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Blues Out Of San Fran?

by david_axe on June 8, 2007

Chekov: Where are the nuclear wessels? When Commander Pavel Chekov asked that question in Star Trek IV, San Franciscos bay area did indeed still have a robust naval presence that wasn’t limited to the aircraft carrier piers across the bay. With the closure of Naval Station Alameda in 1997, however, a big part of the […]

The HAWK is currently our oldest carrier, launched in May of 1960. Plans are to have her role as our only forward-deployed aircraft carrier taken over by USS George Washington, expected to sail into Yokosuka, Japan sometime next summer. Carrier Air Wing 5 is the wing assigned to Kitty Hawk. They are based at Naval […]

Sad End to a Sad Week

by david_axe on April 21, 2007

We too often get caught up in the marvel of watching these select men and women fly and we forget that these aviators run the risk gauntlet much like those out in the fleet. Indeed, during the show the narrarator emphasizes that the flight maneuvers and displays are symbolic and representative of those maneuvers that […]

Cold Iron

by david_axe on March 23, 2007

That is a term we would use when a carrier (or any ship, I suppose) would pull pierside and they would shut down the boilers or turn off the reactors (you can tell Im not nuke material) or whatever — and everyone would go on leave — with the exception of the duty watch team. […]

Changing of the Guard

by david_axe on March 18, 2007

Last Friday, 16 March, 2007 saw Admiral William “Fox” Fallon take over command of CENTCOM from General John Abizaid at a change of command ceremony held at MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Fla. These sorts of changes of command happen all the time in the military, at every level in the chain of command. What […]