Ospreys to Israel in Major Arms Deal

Israel will receive the MV-22 Osprey in the first foreign sale of the tilt-rotor aircraft as part of major arms deals with Mideast allies to guard against the threat from Iran, senior Defense Department officials said Friday.

The Ospreys were the “most significant” assets in the total arms package and were “for the first time being made available for Israel to purchase,” a senior DOD official said in a background briefing on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s upcoming Mideast trip.

Israel has not yet decided on how many of the troop-carry Ospreys, made by Bell Boeing of Fort Worth, Texas, will be purchased, DOD officials said. Bell and the Marine Corps have been negotiating with the United Arab Emirates for more than a year on Osprey sales, and the discussions were continuing, the officials said.

The civil war in Syria will be at the top of the agenda for Hagel’s trip beginning this weekend to Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE, the officials said.

One defense official said the arms package “doesn’t signal a change in policy toward Iran,” but a second official added that “the common threat in the region is clear.”

In addition to the Ospreys, Israel will also be getting advanced radars for Israeli fighter and attack aircraft, and anti-radiation missiles for targeting enemy radar sites.

The UAE will be getting 25 advanced F-16 fighters made by Lockheed Martin for $4.25 billion, and Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also agreed to buy additional standoff missiles and smart bomb s, the DOD officials said.

The total value of the sales to Israel and the regional allies will be about $10 billion. A Defense Department official called it “the most complex and carefully orchestrated arms packages in history.”

The sales grew out of President Obama’s directive to former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta last year to look for ways to boost Israeli’s qualitative military edge in the region, the DOD officials said.

“We had been looking for ways to increase the capabilities of Israel in a significant way,” a Defense Department official said.

By boosting Israel’s capabilities, the sales to the Arab allies also became more politically viable in Congress, the officials said. Israel currently receives $3.1 billion in U.S. military aid, and another $300 million for missile defense, the Defense Department officials said.

The additional sales “will raise Israel’s military superiority to a level that it has never been rasied to before,” a defense official said.

The Ospreys, which provide longer-range and faster troop carrying and supply missions than conventional helicopters, have a checkered history.

More than 30 Marines were killed in testing, and the aircraft survived numerous attempts to cancel the program over cost overruns and systems’ failures.

The Marines have stressed that the Ospreys proved their worth in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the aircraft earlier this year passed another hurdle when they were deployed for the first time to Japan over the protests of Okinawa residents.

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  1. Good. The Israelis will subsequently upgrade the Osprey in ways that put Bell Textron to shame; and we'll just follow in their footsteps.

  2. Long range raids.

  3. The Ospreys are for Israeli Air born and Spec ops they need longer range than UH-6 and UH-1 helicopters to strike at Iran and possibly Iraq, and northern Syria. So I be Black hawks will solder the regular Army while Ospreys will fly Israeli Commandos around the Mideast. Hope Israel upgrades there F-15 and f-16 fighters to match the new f16s that Obama sold Islamist Egypt and new MiG-29s Russia sold to Iran.

  4. “Sorry for ignoring you guys please accept this gift”

  5. and we give Egypt how many F16s?

  6. The US Military can't even afford to keep 50% of it's planes flying right now and American taxpayers are footing the bill for Ospreys for Israel? You've got to be kidding me!

  7. u.s. does NOT sell anything to israel it's a gift!! what is each one worth? 3-5 mil?

  8. USS ENTERPRISE | April 19, 2013 at 3:47 pm | Reply

    Well, Israel already has rumors surrounding them that details them as using the same stealth helis used in Abottobad Raid. Perhaps, this sail is a unintended attempt to put down any of these rumors.

  9. Might as well just turn one over to the chinese. along with the patriot and lavi etc.

  10. Congrats to Boeing Ridley Park!!! Good news to Boeing & the Workers in the area. I even for a change have to give the Administration for making some arms deals to Israel & the UAE. I hope this opens the door to other V-22 buyers. I just wish Agusta Westland could get some traction on it's civil tilt rotor.

  11. Lost among this is the comment that we are giving ?, Israel KC-135's. That's probably more important then a few V-22's.

    As much as anything, it's a message to Iran that somewhere down the road, we are perfectly happy to let Israel do the dirty work.

    The V-22's along side the KC-135's give Israeli commando's the reach to hit Iranian facilities.

  12. Israel spies on America almost as much as China and Russia yet we give Israel 5+ billion dollars every year with no end in sight. This is insanity.

  13. The Israelis have bowed to pressure from Bell-Boeing and agree to accept a few free V-22s for air shows. That nation never buys U.S. military hardware, it just uses American credits. Same with Egypt.

  14. This is great news for both the makers of the Osprey and Israel. They will now be able to assault Fordo on the ground if needed. They do not have the bombs to do it from the air, they will now be able to do it from the ground. No one has said that in the article or comments, but I cannot see another practical reason from Israeli's standpoint. They can reach Gaza, the West Bank, and Syria by helicopter, but need the extended range and speed of the Osprey to get to Fordo.

