Video: Chinese Helo Barely Makes Landing at Sea

Get seasick or airsick easily? If yes, then watch this video and then go throw up.

I’ve seen some rough-looking landings of helicopters at sea but this one takes first prize. It shows a Chinese navy Kamaov Ka-28 nearly crashing onto the stern of what looks like a Type 54 frigate while attempting to land in rough seas.

Click through the jump for the video and try not to puke.

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  1. Any landing you walk away from…

  2. tribulationtime | June 21, 2012 at 2:56 pm | Reply

    Sorry censureman. Your parent page Military post a video about a die marine. Thats was edited, the voice is not the original, a longer video of 9 min, you can see it in youtube

  3. tribulationtime | June 21, 2012 at 2:57 pm | Reply

    I know this is not the place but the highlines, turn the video in a ugly joke.

  4. The Chinese send a crowd of guys out onto the deck to hold on to the helicopter at the end… if that helicopter were going to tip over there was nothing they could do to stop it, it would have mowed all of those men in half. Should have just let the engines spin down before running out there to help.

  5. And this is why the Royal Canadian Navy created the Beartrap.

  6. Looks like the PLAN is going to start installing an 'indiginous' RAST system very soon. Blue water is ugly stuff and has a very steep learning curve.

  7. In communist China you save the chopper not vice versa.
    First of there is no tail rotor, which has always been a problem of that design, second the crosswind would blow a whale not a helo, so what is the big surprise here, like the winds never blow or this does not happen everywhere. Sure ok, the news is interesting but not front page interesting.

  8. Not only could the pile-it walk away, but it looks like you could reuse the helo, too. That would make it a great landing.

  9. To me, looked more like the pilot got nervous at the last second and started overcompensating. He's rocking the helicopter back and forth. Or could that be from turbulent air as the wind whips around the ship?

  10. Prove naval Aviation is dangerous for all Navies.

  11. How re they going to land on that shiny new carrier?

  12. Their is a reason the USA doesn't use dual rotters, they carry more weight and are cheaper but you lose maneuverability.

  13. two words: "learning curve"…and, like MGC said, a mighty steep one, at that.

  14. The Chinese are in for their share of Forrestals while they try to create their blue water navy. Until they start treating their people like humans, I wish them nothing but the worst What a miserable country to defend with one's life!

  15. Please note: I can't see the vid at work.

    With the above in mind… I thought helicopters dropped a cable to the deck of ships in rough weather, this was attached and the helicopter was winched down… The cable then held the copter in place as well as stopping it going for a swim.

    Surely there is a design for these on a secure Defence network the chinese can hack and steal??

  16. That was an awful approach. Horrible technique, no good idea of how to land on board a rolling ship at sea. Maybe it was his first time? Watch the other video of the Lynx landing on a Dutch ship. Obviously a much more experienced pilot.

    As for the comment about contra rotating rotor blades, there is no loss in maneuverability. The KA-50 can do loops. The disadvantage is in longitudinal stability and control in terms of aiming a gun. A conventional single main rotor and tail rotor combination is better. That is why most all gunship designs have a tail rotor.

  17. If they can barely land a helo then what is going to happen when they try to land their stealth fighter during its test flight?

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