Secret flying saucer plans declassified

The little green guys from the sky had it all laid out for the Pentagon. Then the U.S. Air Force and a Canadian defense firm got their hands on the schematics for flying saucers and they had to muck it all up.

No, seriously. Well, maybe not the alien part.

The National Archives declassified and released the official plans from the 1950s on Sept. 20 to build a flying saucer under the secret code name Project 1794. Air Force leaders wanted to build the next secret weapon to defeat the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

The Pentagon had hoped to build a saucer that could reach speeds of Mach 4 and reaching altitudes of 100,000 feet — the perfect aircraft to potentially spy on nuclear launch locations across the USSR. The saucer, however, had a limited range of 1,000 nautical miles. 

Air Force and Navy officials could have envisioned flying saucers taking off from aircraft carriers stationed across the world as it had a vertical take off and landing capability decades before generals even started to talk about the Osprey.

The U.S. military exported the secret program to Canada offering the development contract to Avro Aircraft Limited in Ontario. Before it was cancelled, their two-year contract was worth $3,168,000.

A video of Avro’s prototype, however, shows a cylindrical aircraft struggling to even get out off the ground. Soon after, the Defense Department cancelled the program in 1960 following meager test results.

More schematic photos below.

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  1. Cancel ? I don't think so.

  2. really interesting, they drawed those plans only 3 years after the Roswell incident…. well, i think if they used jet propulsion instead of the central proppeller, this could be functional too… :D

  3. The Chinese will have a copy ready for flight testing in……9 months.

  4. Project 1794? Sounds like someone scrambled the numbers…

  5. Interesting–except I read all about it on Wired-Danger room 5 days ago—-way to keep up DT

  6. dubweiser101 | October 9, 2012 at 8:24 pm |

    The concept of circular/disc shaped aircraft dates before the "Roswell Incident". I believe the first tangible attempt was Sack's AS6 model. Though it proved unsuccessful at the time (1944) it did lay the ground work for the basic concept.

    Many modern day concepts are indeed based on old idea's laid down by Nazi funded research. The B-2 for example is an extension of the Go-229, and the F-86 and MiG-15 were spawned from the Ta-183 design.

    Not to mention the fact that nearly every delta-wing fighter (especially the Dassault's Mirage series) owe their lineage to Nazi research which began with Lippsische.

    Just saying, the 'flying saucer' isn't new technology…

  7. i dont think they canceld it but its pretty good TEC so if they did i would tri and get it going again. hey its better than helicopters that always get shot down

  8. stephen russell | October 9, 2012 at 8:35 pm |

    Revise project with 3D printing & AutoCAD alone, add composites etc, then see if saucer flies Today vs then IE 1960??

  9. What a bunch of bs. Too bad people don't spend their time figuring out what makes good and successful airplanes good and successful instead of pandering to the pop science crowd.

  10. I've got some documentaries (I believe UK) on this from a few years ago. Having said that, it's good to see it in the news still. It wasn't that bad, assuming anyone continued the research in any compacity, it would be somewhat impressive with "modern" technology.

  11. Avro aircar.. just add a skirt and you have a hovercraft.
    Flying suacers: I have seen drawings of the original german designs. a cocpit with a fan system arranged around it. (In a housing etc). vectored jet engines direct thrust to the blades to cause them to spin, the thrust also applied forward motion etc.

    OLD NEWs as well, had it sooner.
    (Nice drawings though.)

  12. Unidentified alright but the engine and flight are more likely a VTOL aircraft. Probably it would take another 100 years to have a reaf UFO unless they will discover the anti magnetic aircraft flight early.

  13. ET…phone home!! The USAF has lost it's cookies!!

  14. Leonardo’s “helicopter” design, in the 1400’s, could be the ground work for the current “flying saucer” design (

  15. It wasn't cancelled, it was absorbed by the XCOM Project. :p

  16. cleareyedreader | October 10, 2012 at 2:04 pm |

    Avro, the Canadian company. Isn't this the one the built the Avro Arrow, a fighter which got mysteriously cancelled on a call from the prez to the Canadian prime minister at the time? Too much competition for Boeing, Grumman, etc. Not sure.

