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As Chinese companies creep ever further into the fabric of the African continent, making handshake deals for oil and other resources, the overall U.S. commander for the region is blase about the encroaching dragon’s guns. During a breakfast meeting with reporters in Washington today, Gen. Carter Ham, commander of Africa Command, said he doesn’t have […]

Oh, I’m sure the halls of think tanks across Washington, DC, are buzzing with the news that China has conducted sea trials of its first aircraft carrier. And the Wall Street Journal today helped fan the flames. The vessel nonetheless sends a powerful message both to China’s domestic audience, for whom a carrier has for […]

One had to wonder why in the age of Blue Force Trackers and cell phone-bound GPS units, the anachronistic ouija board stayed around this long on America’s aircraft carriers, but it now looks as if this antique is destined for the dust bin. One of the most low-tech pieces of equipment on one of the […]

One of the interesting conversations I had down at the Riverine training week at Fort Knox last month was with an instructional systems specialist who works for the Naval Air Warfare Center training systems shop down in Orlando. The guy — who I’ll keep anonymous since he didn’t clear our conversation with the PAO — […]

During the 2011 Milblog conference in Arlington, Va., keynote speaker Donald Rumsfeld shared his thoughts on the Obama administration’s handling of Afghanistan and the NATO operation over Libya. On Afghanistan, Rumsfeld criticized some in the administration who, both on the record and off, denounce Karzai as corrupt. If your goal is to not be there, if […]