Terrorism Theory Still Viable On Missing Plane

malaysian airlinesDefense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Wednesday that terrorism might still be proven to be a factor in the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

“I don’t think at this point we can rule anything in or out,” Hagel said when asked about terrorism at a Pentagon briefing with British Defense Minister Philip Hammond.

“I think we have to continue to search, as we are,” Hagel said. “So until we have more information, we don’t know.”

Hammond agreed, saying “we cannot rule out anything at this stage. Unless and until we recover the cockpit voice recorder, we will not know for certain, and that search goes on.”

“We just have to hope that we will be successful in locating that vital piece of evidence,” Hammond  said of the intensive international search for a debris field in a remote area of the Indian Ocean about 1,500 miles off Australia’s western coast.

On Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Hishammuddin Hussein said that satellite sightings of 122 objects floating southwest of Australia were “the most credible lead that we have” in the search for Flight 370.

The objects, reportedly ranging in size from about three feet to 75 feet in length, were spotted in satellite images provided by the French defense firm Airbus Defense and Space, Hishamuddin said.

Previous satellite images from French, Chinese and Australian sources also reportedly showed a potential debris field, but search ships have yet to recover any objects related to Flight 370.

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Richard Sisk
Richard Sisk is a reporter for Military.com. He can be reached at richard.sisk@military.com.
  • Steve B.

    I’m curious if the Australian Jindalee OTHB radar tracked this aircraft. It has a purported range of 3000km, but it’s also been reported that it can track ships in harbor in Singapore as well as having tracked missile launches in China. As many current news articles are stating, a lot of the countries with an interest are probably hiding the capabilities of their intelligence gathering systems so as to mask capabilities.

  • stephen russell

    found oxygen bottle in Maldives, could have come from MH370.

  • Ben

    Pretty sure this guy’s got it spot-on:

    Accompanying Graphic:

    • Steve B.

      He did makes sense, but I don’t know if Malaysia has figured out the time line as to when the last cockpit radio conversation occurred in relation to when the transponder and other systems became deactivated. Or at least they haven’t released what they know. Thus it’s hard to draw such conclusions, but this is plausible they most.

  • hibeam

    So we think terrorists are taking control of airliners to attack fish? That’s a theory worthy of the Obama Administration.

  • Chris S.

    There are many questions that have gone unanswered, like: Did the two guys with stolen passports go to the same Mosque as the pilots in Malaysia? We all know at least one pilot was an activist. We know that he sympathized with the Uighur Muslim people in china! Which would lead me to believe because of many were Chinese on board that this could have been a deliberate act! We know that one of the pilots was a trainer and could have given valuable info about the plane before the day it took off. I would lay a bet that this is terrorism, even if it’s suicide along with what happened. The 777 is one of the most safe planes in the air today and things don’t usually happen unless a pilot makes bad judgment!

  • Lightingguy

    Makes no sense as a terrorist act.

    If you want to kill all the Chinese on board, crash on takeoff or when landing. Why fly half way to the Antarctic ?. What’s the statement ?.

    Possibly a pilot attempted to hijack but the attempt backfired in confrontation with other crew, thus all were disabled (gun shots blow out windows ?), thus plane goes auto till fuel runs out. Anybody’s guess and due to probable location we may never know

  • SFCPappy

    Who has the most to gain?


    1. Closed society.
    2. Insane leader
    3. Many engineers and technocrats on the flight to use for technology increase at threat of torture or death.
    4. Military air bases with hangars capable of hiding the jet.
    5. Unwanted passengers would be executed on the orders of the same man who executed his own uncle.
    6. Leader is insane enough to go up against the Chinese.
    7. Beijing is only 521 miles west of Pyongyang North Korea.
    8. Iran and North Korea are good friends in the nuke weapon field.
    9. The two supposed defectors from Iran could easily be Iranian operatives.
    10. Malaysia has a large Islamic population.
    11. The target for North Korea will be Seoul South Korea using a dirty nuke.

  • oblatt22

    For all the rhetoric about pivot to the pacific its pretty surprising how few of our forces have turned up – one P8. The news in Asia is dominated by the efforts by everyone but the US even though we are supposed to be a presence.

    Without bases in the region pivot to the Pacific is just talk.