  17. The Truth is out there. . .

  18. I saw this flying around when I used Google Earth to look at Area 51…..ho hum, old news…..just like you can see a U-2 taking off from the other airport near there….boo-ya!…I saw this before all of you here…..

  19. This is so new, it was in Popular Science magazines back in the 1960's. I actually believe that this is one of the "strange light" arrays that people claim to see around that region at night. The best way to end a rumor mill, is to come forward and state that the experiments were cancelled, yet keep them going under another guise name. The only time our military services, and the CIA, or whomever is testing some new equipment, especially flying or underwater stuff is acknowledging it exists, while at the same time already working on new generation/s of the equipment.

  20. Lift is achieved by airflow that is faster flowing over the top of an object and slower moving under it, ie. a fixed wing.
    A circular object, such as the diagram above is incapable of lift because the airflow is reduced at the edges and increased in the center of the shape. The object is counter productive in regards to airflow and lift.

  21. walter f billings | October 10, 2012 at 8:30 pm |

    I was a SAC Nuclear Missile Launch Officer during the height of the Cold War in the 1970s, and I can tell you, that SAC, CIA, DIA, USAF, and everyone associated with them took the subject very seriously. They never laughed at the subject and they told us to keep our mouth shut to whatever we heard or saw.

  22. I remember reading about in Popular Science a long time ago.

  23. Info was "Leaked" to the public, but the article says it was just "Declassified" – Yes, we all saw pics and articles about it earlier… but anyone "active" at the time was not allowed to talk about it. During the time, it was VERY intense and certianly NOT a laughing matter.

  24. That giant triangle is a replacement for the
    USAF C-5B, it is a large flying wing,dirigible hybrid , it will eventually be shown to public.
    From a pissed off former Boeing Aerospace Engineer that worked on the project.

  25. $3million well spent. Retards

  26. My husband and our children witnessed one hovering above the trees near our home in the 1970's in Homestead, Florida. The military denied its existence at the time.

  27. Harlaldo Erlin | October 10, 2012 at 10:25 pm |


  28. indianmedicine | October 10, 2012 at 11:16 pm |

    If you look at the "History Channel", much Technology was obtained during & after WWII from Plans that Germany was undertaking. Interesting that this is NOT News, but confirmation that The United States Govt.knew much more about ET's then claimed.

  29. Anne, I would love to hear more about the Homestead incident. I had my own strange sighting at RAF Lakenheath in the UK. Always assumed it was just an early sighting of classified aircraft.

  30. Thomas, how do you know the photos are fake. Not challenging your claim just curious. Also I agree with J Vance in the argument of the need for secrecy, our military is what it is due to secrecy. We can almost be sure that the military is always one step ahead. Isn’t that how it works, the military develops technology, and keeps it secret until it needs to be utilized. If there was not secrecy there would be no military. Don’t you agree?

  31. One of the two "Avrocars" is now on display at the Air Force Museum's research aircraft gallery at WPAFB.

  32. I’m calling the MIB to have your minds erased….

  33. Anybody notice that the new drone (X-47B) is a spitting image of that alien craft from the movie "Flight of the Navigator?" That movie came out in the mid 80's.

  34. Though I believe there is significant empirical evidence to suggest UFOs exist, these schematics are so ridiculous its comical! It suggests they were planning to use their existing technology to build a futuristic machine; it's like using Leonardo's plans to make a Tomcat!

  35. Just remember that we don't know what we don't know. According to my high level contacts with insider knowledge, the flying saucer was never cancelled, just moved to more secure facilities. The ex-nazi head of the predicessor to NASA discovered anomalies in the first three satellite launches and collaborated with is nazi scientist friends at the Rocky Plantation in Argentena, where they discovered anti gravity and started the Bell Project. The rest is secret society history that is rarely discussed with the uninitiated. I do not believe in keeping these secrets. I am a member of an new organization that is revealing these and other secrets to happiness, luck, wealth, and health, etc.

