A New Chinese Fighter!? Sigh, No

Is that another UFO being trucked cross country or China’s newest stealth fighter? Nope, it’s just a lengthened version of a Hongdu L-15 jet trainer — which is said to be developed with assistance from from the Russian Yak-130 team — stopping for a Big Gulp at a rest stop on the highway from Beijing to Shenyang, China.

Teh Internets have been abuzz this morning with rumors that this is China’s newest fighter. Nope.

Nice Audi.

Ps. Some are suggesting that this is really is Shenyang’s F-60 stealth fighter design. While there are similarities, I’m not convinced. The aircraft size, cockpit, leading-edge extensions and wing designs resemble an L-15 too strongly for me to say this an new jet.

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  1. I hear Audis are real popular in China ever since some "prince" ran over someone in his BMW and did the "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM ?" bit.

  2. Why "poo poo" a new variant? Too lazy to engage in the speculation?

  3. That plane has a "stinger" between engines, L-15 does not have such thing. Also, plane is wider than L-15.

  4. I am sure this is something mischivi about Chinese…..are they again making toys!!!

  5. L-15 has a large LEX which hides the inlet below. It is hard to see from this angle but looks to me like a caret inlet. Also looks like a single-seater to me.

  6. L-15 has a large LEX which hides the inlet below. It is hard to see from this angle but looks to me like a caret inlet. Also looks like a single-seater to me.

    h ttp://img.cjdby.com/data/attachment/forum/201206/22/195739za1o13b0i4r40srr.jpg

  7. Tribulationtime | June 22, 2012 at 2:30 pm | Reply

    Looks like L-15. I agree what seems be a single-seater, but i think this plane is disable by accident, shuch a bird crash so thats, broken canopy, explains the background house in the middle. No make sense, if she can fly; dismount the vertical plane and do not with the wings. I think so.

  8. Forget the plane, I like the cool tarp over the plane.

  9. Could it be the Shenyang F-60? It matches the mockup shown here:

  10. Ben, Very good possibility. The wings are of a similar shape and the apparent width of the front could be caused by the way the netting transits from the intake to the nose. The "Norinco Raptor" !

  11. Man I should be an author here for all the stories I feed you….

  12. Nice Audi.

  13. Ignorance or bias knows no bounds。 That's why the West is acting the setting sun these days, and fast。The days when the West claims technological superiority are numbered。Their wealth is also rapidly disappearing into nothingness。Wake up,guys。

  14. Lets worry about our F35A,B,and C's and our F22 problems and stop wasting time on
    playing what's under the tarp. Remember prior to D-Day the allies had inflatable tanks, aircraft,etc. to fool the Germans into thinking Patton's non exiting, at that time 3rd Army was going to spearhead the invasion across the channel at Port Calais. I think it is the new Vulcan Death Fighter that the China swapped from the Vulcan's for US T Bonds.
    You not the transformer truck transporter that changes into the mother ship. The Audi is a stealth UMA. Get a grip guys and beam aboard the mother ship

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