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Rapid Fire 02/14/07

by hambling on February 14, 2007

* Centcom targets bloggers * Blogger arrested for terrorist ties * Google Earth, Iraqi lifesaver * Bad turn in Beirut * 222 “chipped“ * Atmospheric comms field-tested * Roger Morris vs. Rummy * WWI’s “Tin Noses Shop“ * The “Circus of Detention“ * Joel Johnson 1, gadget geeks 0 * Flipper to the rescue * […]

Navy Phone Bill: $4 Billion

by hambling on February 14, 2007

And you thought your phone bill was high. The Navy is paying about $4 billion a year for calls, according to Defense News. And not surprisingly, there is a whole lot of padding in that tab. A check of telephone bills in the Jacksonville, Fla., area found that when we have a digital receipt for […]

Nazi Roots for Iraq Super-Bombs

by hambling on February 13, 2007

The debate these days is all about whether or not Tehran is supplying Iraq’s armor-piercing bombs. But the roots of these explosively formed projectiles, or EFPs, goes all the way back to Hitler-era Germany, the Yorkshire Ranter notes. Military historian Larry Grupp explains. Dr. Hubert Schardin was definitely not a Nazi. Nevertheless, he stood stiffly […]

Great news. According to the Times, “The United States and four other nations reached a tentative agreement to provide North Korea with roughly $400 million in fuel oil and aid, in return for the Norths starting to disable its nuclear facilities and allowing nuclear inspectors back into the country.“ But here’s the weird thing. “We […]

Rapid Fire 02/12/07 (Updated)

by hambling on February 12, 2007

* Nork nuke pact? * Must read #1: Iraq’s four wars * Must read #2: NSA cyber-hunter, losing the scent * Illuminati selling Q-branch stock * Iran unveils stealthy drone * FBI’s secret laptops gone * Fallen soldier is a new dad * Turbine on a chip * Ospreys grounded * The science of Godzilla […]