Japanese Iron Man Suit for Sale

With a bare-bones sticker price of $1.3 million, Suidobashi Heavy Industry will build you a high-tech, robotic suit that might even make Tony Stark a little nervous.

Suidobashi’s Kuratas robot stands 13-feet tall and weighs about 6 tons. It comes standard with a leather seat and a “next-generation” V-Sido robot operating system, which allows the pilot to move the this gigantic bot’s arms and drive it around at a speed of six miles per hour. Weapon systems such a pair of BB-firing mini guns cost extra (Click below to see the super suhweet video).

The diesel-powered Kuratas can also be controlled remotely through a 3G network.

The Japanese company’s website displays videos and sophisticated-looking graphics of the Kuratas robot but unfortunately lacks a lot of detailed info.

Either way, we here at Defense Tech think it would make a nice addition to the office.

44 Comments on "Japanese Iron Man Suit for Sale"

  1. Its a mech, not a Iron man suit.

  2. Metal Gear?

  3. If it doesn't transform into an airplane or possibly a dinosaur, I don't want it.

  4. Looks like the bad robot from Robocop…..

  5. Do you think they could bring it down to $1.1 if i got the fabric interior instead of the leather?

    My REAL question is how upgradeable are those BB firing mini guns?

  6. Feh, kneecap it with my locust and riverdance on it's rusting corpse.

  7. Still waiting for the Madcat with PPC or even a Veritech. I doubt we are getting an Optimus Prime anytime soon. I can see Metroplex arriving first though.

    This is the next step I can see on the battlefield though.

  8. The Smile shot. Now I want one.

  9. Nice toy. Expensive as hell for piece of art, which website claims it to be. Video does not convince me it functional. If i were to compare this to anime, i'd say it would be Votoms size machine or Workmate (Appleseed). However, those arms would be able grab something easily or conviently. Perhaps money they're gain form this prototype/art piece wil lead to more functional item. PR really has people going about this on the net so far.

  10. stephen russell | August 6, 2012 at 10:05 pm | Reply

    Love to see limited production & lower price for Mecha.
    have Options:
    Utility models.

  11. Next step Gundams

  12. Ok, call dibs on a Madcat AND a Raven (Madcat for fire support, Raven for nipping down to the shops for milk etc.)

  13. Dear Santa…

  14. i swear i gonna built something of this class after i graduate, and i’m not stopping until i’m able to mount a pair of 205mm recoiless gun on it’s shoulder.

  15. Holy crap, it's just like an SV from Phantom Crash! :D

    About the same size and everything.

  16. as a product, this is Bullshit …but it is Art for sure..they might get that much at a charity auction.

  17. as a product, this is BuIIshiat …but it is Art for sure..they might get that much at a charity auction.

  18. Is it stealthy or modular? Because if it isn't it's crap……..

  19. Of course this may just be me and a little of subject but if we are looking for a full body suit why not use boron carbide. One can shape it to a leg or torso and then actually use a HUD in the helmet. It actually would work and it would stand almost anything short of a 50. Cal. Mechs would be awesome don’t get me wrong but all it would do is attract an airstrike or rocket fire. When that happens it would leave troops wthout their “scapegoat “if u will.

  20. lol @ claw = crow

  21. All I want to know is can I get it in a street legal version with 30 mph top limit. I can just see tooling around Houston. The best part would be putting my handicap tags on it and calling it my new motorized wheel chair lol

  22. Just think- the US Gov can buy a whole load of them (5) and sink all defense budgets into them and upgrading them and use them to replace the battalions of soldiers we have now- just as they are doing with the over priced high tech ships- then we'll have an outnumber navy AND army (AF too, if the JSF costs keep going up like they are)!!

  23. If you people had any idea how much went into making this thing you wouldnt bag on it so much…
    The guys who made this took an ENORMOUS risk in the development of this unit footing the bill entirely. Its not a practical production model but a proof of concept, one they believed in so much it justified the cost. You can damn well bet people like DARPA are taking a look at it despite what you consider being a frivoulus toy or " Art".

    And when one day these things are parked on the corner in front of our house enforcing curfiew well see just how many smarmy misinformed comments we get from the troll patroll…LOL

  24. It looks like thw ones that Iron Man always defeats in the movies. Just a thought. . .

  25. Sorry T ipo it should reed "Looks Like thee 1's that iron Man all ways defeats in the Move ws."

  26. Add shielding and it could be useful for cleaning up some oh, nuclear reactors. I hear Japan may have some that are in serious disrepair.
    It was disheartening to see Japan, a leader in robotics and automation, send suicide squads into the Fukushima reactor sites.

  27. Once Kim Dotcom gets acquitted (we know he will be since it's a DOJ trainwreck) I can forsee him being first in line to get a couple to patrol his island along with his inflatable tank.

    As for defenses, being as tall as it is, it'll have better LoS and dealing with aircraft, why wouldn't it have it's own anti a/c defenses of some sort. It's a platform that has a lot of potential down the road, even specializing roles.

    I'm just saying it starts from somewhere and this could be it.

  28. As Peter Griffin would say, "Freakin SWEET!". I bet I could even take care of those pesky squirrels in my dang pecan trees too! "Does it come in black?"

  29. I could see something like this leading to construction and such robotics.

    Its a long ways from anything for combat though.

    As other have said the combat mechs in Appleseed are probably the best bet.

  30. I have one kidney for sale.
    Asking 2.4m US.

  31. If my dad was rich, I'd have one.

  32. it is quite amusing that many of the comments condemning things like this as rubbish FOREVER because it lacks armour and speed etc…just how similar it was in the early 1900s when the tank was originally developed. We all now dismiss those original critics as retarded old-fashioned cavalry aristocrats.

    things take time to mature. this thing is, as people have mentioned, merely proof of concept and nonviable currently. This does not mean things like this will be nonviable in the future.

  33. BB guns?

    That looks to be the worst attack it could survive.

  34. First time I have seen spending $1.2M will guarantee you NOT to get laid… NERD ALERT!!!

  35. I wonder if PATLABOR name is still copyrighted?

  36. I want 3 of them. On a side note, the DOD is probably figuring out some black ops budget they can put them in to purchase for further testing.

  37. How long will it be before we can bring MechWarrior vehicles into the real world battle field, complete with Particle Cannons and Plasma Cannons? Hopefully, not very long.

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