X95 rifle gets new conversion kit

Israel Weapon Industries has introduced a new conversion kit for its X95 assault rifle, allowing operators to now choose between 5.45mm, 5.56mm and 9mm ammunition.

The X95 is a compact weapon designed for the Israel Defense Force and similar type units. The conversion kit was designed to make the X95 compatible with 5.45mm ammunition used by eastern militaries in addition to the NATO 5.56mm and 9mm calibers.

IWI officials maintain that the kit will make the X95 the only weapon in the world that can use these three popular calibers.

“We developed the kit in response to requests we received from our customers for a 5.45mm ammunition weapon so that they could use the ammunition in their inventories,” said Uri Amit, IWI’s CEO. “This enables considerable savings by allowing our customers to change the rifle barrel according to the ammunition on hand, as well as matching the weapon to the evolving operational scenarios.”

The X95 has an effective range of 500 meters in its rifle and carbine configuration and 150 meters in its 9mm submachine gun mode.

The new kit has tested in extreme conditions including dust, water, heat, and cold for reliability and shooting accuracy, IWI officials maintain.

Examples of the converted weapons will be exhibited at Interpolitex in Moscow, Oct. 23-26 and ExpoDefensa in Colombia, Oct. 31-Nov. 2.

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  1. Not new news, Mr Hoffman.

    Ukrainian Special Forces use tavors with AK-74s for years. They make them in 5.45mm so that Spec Ops operators who use both AK-74s and tavors can have common ammo for operations.

  2. Now build gun they no need 3 billion US dollar or German sub cheap no yes?

    why u pay

  3. I'd like some input please. I see so many articles about how the M4 and the M16 jam regularly in dusty conditions. The reason being is that the the gas piston system expels the dirty gasses into the chamber. Does it seem like it's time for the U.S. to switch carbines? After all they were designed in the 70's and there's been major improvements in firearms since then.

  4. When did the gun pick up up the “X95” designation? I though it was the Tavor tar -21?

  5. I would love to see the line expanded to 6.5 Grendel, 6.8mm and 50 Beuwulf..

  6. Is this "X95" the new designation for the entire Tavor series, or just the MTAR-21?

  7. Looks like a pistol with an ass.

  8. A Kardashian? Forgive me lord and feed the starving pygmies of New Guinea, amen.

  9. Any new news of the Tavor coming to the US for sale? Rumor mill last year had a import deal finally in place.

  10. Don't people know the difference between a caliber and a cartridge?

    5.45 & 5.56 are the same caliber.

  11. they can make a 5.56 round that will out perform the 5.45 by just using the bullet that was orignally designed for. it was designed as a varmit cartridge. with 45 grn. pills. that combination really works. using the heavy pills to stop from making a cal. change is nutso. shooting at long ranges by adding 7 grns. to the pill is not the answer. change the cal. to 7.62, go back to a longer barrel and put on a good sight and then let the soldiers expend lots of rounds at the range, before deployment. watch the price drop and the scores go up. keep the enemy in your controled range not his.

  12. Chamber it for a .40 cal, .45 cal, and a 6.65 mm, then it'll have some knock down power. Israelies make great weapons and I'm sure this will live up to their great reputation. I LOVE my Galil .308 AR.

  13. Thomas L. Nielsen | October 18, 2012 at 12:04 pm | Reply

    "….we tell the israeli when and what to do and only in 1 out of a 100 times they "disobey""

    Could you please get someone from Israel to confirm that?

    Regards & all,

    Thomas L. Nielsen

  14. enough about conversion kits, I just want to when the promised Tavor for the us civilian market are going to arrive and how much they will be

  15. Along with the 5.45 conversion, I really hope they add a 6.5 conversion kit too.. any one know the status of steel cased 6.5 coming out yet?

  16. Is the X95 the standard-issue for IDF?

  17. Ukrainian's have this called "Viepr". China have "TYPE97". Austria have Steyr, Tar etc. A lot of countries have bullup guns. Gus Piston is better, but bullup? Better switch youre US guns to 7,62 or change CAR15, M16, FN and all others on other type of guns to something really new. All the "new" projects are really similar, like "revolutionary" Barrett REC7.

  18. this thing looks totally awesome.

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  20. I own one. It is the finest rifle I have fired in 5.56

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