Europe Hurriedly Seeking UAV for Eyes Over Ukraine

malaysia-417-600x400Europe is in a hurry to pick up an unarmed drone for use over Ukraine, where a separatist group this month shot down a commercial airliner, killing everyone on board.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has posted on its website a solicitation for a “turnkey” solution to monitoring the area. The UAV would be deployed under the authority of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine at the request of the Ukrainian government.

“The (OSCE) monitors are to contribute to reducing tensions and fostering peace, stability and security,” according to the group’s website.

The procurement posting states that bids have to be into the OSCE no later than 5 pm Central European Time or 5 pm EST. Procurement documents are linked from the online ad.

A Ukrainian group with close ties to Russia allegedly took down Malaysian Airlines 417 last week. Russia has denied any connection to the incident though the U.S. has been building a case to show the government of Vladimir Putin supplied the Ukrainian group with the weaponry capable of taking down the Boeing 777 airliner.

So far, however, intelligence officials say they have not found a direct link between the rebels action and Russia.

The plane went down near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, about 25 miles from the Russian border.

The plane was en route from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Kuala Lampur in Malaysia. Nearly 300 people were aboard.

Investigators led by the Dutch, are on the ground in Ukraine trying to collect evidence and recover the remains of the plane’s passengers and crew.

Meanwhile, the separatists on Wednesday claimed they shot down two Ukrainian military planes.

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22 Comments on "Europe Hurriedly Seeking UAV for Eyes Over Ukraine"

  1. A need for persistent surveillance? No way anyone could have seen that coming.

  2. Wonder if this will be the next "Franz Ferdinand incident".

  3. Hey, yet another target for a "stolen" Buk platoon – or the MANPADS teams can finally get on the scoreboard if the UAV is operating at low alt. Man, the Donetsk Republic is gonna be "e133t" rated for air-defense after this war.

  4. So the brits can send million dollar clay pigeons for the Russians to shoot down. even with Steal tech the Russians made radars that can kill such drones. this is a waste we know it. Its more political posturing from the Euro wimps who make of a once powerful NATO.

  5. Another US manufactured terrorist drone warfare coming. Who's gonna profit this time? (rhetorical question).

  6. So do you already know that the separatists shot it down before the investigation concludes? Corrupt media and crook politicians said it, so it must be true… This s hit stinks of false flag operation

  7. Guilt By Insinuation: How American Propaganda Works

    By Paul Craig Roberts

    article available on infowars website

    Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the Westis now available.

  8. Who cares what Putin or Russian Defense Ministry are saying. We know they are actively supporting this conflict and that they've admitted to taking over another country's territory after they were lying that they were not involved.

    Putin is a liar and him and Russian need to be punished.

  9. Not enough evidence to conclusively pick one story over the story.

    Story A is that Ukrainian separatists used a SAM to take out an aircraft. Images purport to see a unit on the move in the eastern part of the Ukraine, but unless the Ukranian soldiers who manned the system defected, the technicians to operate them had to come from somewhere (e.g. Russia).

    Story B is that the Ukranians themselves shot the aircraft down with either a SAM or an air to air missile with the intent to execute a false-flag operation. The caveat of false-flag operations is that they require utmost secrecy and when that is lost they blow apart like Iran-Contra or Watergate.

    Some concrete information for Story A and Story B would be appreciated. I suspect it'll all be anonymous tips but nothing substantive either way. In the game of thrones, only the AIDS researchers and civilians get blown away by missiles.

  10. WOW Russia has discovered the internet is out in force today !

    Good morning Russia :)

    I say Russia because i thik you are proberbly the ONLY country in the world silly enought to believe that this was not a tragic mistake caused by a badly trained Rebel getting hold of some kit he knew very little about.

    I have to suspect your arnt authentic Russians, ( In that your proberbly being paid to type the above ) but I do occasionally pop over to RTV for a "balanced opinion" and that kind of indoctrination on a 24 hour basis could well produce you lot, im not sure.

    I get its not a clear cut story, NATO on occasion throws its weight around a little. But really ? on the Ukrain thing your way way off !


  11. Really, an Su 25 shot down an airliner? It’s a ground attack jet you morons.

  12. I believe that the U.S. and UKR not do this and I think it's secessionist forces and if the opposite, I was sad

  13. Sure, UAV's, maybe UCAV's should be in order, especially if they can't be detected, super stealth. Then maybe do some targeting of Separatists/Russian SAM sites, really throw'em some payback!

  14. It's 2014 and all of Europe doesn't have a drone capable of looking at Ukraine?!
    Kinda embarrassing.
    Maybe they can buy a copy of an RQ170 from the Iranians!

  15. So, another need for a stealthy drone or a test of the Pave Hawk’s stand off look down capabilities. Bring em on. But please can’t we put defensive capabilities on it? active not passive ( HARM etc.)

  16. How about a fundraiser in Ukraine? We can slap some sensors on Air Force One.

  17. NATO drone on the moon?

    What is Harry Reid doing?

  18. We have scrambled to many times to chase out the Russian Bear Bomber, Holland alone cannot counthow many times they had to, tell them they are in our airspace.Its long overdue for armed drone ! The whole european union needs to protect and really protect europe,
    We all have a minister and one should be able to rule in crisses time, not wait 8 T V days news to react!,,

  19. Interesting contradiction in the article. First, stating responsibility for the downing of MH17 as a fact.

    "Europe is in a hurry to pick up an unarmed drone for use over Ukraine, where a separatist group this month shot down a commercial airliner, killing everyone on board."

    Then, admitting the truth that is only alleged.

    "A Ukrainian group with close ties to Russia allegedly took down Malaysian Airlines 417 last week."

  20. 納得いかないって奴は多いが一人もそれで脱退する奴が出てこないな

  21. 逆に玲奈は絶対に白石とビジュアル比較されて処刑された云々言われるから

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