  36. This wasn’t recently desclassified. My dad worked on this project in the 1960s. He and other members of the project wrote their names on an inner top panel of a prototype at the Transportation Museum in Ft. Eustic, VA.

  37. Isn't it funny how tax payers find out where their money is going some 60 years later?

  38. Nigeriannightmare | October 11, 2012 at 2:18 pm |


    I was also stationed at RAF Lakenheath as an Air Traffic Controller in the tower and saw something flew across my radar screen working nightshift and I looked to the skye and saw something glide above. I called Approach Controll who confirmed that there was something out there. I then proceeded to call RAF Feltwell who are the detachment of Space command. He did say don't worry about it. Come to find out later it was an expiremental aircraft. Too many secrets that we will never know about. Need to know is the Motto.

  39. There is ine of these at the Fort Eustic Transportaion Museum.
    Reference: AVRO CAR VZ-9AV “Flying Saucer” The URL is
    NAIL 227

  40. Ronald McDonald had a working version in the 1960s although it never got more than 6 inches of the ground. They later developed the hovercraft based on his design. Does anyone think Ronny was an actual Roswell survivor?

  41. So what are they saying: instead of being butt probed by E.T. it's going to to be Lt. Bob?!

  42. Well, I doubt the research & development was full cancelled, though that one Canadian contract may have been. Look back the the stories oif the Navy Physicist in Las Vegas who proved he'd worked at Alamagordo NM and who claimed to have worked at Groom Lake (check your Rand McNallys) alegedly part of Area 51 who said we had 'six' flying saucers at Groom Lake. All flying on "anti-gravity.' All the stories – with the back and forth – were front page news on the Las Vegas Review Journal between 1988 and 1991. Check it out…

  43. Germans too was building flying saucers in the II world war . All the people are very interest to build this aircrafts for win the war .
    Remember that when the II war finished , german scientist were accepted in USA , inluded scientist tha working for SS 's . Win the war made to get scientist for win the war a priority, included people thar has been working in the opposote side .
    I imagina a men of this said about the fly saucers that Germany was beggining to buid and the acrrer for the first flying saucers begins here .
    Good history . Interersting forms of work in war times .

  44. I made this up! That’s my toy aircraft :)

  45. The surest sign of intelligent life out there is that none of them have tried to contact us publicly.

  46. The drawings look familiar. Perhaps they are similar to ones in Popular Mechanics or Popular Science between 1955 and 1965.

  47. I heard that in Ancient India they UFO s were called "Vermona's" ( spelling) long before Columbus Discovered America. Adolf Hitler sent his men after the Plans in India and also in 1936 a UFO crashed somewhere in Europe so Hitler and his men attempted Reverse Technology "Third Reich Secret Weapons"… Also Wernher Von Braun (Head of NASA, Died in 1974) told an American News Reporter, " We (Germany) had Help from other than, of this World"…
    "V-1 Rocket", First Cruz Missile… "The Bell" Time Travel… "V-2 Rocket" First ICBM… "New York Bomb" or Atomic Bomb, but we won that race, thanks to Prof. Albert Einstein… Then "Operation Paper Clip", German Scientist Extraction… Followed and then "Operation High Jump", Go After the Germans in Antarctica… See also Admiral Perry' s Diary (Missing Log) Antarctica "Hollow Earth".
    I strongly Believe that the United States, USSR, and China should get together and send a 1000 Planetary Probes to Every Known M2 Class Planet already. And in ten to Twenty years or so we can send people. Earth has the Population to do it!
    Everyone will say where's the Money!!!! Money At this time should have been of the past… Humans as a whole should Be Working and Accumulating POINT s Or CREDIT s just by Living or Breathing…. Points and Credits Should Start from the Day You Where Born, 1 P/C (Point or Credit)… Tell the Day you Pass Away, Infinity P/C …
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    The Retired will be giving another P/C special card. The Disabled also will receive another P/C Special Card and Required Equipment…. Everyone would have Medical and Health Care Regulated by the City, State or Province… Everyone Should be a Free Human Being. Everyone will have a place to live! Criminals will still be Treated Accordingly until proving Innocent.
    AND Why Can"t we Put Several Giant Solar Panels or Mirrors in Space to Collect Solar Energy From the Sun and Transmit via HAARP the Electrical Impulse to a Relay Station on Earth and then transferred to Several Sub-Power Stations, etc…