  15. For the guys here that have figured out the US IS giving the Israeli's the tools to handle stuff in theatre…


  16. Tribulationtime | April 20, 2013 at 1:29 pm | Reply

    I read in a local newspaper what one senate comission had approve a law (or something like that) to pass to the Senate. It compel US goverment to aid Israel "economical, diplomatic and militarly" in case Israel attack Iran. Is this true?. First to answer note i have little knowledge of US politics mechanics

  17. Clifton Mitchell | April 20, 2013 at 5:28 pm | Reply

    "…to guard as a threat against Iran." Just what threat would that be? Seems to me that most of the threat is coming from Israel and the US against Iran. The quoted aforementioned statement was included in this piece of 'journalism' to enforce US and Israeli fabrications in the minds of the mindless. And, oh what a deal it is. The US forks over billions of dollars to Israel so that Netanuahu can write checks to the military-industrial war merchants, and they in-turn fill their coffers with American taxpayer money that they would otherwise not get. I doubt that my comment will find its way on this forum as it will be deemed "beyond acceptable".

  18. Did anyone start the clock yet to see how long it takes for Israel to sell yet another one of our technologies to the Chinese.. again…?

  19. Oh, you mean like the Pakistanis??
    The Chinese seem to have no trouble stealing your secrets on their own!

  20. USS ENTERPRISE | April 21, 2013 at 11:17 am | Reply

    Yeah, who actually allows engines to be stolen from their own air base? We should be careful with dealing with these folk. But in this case, what purpose would giving information about the Osprey will they have? I mean, its really just a transport or extraction/infiltration tilt rotor.

  21. The Osprey to Israel?

    I wonder how long it will take until China ‘miraculously’ gets their hand on some from the Israelis.

  22. We IAF want the CH-53K, which is the same size as the V-22 but has more range and five times more payload, and can carry a HUMMMER (the K not the E). But no one will buy the V-22 turd (its listed range is half that claimed) and the Marines must cut their order, so we were asked to help out and take some for our museums.

  23. Why has NOBODY called out Mr KGB, Putin for upgrading Iran's SAMs and Air to Air capability? Why has NOBODY called out the fact that the impotent anti-semtic UN has done nothing to stop or slow IRAN or North Korean. ? Why has NOBODY called out China for allowing their proxy to push the world to the brink? Why has NOBODY called out Russia for their work on the Iranian Nuclear program? I know the answers, I'm not Jewish… just saying.

  24. Obviously the UN and our "friends" in Russia and China can not or will not stop nuclear proliferation to countries with emotionally unstable leadership. One of the next steps our naive bong leaders will no doubt be our nuclear disarmament. How about we provide some of those to Israel, Taiwan, South Korea and George (the former Soviet occupied not the State). If you can't stop them, a little balance of power might scare them straight.
    The Republic of Texas should be given a few as well.

  25. You need to increase the capabilities of Israel's in a significant way??? What the hell do you think nuclear weapons re if not the most significant?

  26. Guess Israel is immune from the sequester. Imagine that.

  27. How about we demand Israel stop spying on America before we give them 1 more US taxpayer dollar or advanced weapon!

  28. This arms deal involves SALES to those concerned; these are not gifts to Israel, the UAE or Saudi Arabia. Boeing and Lockheed Martin need the profits. The price comes out of the $3 billion we give to Israel. Israel is required to spend the $3 billion money on purchases from the United States. Thus, we are in effect subsidizing our own defense industry. Israel makes numerous upgrades to all that it purchases from us and gives us the technology for free.

    Israel has never given any secrets away to China or any country other than the United States.

  29. Nov 19, 2012. Former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer told Fox News on Monday that Israel had a right to defend itself from terrorist attacks but “no country has a right to exist.

    -by David Edwards

  30. We spend around 8.4 million a day on Israel. (3.1 billion divided by 365 days). Bell BOEING V-22 Osprey – Price: $68 Million (Approximate). So we'll just give them 4 Osprey's per month for FREE and keep the billions of dollars to ourselves. Since we have so many Ospreys that we don't know what to do with. I believe it's called SEQUESTRATION!?!?!

  31. Jorge_Banner | April 24, 2013 at 9:05 pm | Reply
  32. M/Sgt USMC-Ret | April 25, 2013 at 2:30 am | Reply

    Weapons To Israel.

    I worked with the IDF, They are very good at what they do. The only Democratic Government in the Middle East. Sure they Spy on us as we Spy on them.Israel has never asked for American troops to fight their wars, 1948,1956,1967 and 1974. Not like our other allies, IE France,United Kingdom andKorea. Give them the tools and save American Lives It's a Win-Win.

  33. V-22 = clunker coffin. Let Israel (and China) have all of them.

  34. I'm all for this, Israel is America's greatest friend. No, I am not Jewish, just an American with an Italian background that recognizes how faithful Israel is to American policy, well definitely more then the Muslim world will ever be. I would rather the entire American pull back from every single country, and just keep a strong alliance with Israel.

  35. Israel is also getting advanced radars for their F-35s. Translation the US is hoping Israeli Aircraft and electronics firms sort out all of the electronic and software problems in our systems.

  36. The US has been giving hardware away for a long time now. It gives to many nations such as Taiwan, UK, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and so on. It's for reasons such as:

    1) Said nation needs to be appeased to provide co-operation because that nation is located in a geographical hotspot

    2) Said nation contributes other things

    3) The nations share a common goal in some way

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