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SCAR Sighting with SOF

by jnoonan on September 28, 2009

An alert DT reader spotted this pic of 3rd Btln. 10th Special Forces Group Soldiers training before their deployment at a range in Fort Carson, Colo. Check out the rifle in this guy’s hand…Mk-16… Also, the funny thing is that the rest of the pictures show SF operators weilding M4s in various modifications. Wonder what […]

Collaborative Cyber Command

by jnoonan on September 28, 2009

Few people would dispute the huge challenge facing the newly formed Cyber Command. Perhaps the greatest of these challenges is in the area of coordination and collaboration. The addition of collaboration and coordination was evident in an organization chart for Cyber Command (marked FOUO) that has been circulating around by regular email (go figure) for […]

Breaking with a tradition that spans more than half a century, the Navy is in the final planning stages to integrate female Sailors into its submarine fleet. Long considered one of the most elite communities in the U.S. Navy, the small, secretive force has been comprised entirely of male officers and crew in large part […]

In a Defense Department world where multi-million-dollar contracts for aircraft will likely first net you long waits, missed deadlines and demands for millions more bucks before a plane appears on the horizon, the Air Forces latest counter-intelligence aircraft is an anomaly. From the time the Air Force contracted for its first order of MC-12W Libertys […]

It’s not too early to be thinking about Christmas, folks. So for that hard-to-please gift recipient, we’ve brought you a perfect solution to your conundrum. Think a Nork nuke attack or a poor-man’s radiological bomb — you’re just minding your own business playing fantasy football or reading DoD Buzz and *BOOM* the evildoers pop off […]