Video: F-16 Makes Extremely Low Pass Over Airshow

F-16 LowAttendees of the RAF Waddington Air Show outside London on July 5 received a super up close view of a Turkish F-16 when the pilot made a low pass over the crowd before landing after his routine.

What might be more amazing is seeing how few of the crowd flinch after the F-16 Block 40 skims maybe 20 feet over their heads. The pilot is a member of the Solo Turk, the F-16 solo aerobatics display team of the Turkish Air Force.

Here’s the video:

19 Comments on "Video: F-16 Makes Extremely Low Pass Over Airshow"

  1. Is it the pilots fault or the spectators fault for being so close to the landing site?

  2. That pilot will never fly another airshow in the West. Fact.

  3. Takes more than an F16 to make a Londoner duck, by Jove.

  4. First of all I want to say it was not a low pass it was a normal approach for a landing. As Michael Fisher posted. I feel sorry for the pilot, as to how he would of had to live the rest of his life had anything gone wrong and it had killed any of the idiots that had to be in a place they were not supposed to be.

  5. That is exactly where I would stand. With earphones.

  6. Mister Skipper | July 9, 2014 at 5:39 pm | Reply

    "What might be more amazing is seeing how few of the crowd flinch" – Did Mike Hoffman not watch the video? Half the crowd fell to the ground.

  7. Beautiful. Exceptional performance. These people came for this. Brilliant pilot. Others are jealous.

  8. For an even lower pass we will soon have the grounded F-35's taxing past the reviewing stands. Cover your ears!

  9. what air force did this puppy belong too? Very good low level pass. I remember a friend of mine telling me that he saw an AD-6 Skyraider make a low lever pass as the props was kicking up the sand on the ground. that is what I call low.

  10. That was definitely NOT a 3 degree glideslope!

  11. Dear Greg, you follow this internet page and still do not know aviation rules and exceptions? I’m sure you do and you are jealous. If you are too “western” to be convinced, go youtube and watch top 10 low pass. Most french pilots.

  12. Unfortunately, the USAF would be in trouble for doing something awesome like this. For the best Air Force in the world, we certainly have no balls when it comes to making the crowd go wild

  13. Bad angle! It's a shame ya can't how big the pilot's eye were along with his grin. A Turk? Didn't they start WWI?

  14. Any ear damage?!!!

  15. "Attendees of the RAF Waddington Air Show outside London".

    "Royal Air Force Waddington or more simply RAF Waddington (IATA: WTN, ICAO: EGXW) is a Royal Air Force station located 4.2 miles (6.8 km) south of Lincoln, Lincolnshire"

    "Lincoln is situated in a gap in the Lincoln Cliff 141 miles (227 kilometres) north of London",_England

  16. How do you say Maverick & Goose in Turkish? Ghosterider requests flyby…… LOL

  17. I saw the video, and my question is Why is this area off the end of an active runway available to the public? The pilot made a normal approach. That theses idiots were there, is not his fault. those people were there to get as close to the aircraft as they could while the pilot made a his landing. Sounds to me like there is a security problem on that airfield. The pilot made a great landing. Cheers

  18. Approach seems more or less normal, though possibly a bit shallow. In the last angle, you will note the runway is down the hill a little ways and there is no displaced threshold. My guess is the pilot may have been a little low, but it was not to wow the crowd. Gusty conditions may have contributed. I can't understand how people managed to get where they were. Security or not, a dangerous place to be if only for your ears.

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