  48. Daniel Surprenant | October 15, 2012 at 10:32 am |

    Just to keep everyone "honest," this was in "wikipedi" long before it was posted here (or anywhere else for that matter. The Avro flying saucer was a disaster from the beginning (poor stability, difficulty with pilot control, powerplant to thrust vectoring etc.). The concept of a saucer type vehicle (see Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar), and a flying wing (see Northrop N-1M circa 1940) have long been "declassified. The flying saucer type "military" aircraft had potential, but only as a short range fighter or possible a CAS (Close air Support) vehicle. I could be wrong but the Avro car did not have any supersonic (Mach +) capabilities in the initial concept.

  49. Yeah, this thing is so secret that it has been on display at the National Museum of the US Air Force near Dayton Ohio for the last 5 or 6 years. I know because I have seen it numerous times. It has also been featured on Discover Channel "WINGS" back in the 1980s.

    Oh, and by the way, it never worked out as an airplane, but the technology they got out of it led to the developement of hovercraft, including the Navy's LCACs.


  50. tell the air force to get the fliying saucers from the skys of michigan they look better

  51. The OTC X-1 prototype used technology close to the German Vrill, Haunnebu, and Thule built during WW2. Victor Shauberger's centripetal plasma engine, or "Marconi Vortex Dynamo" recently referred to as "Super Fluid Gravity Centrifuge" TR3B Ed Fouche. This did not rely on atmospheric pressure. The information has been thoroughly suppressed to protect the profitability of oil, and to preserve the money system by concentrating control of energy commodity into only a few hands worldwide. (by the central bank)

  52. I believe the propulsion system was to far advanced for 1950's technology. However the concept remained with promise of actual scientific prospect that vertical takeoff and carrier use could be realized with modifications to program objectives. The early scientific knowledge coupled with newer computer technology is a sure ringer that we are doing the same thing today towards duplicating the Roswell findings to further own defense and space capabilities.

  53. Delivered it to the AF Museum (Restoration Hangar) in Dayton, OH on Oct 27, 2007. Have a great picture of our loadmasters loading it onto our C-5.

  54. we have this technology more advanced then anyone leaving earth atmosphere going to the moon and back we dont need alien technology we have our own technology german gave us

  55. Phillip I Wink | November 15, 2013 at 9:13 pm |
  56. The united States has the most advance flying sauser in the world,because it can afford it,money is the secret to their flying sauser projects,to bribe and pamper the ex-Nazi scientist,and in return?the nazi scientist gave all they got in terms of technical Layouts,from the very innards of the flying sauser to the outer skin coverings of their sauser,which is covered by titanium sheet metal,the flying sauser cannotbe shotdown,because it has counter magnetic shield of extreme high votages,and thats why the crew of six?wear anti-radiation suits to protect themself!,from the inside out high voltages of up to 50,0000thousand volts,to power this wonder craft through "Electrodes hidden under the titanium skin of the flying sauser,there are no moving parts;except for a small atomic reactor to give the necessary electricity needed,and the pellets are renewable every three years,a very economical terms.

  57. a frizby is kept is the air as long as the power is in the spinning motion . with electomagnets computor driven a frizby could be controlled with minimal power . the huge challange would be to gyro the centre control area to keep it stationary . and have motion jets for forward or sideways motion control when the outer shell is at a speed sufficiet to allow take off

  58. I can not buy any of this. consider that to have a craft travel millions of light years can not use wires or friction that will burn out. light waves and frequencies and vibrations yes.

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