rush hour!

  • Russia!!!!

    im so going there and bringing one back!!!!, once I’m old enough that is (sucks to be a minor). i wonder which one i should pick. the t55 and t64s are nice ones that will be hard to find as they are getting older and older, but the newer t70s and t80s are more advanced and have more high tech gadgets and probably more spare parts. im already scheming on how to bring one back!

  • Zspoiler

    I`m suprised that the Russins haven`t tried to pedel them off.

  • Joe

    Maybe if we keep blowin treasury on endless wars we will end up same way.

  • navneet

    sold these tanks to india!

  • Funny how many have a hard time with diversity

  • I’ll take one. T-64, or a T-72. Don’t need the ammo. A vehicle like this would look AWESOME parked in my driveway.

  • ToddR

    Overhead sat.viewing is available at:
    It’s well worth checking out.

  • Leo

    Awesome! I don’t think it would be so hard to get these things out of the site or even shipped around the globe(some malicious captains still sail these waters). But how to start these things up??? Reminds me of Resident Evil 4, they found an APC but with the engine laying aside. See what I mean. It would take alot of effort to get these things up an running, as far as you’re not pleased with locomotion.

  • ibex333

    It’s really sad to think just how much sheer POWER, and FINANCIAL MIGHT Soviet Union had which could have went to old people for their pension, WWII veterans, school teachers, etc, etc. Instead, all that money went to build these damned tanks which are now rotting away… All the tanks in the world couldn’t protect the mighty USSR from the pathetic, corrupted politicians who destroyed the greatest country in the world to the cheer of jealous enemies.

    You know what they say though… what goes around, comes around. Look at the massive American tank graveyards in Afghanistan, and it’s not hard to see which direction America is heading.

  • Mastro

    I remember seeing a similar yard in East Germany of their tanks.

    The Germans are industrious enough to have cut them up – I guess they are all BMW’s and Mercedes now.

  • chris

    I read in TIME magazine that at the start of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. A M 84 tank could be purchased for around five hundred dollars (that if someone could save that much without being robbed)and some guy brought his tank home and built a room around his tank.

  • IronV

    Very impressive, well-run facility. Neat as a pin…

  • Da_Bunny

    At last, we can make the movie “Red Storm Rising” in Germany, with a real tank army.

  • can i buy 1

  • Axel

    Haw much?

  • Edward

    Is Russia owner of these units or do they belong to the non existent Soviet Union ? If so, they may just legally not belong to anyone.

  • Steve

    Some day I will go there and by two of them for my self. I get to 22 save me some

    • beage

      not before i come in and take them for myself,then call in soviet military police that there was a break in in the facility.

  • Cisa 1993

    Cities like Denpropetrovsk and Khakov served as military industrial centers when the former USSR existed. Many of these factories still exists, but working with much smaller crews. They could be refurbished and sent to the East to battle the similar old Russian tanks. 100-200 would do well with upgraded rounds. Eastern Ukraine is vital for Russia to exist because of the vast factories and resources…

  • Robert Bruce

    I just want one…that’s all. I could do cosmetic surgery on it and make it into a Panzer VI, or a V…