  • anthony bauwens

    Nothing to gain at all. A sense less act of suicide looks possible but senseless, act for innocent.
    Terrorist attack nobody claimed that so rule that out before some top wants another sensless
    Wait for facts and accidents do happen,Claims or not the passengers are gone ,we cannot get them back..

  • hibeam

    Terrorism Theory Still Viable On Missing Plane: Ask Hagel How the whole Russian thing is going? Are they still our bestest new friends ever?

  • I read defensetech mainly because of the sober writing in the articles, and to some extent because there are a lot of clever commenters – well – commenting. But I also enjoy the occasional rant-fest, like in the above.

  • hibeam

    One thing I find fascinating is how satellites keep seeing floating debris of all kind shape and size and yet the planes and boats that race to the scene have not found so much as a floating coke can. What’s up with that?

  • Malaysian

    As a Malaysian Chinese, all I can say everything said here is speculation and that is because of transparency or more specifically the lack of it here. This is because of my government who unfortunately does not how to handle itself in times of peace or as for now a international crisis and for that as a malaysian I apologize for the mishandling of this matter. The Chinese and the other countries whose citizens were lost in this tragedy have every right to be angry at us for the mediocre work and the amount complacency in this. I’m sorry for your lost.

  • Malaysian

    Though I can clean up on the speculation by informing what we do know and what we do know here such as the pilot is an activist in our political opposition party but by no means a fanatical individual ( You think American politics is messed up, try Malaysia … ). The 2 Iranian individuals were well illegal immigrants who were trying to get to Germany via Beijing in search of a better life and there is no sign of foul play involved. In conclusion, terrorism is as for now , unlikely but it cannot be confirm for sure until the plane is found.

  • pl5

    One must always back track to understand why something has taken place. I really think you must start with the question, What happened to the passengers and crew while this flight was going roughly 5-7 hours in flight. Did they gas all on board through the oxygen system????Did they compromise the food??? This flight was hacked, I think they were manipulating the flight from a remote station. Somewhere???? To much military power in the search for a passenger plane. Strange. The US might send an aircraft carrier???? WOW…I think they need to check all possible leads, starting from the ground crew and all who had touched anything belonging to that flight. Forget about the pilots, they had nothing to do to it.

  • aquaticone

    Fly to 41k plus , knock out all onboard not on o2.
    Drop to lower alt, away from radars, on outopilot and disappear, pilot/ copilot bailsout, drop in on one of the multiple deserted islands.

    Suicide terroist? maybe, but unlikely.
    A test of a future bigger op? maybe.
    A test for a blackflag event? maybe.

    Strange , US with all high tech, sats, plane, ships, not providing much support.

  • afret1991

    For your amusement I will post a reprint I copied off another chat room?
    Best and most likely scenario of flight 370….13 mar 14.
    Closely planned operation to find a commercial aircraft able to make transoceanic flights [at least one way], Aircraft is hijacked by Muslim crew and co conspirators. Dont forget that this MUSLIM pilot has a complete flight simulator for that airplane AT HOME to help him train co-conspirators. His accomplice crew disables ALL communications to ground services, sets autopilot to different flight level, direction and uses GPS to navigate to Pakistan or a location close to it. Aircraft is landed, passengers are disposed of, aircraft is remarked with an out of service ID and a domestic markings. Aircraft is loaded with a EMP device [to be used on the USA] or a nuke {to be used on Israel}, after a cooling down period to make people stop looking for the plane, it is then used to replace a scheduled airliner flight plan into U.S. airspace or into Israeli airspace, with all the proper scheduling and markings. Before the plane can be can be detected and confirmed it flies into the normal air corridor for a landing in a public airport (close to a large city or close enough to call an inflight emergency and have to “deviate” to a large airport for a emeg landing. In either case, when the plane is close to its objective, BOOM and either a city is destroyed by Islam or the power grid is knocked out for months and all hell breaks out from people panicking and hunting for food and other commodities and law and order ceases and the nation affected is put under martial law and its govt is either destroyed or converted to islam. Look at the fraud that was preplanned to get unowho elected ,twice! That fiasco was aided and abetted by the entire marxist news media and islamic conspirators, right under our noses and we KNEW it.
    Hope ya enjoyed it, gotta admit it makes sense in a weird kinda way. Who knows?